Say NO to Sexual Harassment

These days in my country, and even other parts of the world, sexual harassment of female students have become rampant which is terrible.

Both minors are adults are falling pretty to this terrible thing. It has steeped into secondary schools or high-schools (imagine), and colleges.

This often damages their self esteem, and even lead to psychological problems, and even suicide.

I’m calling on writers to come out let us fight this, let us write books to educated students, parents and our society at large on the dangers of sexual harassment on a female student especially when they are vulnerable. Let us help stop this horrible thing.


But readers keep saying they don’t like political messages in books. What’s the point of writing about this or any other issue when no one will read it? ˓(ᑊᘩᑊ⋆)


That’s true but how else do we reach out to people to create awareness? Its a real problem here; where I stay.

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If you write a story about a girl who gets stalked by a guy and thinks it’s super cute, but everyone else tells her he’s an evil pedophile, and the others turn out right and the story is about the girl escaping from the guy and reporting to the cops… I’ll pay you in sporebucks.


that’s probably because most political messages in media are often forced and poorly written. Or because they feel like one of these PSAs no one cares about anyway.

And if we expect people on Wattpad to start putting things like these in their books… idk if I have hope about that.


Honestly its just bad that no one is really talking about this, it’s a serious problem to me. I have 7 close friends, and 4 out of 7 have been sexually harassed, and as a result, they have very low self esteem and are easily sacred and they feel they cant report to the authorities. This are just my friends, imagine how many more suffer this.

I’ll have to say that I agree with you. I don’t think this is politics, this is asking for people to just treat people ( no matter their differences) with respect.
As authors, we have a responsibility to communicate the messages we wish people to internalize. People learn empathy from reading, they learn societal expectations and the messages we put into our books are hella-powerful.
You can start with seeking to see everyone as equal beings. That includes having an equal cast of characters in your books. Realistic, yes, but well rounded characters that are male and female and a variety of races, orientations and identifications. We become the examples we see.
Have strong women and weak men. Flawed, multifacted females that develop their own characters and maybe find a healthy relationship down the line.
Say no to unhealthy relationship tropes such as violence towards partners, sexual harassment or assault as “signs of love of an alpha” (or whatever nonsense there is). ** TIP the trauma of these events are long lasting and deep and relationships in such a misbalanced power relationship are NOT love. Teaching people that they are, is where the message to use such methods comes from.

Gah. I could go on for days. Don’t objectify women / others, whether for plot devices or sexual gratification.

Oh. I said it already, but I’ll say it again. Have equal representation. Guess what. 50% (or more) of the population are women. And they’ve been strong and smart and brave and courageous and amazing leaders for centuries. Human society and the patriarchal nonsense that dehumanizes women and justifies sexual harassment purposefully erases women as contributors. Write stories that challenge that!

Maybe then.
We’ll make a dent in the issue of sexual harassment / discrimination based on sex, colour, creed, orientation or any other difference within our race.


Sure I’ll help!

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Thanks❤… Your support would really help us achieve a lot.

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