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Dead on Arrival


An ONGOING collection of 13 short stories, 13 people who have met their ‘untimely’ death.

“Welcome to Hell. Please take a seat, let’s review your death.”



Charla and her support group are society’s morally-ahem-flexible individuals known as sociopaths. Psychiatry as we know it struggles to evolve with these unique band of characters in a laugh-out-loud chronicling of their semi-successful navigation of the world. So Charla,along with her support group"family" work everyday to figure things out, to stop hurting/killing people and along the way find a bit of redemption while solving a crime and getting payback. So join them in their aggravation of law enforcement and counselors alike, nosy neighbors,hungry dogs and the people who love/tolerate them.
This is an ongoing evolution of a story so reviews and input would be appreciated.




A worried king makes a decision that Kings of today often make inside their parliaments.'s-concern



Stuck in a funk after being dumped, a 30 year-old woman gains a surprising new friend and roommate with strange and macabre consequences. A tongue-in-cheek true story by an “over 35 year-old” British-bred writer with a dark sense of humor. The first in a collection of funny short stories.


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