Sashy's amazing art pile :^D


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your style is top notch dude wOw will you offer character drawings?


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Tbh I see this guy identifying more with his human shape, but there’s a pretty specific reason for that…which I’m not gonna tell now cause it would possibly spoil things I plan to write later down the line for anyone curious enough to read. :stuck_out_tongue:
Aaaah but I’m happy to hear other people include them in their stories too! They’re a reallt underrated fantasy creature


Thank you sweetie! :heart:
Afraid though that wouldn’t really be worth it for me at all. I do draw gifts for friends all the time and sometimes even fanart, but when it comes to being commissioned to draw something I expect to actually be paid for my time, skill and effort you know? Otherwise, it’s really undervaluing my and others work, and luckily, I don’t aim to do this professionally, but I do have friends struggling to make a living doing this because people feel entitled to their work without paying them a fair wage. So yeah, basically I don’t wanna contribute to that. I know these typa threads aren’t uncommon, but more often than not they’re made by younger people who haven’t been doing this for a long time. And then there’s the simple fact, that honestly you’d be surprised by how ungrateful people can be. Cause there’s often an inherent lack of understanding the value of what they’re getting.
Ah, sorry for the tiny wall of text. Keep in mind I’m not harping on you here, you just happened to be the first one to ask, out of what tends to be many, and this is a perspective that’s really important to me to get out. Aaah and really as much as I talk about getting paid, personally I don’t really have commissions open right now to begin with, since wanna focus more on my personal projects.


Thank you! But no, I’m afraid. You can have a look at the comment above this one, if you want to get a further explanation than that. :slight_smile:


I wanted to retell some myths in my story and my character, Phoenix was looking for a new familiar that was stronger than his cat (so next step up is a horse) and I looked up mythological horses and went with Kelpie


Decided to add some quick illustrations to my book- :>
Showing off two here, but know there are more :y




I’m gonna have to read it when I get some time


these are so beautiful omg :hearts:


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Working on a new cover for Pathfinder, while listening to streams on philosophy. Cause I guess a landscape architecture student needs that, don’t ask me. I’m just highkey panicking before exams. :^>


gives 2 seconds of attention Love your work!


oof, you can do it!


Feeeeeed meeeeeeeeeeee <3

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I mean, I’ll manage, but the next week. OOof it gonna be heeectic
But thats what I get for procrastinating for so long :^)


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Is that your doggo? If so imma steal it.


Naaah, I wish. :’)
No furry critters allowed in the dorm.


That’s rude. XD


I’m in that same boat as well