Scared of starting or finishing your book? Let's talk

Are you scared of starting or finishing a project? I always get scared of completing work, and the more scared I am, the more I know I’m actually writing what will be pretty close to a final draft. What about you guys?

I love starting new projects. It’s the finishing that gets me. I’m currently procrastinating on the final chapter of the first book of a series i have planned. I just can’t seem to push myself to end it.


Starting is easy, finishing is hard. I saw finishing a story described once as similar to breaking up with someone. You leave something that has been part of you for so long behind, never to look back. The characters that you loved and lived with for so long suddenly don’t need you anymore.

Maybe that’s why I’ve started the sequel to my main project before I’m even close to finishing it…

It doesn’t help that I’m planning for my story to end very tragically, and I know it will make me cry writing it. And I just don’t want it to end that way, even though I know it has to. So I polish other parts of the story instead, because I don’t want to get to the end.


The fear is real. It’s very easy for me to start a book, very difficult to write the middle part, and somewhat difficult to finish, usually because I’m afraid of finishing it wrong. I’m coming close to closing off a duology, and the nerves are neverending :sweat_smile:

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I have written many books already and I find it to be emotional when you finish them. The characters that you create become your life for a little while (or a long while if you are writing something long) and they are all a part of you. It’s hard to leave that behind. I also completely understand the “feeling you’ll end it wrong” vibe. But for the people who feel that way- does it really matter? They are YOUR characters after all and it’s YOUR story. Go with your heart! That’s all that matters! I know I touched base a lot on finishing a book, but it actually leads to me talking about starting them. When you are getting ready to finish something, have a few pages of something else ready to take on that you feel passionate about, so you don’t fall into the abyss of “I can’t write anymore! My life is over!” (Yes, yes it has happened to me). Never doubt yourself. Have confidence in all your endeavors. And just think- once you finish, you get to share that little bit of yourself with the world, and I think that’s one of the most awesome things about being a writer. I hope this helps all of ya’ll! Write on! :slight_smile:


Your words are so encouraging! I am scared of finishing my book. Right now, I have my first draft done, but I’m stalling on the editing phase mostly because I’m afraid no one will like it after putting in the effort. And, like many of you said, you feel this attachment to your characters and world, will other people feel the same way about them as you did.

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plotting is fun but getting stuck is ten times more easy for me

The best tip I learned about getting unstuck is:“you’re probably stuck because the thing you wrote before was wrong.” That writing-backwards-from-the-problem has helped me out of a lot of pickles.

Finishing books is always such a relief for me, but also very hard because by then, I’m ready to be done with it and move on.


Finishing stories is liberating. It is also something many authors struggle with and fail to do.


I’m not scared of starting or finishing my own book because I don’t ever have to end it if I want to go on and I tend to go on until the ending hits me lol I am, however, terrified of having a book series I’m reading end on me!!

I’m always very unhappy with my endings, usually I just want to keep writing, Must take a knife to it and keep it from growing any bigger. Ahhhh! no it’s getting bigger, quick cut it!!!
But seriously yeah usually i’m dissatisfied with the endings, my beginnings are usually shit too.

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I have the issue of my ending and the rest of my story being wildly different lol

Then Change them… either the story or the ending. Or explain why the ending made a right turn.

Hey, so I’m starting up the second book of a trilogy and the first book was a popular hit. Many people seemed to like it. But I’m afraid when I publish this second book, my readers won’t like it as much as the first one. I don’t want it to flop.

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So the question is are you writing it for yourself because you want to say something. Or are you writing it for the public because you are a semieducated shill? If its because you want to write and feel you have something to say screw what the public may think. if its for the second reason… well you may have to think about it really hard. There are many stories that I have written where the public has said “SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL” and I have said no.

Oh no,I just mean it happens to me a lot, but I tend to fix it exactly the way you said-- change one or the other.

I’m glad I could be helpful :slight_smile: I’m sure your story is amazing. It doesn’t matter what other people think because it’s special to you, and that’s all that really matters. Being a writer is a hard business, but it is also one of the most rewarding ones because you know in your heart when something is good. When you get that feeling, you just know- this is my best work and that’s all that matters. Good luck to you in the editing process! I know it can be tricky, but trust me when I say that it is worth it in the end.

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