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Book Title: The Phoenix Pact Into The Marvel Universe
Genre: Marvel (Comic) Fan Fic, Satire, Slice of Life, Action, Drama
Summary: Four immature, irresponsible and reluctant Superheroes known as the “Phoenix Pact” get teleported from their simple superhero world to the chaotic Marvel (Comic) Universe. The story follows their many comedic misadventures as they try to adapt and survive to their new Marvelous surroundings while trying to find a way back to their home world. (Open FF)

Rating: Mature for (Mature Themes, Graphic Violence, Strong Language and Drug Use)





Get ready for an adventure from here to next Tuesday…

We all know the tale: A Chosen One rises from obscurity to conquer a Dark Lord and restore the world to peace.

But this time, there’s a slight problem. I mean, it’s practically nothing, just a teeny-weeny concern I’ve been having about - [insert ominous thudding noise here]

The cast of characters in this story refuses to cooperate. Quite a saucy bunch they are, I must warn you! The tale still needs to be told, but there’s no telling where we’ll end up with this disobedient crew in charge…

A Wondrous Journey is a loving, satirical take on the traditional stories of High Fantasy and epic adventure.

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The Accordion King

Bob Strumen has been kidnapped. He does not know why, and he does not know who is holding him. Luckily they did bring his accordion though, so he can entertain himself.
Roberto Viccemia, Bob’s ex, is madly in love with a deeply fascinating woman, but a nagging sense of unease is growing in him.
Bert Jirona, unemployed, broke, struggling to find his way in a world that has not treated him well, suddenly finds a purpose when a secret order recruits him to help defeat a mysterious and ancient evil.

This novel, a work in progress, is the result of a series of long-running jokes among my friends. They challenged me to put a few of them together into a novel. It’s a silly, over the top adventure novel that is not meant to be taken seriously.

Read, enjoy, and please comment. What works? What doesn’t?

The Chronic Reincarnator
It’s been over two thousand years of consecutive lives for the protagonist, at this point it’s safe to say they’ve gone past depression and into the inescapable cynical void.

In an unusual turn of evens the protagonist is reborn again but this time not as a baby, but as an eight-year-old - furthermore they discovered they not only reincarnated as a different gender for the first time in the above mentioned two thousand years - luckily for the protagonist, a certain someone offers them a deal, survive till the end this one time and get a way out of the cycle of reincarnation.

It’s not letting me post an image or a link here - so if you’re interested please pop down into my profile - I only have one story so it’s easy to find.

Hey everyone!
I’ve written a darkly humorous story for people who are (or plan to be!) fans of Shakespeare! It’s a satirical YA retelling of Hamlet.
And it’s called… HamLIT
I’m sorry.
(it wouldn’t let me put a link or a cover image, but if you go to my profile, you’ll see it!)

What would you do if your father suddenly died and your mother started dating your uncle soon after and you got a mysterious Snapchat message that hacks your phone and claims that be your dead father who was apparently murdered by your uncle and orders you to get revenge by killing said uncle?
How would you react if your dad told you to stop dating your new boyfriend, who you’re madly in love with?
What would you say if you realized you have feelings for your best friend, even though he’s already dating someone else?
Okay, maybe you’re still thinking about that first one. So is Hamilton “Ham” Dane III, the sixteen-year-old son of Hamilton Dane II, one of the richest men in the state of Massachusetts. The only difference is that this is his real life.
In this darkly humorous modern retelling of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Ham must decide if he has the courage to face the murderer of his mother while simultaneously balancing his relationships with his best friend, Harry Yeoh, and his new girlfriend, Ophelia Polonius. Will he succeed? Or will he, like every other tragic hero, ruin everything?
This is one of the wildest stories in human history. And it’s about to be retold in the freshest, most modern adaptation you’ll ever encounter.

Please read it if you’re interested and let me know how it is! When I first read Hamlet a year ago, I immediately knew that I would have to write this retelling. Later, when I went trolling around the Internet for Hamlet memes, I realized that a lot of other people seem to want this retelling, too. So here it is, for you all to enjoy! :smiley:

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Hello, hello.

If you enjoy comic-fantasy and meta-fiction, I have just the (partial) story for you!

A Narrator’s Tale: The Dubious Efforts of Poor Men (SAMPLE)'s-tale-the-dubious-efforts-of-poor-men


Since creation, humankind has promptly freaked out over three big truths: the existence of the omnipresent Writer, the World apparently being a massive hibernating lifeform, and the roving voice in the sky, known as the Narrator, solely existing to entertain the other gods at humanity’s expense.

The Narrator’s newest adventurer is Horluf, a poor man in a big city with a chance to win a fortune. Before anything good happens, the Narrator’s all-knowing knowledge falters and things take a turn for the worst, right before more adventurers tie themselves into the story. There’s Dun, who needs a fortune of his own to pay off a mobster; Sinclair, a mute and loyal friend with brave intentions; John Carl, a theatrically-merry debt collector and proud owner of a sharp axe; and an impossible “metal man,” who really isn’t any more absurd than the otherworldly servant with a slight memory problem. With varied levels of enthusiasm, they decide to seek out a haunted treasure with a bizarre and violent past, while the Narrator makes do with a tale that continually strays further away from what was ever intended.