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This is NOT a romance between the main character and some hunky guy.

These are the adventures of vampire Lena as she lives her life from day to day alongside her human flatmate Carmen. Together they encounter human rights activists (not what you think), overly attached exes, vampire geeks, quarrelsome shapeshifters, some really chill people, and a boy band.

Let’s Go For A Pint is a satire/genre parody revolving around tropes associated with vampire fiction.

Season 1 is up with updates happening when they happen.

Also available: Tales from the Pint Universe's-revolt

Eli’s Revolt by Y.F. Andrews @huxleys_world

A philosophical, satirical, historical fiction taking place during the early stages of the American Revolution.

This hysterical, absurd story takes place in Boston 1769, hostility between the American Colonies and Britain is heating up. Our main character is named Eli, a boot-maker’s apprentice to the legendary boot-maker The Great Sir Mr. Finley Figgins The Third Sir. Eli is the normal average everyday Bostonian man. He goes to work everyday, has a girlfriend and some friends but finds himself a minority in Boston when it comes to America’s push for independence.

He actually enjoys the British. He loves their tea and food. He feels as if the streets are safer with British soldiers patrolling the streets. He does not want America to be independent from British rule. As America’s push for independence seems to be a greater reality, Eli takes matters into his own hands. He infiltrates the Sons of Liberty, attempts to sabotage their plans constantly. Becomes arch enemies with Samuel Adams and much, much more absurdity occurs in this ridiculous satirical story loosely based on real historical facts.

I hope you enjoy!!! :smiley:


As the world ended outside, Nova Kelly sat in her bedroom eating pizza and watching her favorite movie one last time before the battery died. If she was going to die, she wanted to do it her way.

But as the movie came to a close and the laptop began to die, a zombie busted through the screen door of her apartment she clumsily forgot to close.

Armed with her last slice of pizza, Nova ended up fighting the creature with the pizza accidentally shoving it down its throat. Her eyes widened when the zombie transformed back into a human, both of them at a loss on what to do.

Now it’s up to her and Ned to save the world by pizza. Will they survive? Or crumble under all the pizza sauce?

N’HESSITEZ PAS A LIRE MON HISTOIRE et à me donner votre avis ! :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

Dans chaque histoires, ou du moins la plus partie du temps, il y a un héros: Beau, intelligent, très fort, gentil… PARFAIT. Et si pour une fois les règles ne seront pas les mêmes? Que se passera-t-il? Quelle sera la fin de l’histoire? Qui sera l’héros de l’histoire… Ou bien l’héroïne?

-A quoi tu joues? dit-Il à bout de nerfs.

-Il est temps de changer les règles. Je vais le faire et il est hors de question que toi ou non membre de ta foutu bande m’arrête… Sinon je tu descends tous un par un est-ce bien clair? Visite de Criai-je à mon. L’arme braquée sur lui, je tremble comme une feuille mais je ne me dégonfle pas pour autant.

-Tu fous quoi bordel?! Je vais…

-Sans lui laisser le temps de finir sa phrase, je tire sans scrupule.

Lundi 31 décembre, je viens de tirer sur la personne que j’aime le plus dans ce bas monde. Il n’y a plus de marche arrière. C’est la guerre.

Voici mon histoire. Je m’excuse à l’avance pour mes fautes d’orthographes et pour les scènes violentes ou autres. J’espère que mon histoire vous plaira. AUCUN plagia ne sera toléré! Bonne lecture.