Sanctum Cabra


Yeah. We’ll keep you safe <3


That vendor is not welcome here

The Codex

Oh. Sorry, Lord. We just felt sorry for the man


Aw, why? He’s just a nice old man. Selling voids that look suspiciously like drugs.


As the church is closed I must confess, when I think of my path a song plays in my mind

" you can ring my beeeeeell, ring my bell "

Help me find my way



Everyone cares too much about too many things. Jasper this. Ambrose that.

There is a lost respect for the boundless infinity of the cosmos and that which lies behind it.

The Codex

I’d say I care exactly the right amount for a wandering hobo.


Missed some of my programme grrrr.




Now you do, fellow flock member



Do you speak on behalf of the Annunaki? :wink:




Yes I’m glad I do now :joy:


This thread has existed since times of old… :joy:


Excuse me.

Doing some rounds. Wondering what’s this gathering about. I don’t have anything registered for this area.

Welcome: ECPU

Just some people having a discussion. That’s all officer. I didn’t know we couldn’t talk in our own city.


Public gatherings are a different matter, you know? Going to have a word with town hall about permits. If this isn’t reported though, I’ll have to ask you all to disperse.


Of course. We’re all reasonable people here, officer.


I don’t enjoy when the empty eyes cast their gaze this way. Seems things will need to go quiet before they get…loud.

Welcome: ECPU