Sanctum Cabra


Hmm lol


What does your badge mean?
How did you get it? :sweat_smile:


It means they followed a path. You must ask the Curio… However, you follow a lord already. There is only one path that the Curio may give you, however it may erase what you have now.


Nope I am fine with it
I was just curious :sweat_smile:


Visit the codex for more, lol


Okay then :sweat_smile:




@nick what will happen if someone betray the supreme goat lord? :neutral_face::thinking:




I just got the badge crazy in love
I am obsessed with this button :kissing_heart:


Maybe they give @nick a false sacrifice and be a cult of the goat and be a darkness in the light :thinking:
I’m being weird now


Nick is not that easily tricked. He’s got us all where he wants us. Damn.


Right but think someone followed the rules and became the cult and then betray Nick
I’m thinking like a crazy now


Yes you are. Crazy I mean XD


If Nick have any badge for crazy people, he will give me :joy:
but there’s no way XD


I’ve been trying to get this badge since foreverrrrr :joy::joy:

Edit: crazy in love one


Wait no I need the out of love one first…


I always finish my likes
It’s my daily routine


Here’s a sweet goat. Take care of him, Goat Lord. He’ll be a great goat one day for sure.


Then give likes everywhere :joy: like me