SavvyAuthors Pitch fest!


Hey, everyone. Is anyone participating in the Savvy Authors pitch fest?

Basically, a bunch of editors / agents get together on the Savvy Authors blog, and you can pitch them individually with a three line pitch. Information here:

It’ll be running from June 13-16.

I already got quite a few pitches up, so fingers crossed! Anyone else going to give it a try?


I need to finish getting my crap together with Guardian of Calandria so I don’t keep missing out on these :laughing:


Savvy Authors hosts a pitch fest a few times a year!


At this point I think I’m going to be lucky to be ready for PitchWars. That synopsis is kicking my ass. I think I finally have the right content and waiting to hear back from someone I sent it to but it’s been over a week so I’m thinking she’s too busy to help LOL