Scheduled posting of Chapters feature

Has Wattpad ever considered adding the feature of scheduled publishing? If a chapter is complete you can set up a date and time for it to be automatically published, like you can find on many blog post sites? It would help us authors out a lot I think.

We’ve definitely asked for it.

A lot. :joy:


LOL :sweat_smile:

Also, I’m here to support scheduled posting :grin:

Wattpad, please make it happen. We’re begging for it.


I’ve actually thought about suggesting that before! It would be a little convenient, especially since I have one or two books I try to upload chapters of every week. Not to mention, if you scheduled it, it could be published at a time where Wattpad has higher activity, which would help get it noticed and read!


This would be handy.

It would definitely allow me to have more time, and get much more done.

Wonder why they don’t have it.



TUMBLR can do it, so can Wattpad. Personally, I would love this feature, becase I’m a bit of an air head when it comes to remembering things like posting.


We truly need it!

Yep, I agree, even Twitter can do it. Wattpad is falling behind. :wink:

Basically every other writing site can do it, but not Wattpad. What Wattpad really needs is a really strong competitor.

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You stole what I’ve wanted to say :sweat_smile:

This feature would be very useful!!!

OoO that much?? I didn’t know that

I only know because I desperately want that feature too!


I wanted it as well but I guess with school being a thing I stopped writing stories much and gave it the back seat :joy:

Let us know if it ever becomes a thing!

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Is there anyway to bring this to Wattpad’s attention more than this thread?

Don’t think so, no. I also think they’re aware of the wish for a feature like this as there has been many threads about it.

Changing, maintaining and adding additional stuff to a website is very time consuming, so they might be working on something like this already and we just don’t know it. :slight_smile:

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I’m a little sad mine wasn’t first

I wouldn’t mind seeing that, it’d be really helpful.

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