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Personally, I question why Wattpad doesn’t have scheduled posting yet. I want to be able to post consistently without having to worry about being able to log on at a certain time on a given day. Which can be hard for many reasons, in my case I’m a single mom so my life is busy and with a one year old it can change at the drop of a dime. Offering readers reliability is something pretty important to a lot of us.

So… I just thought a vote to see how much interest in scheduled posting there is would be cool. If it’s enough maybe we can get Wattpad to take some action and put it in (I know most of us would thank them for it).

Take a vote and let us know your reasoning!
Plus a boost, tag anyone you think may be interested.

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  • Maybe?
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You can see my full thoughts here: Scheduled Posting

You can sign the petition here started by @_Stars-Aligned also.

@Meghan_Mars @LostNeverland4 @StoryWritersNeverLie

Wattpad, for the love of God . . . Please give us scheduled posting
A Petition (Maybe for Scheduled Posting)

This is needed. I plan to now post on a schedule but I can’t even set a specific time because of my inconsistent work schedule. I close tonight, but next week I might not work at all on Thursday. The following Thursday, I could work a mid-shift. I never know and having an automatic button to schedule an update would save LIVES.


I’ve enjoyed using scheduling for videos on YouTube and definitely see the positives of it. I would very much enjoy being able to do it for my stories too (: Then I can update at 12am without having to stay up until then if that’s when I decide I want to update my story… Or even at 9pm when I’m usually watching TV with my family. Of course, there is a worry that through human error or one of the many Wattpad bugs, the scheduling may not work every now and then… But I’d live with that if it meant it worked most of the time!

To summarise: I would love to be able to schedule!


As someone from Ireland with the majority of my readers in America, I’d love to be able to post at a time more convenient for my readers. To do this at the moment, I would have to stay up until 3-5am which is far from ideal


Same. I’m from the Netherlands but most of my readers live in the US. Sometimes I stay up until 2am (not because of the posting though) but I can’t always do that. I also wonder if the announcement that I updated sometimes goes unnoticed by my readers because it reached them while they were sleeping.


Honestly, I don’t think it could hurt Wattpad at all to have it. Authors are able to be more consistent, which gains them reads (it’s been proven that posting with a schedule does that), which would boost wattpad in general. The only reason I can think not to do it is because it may be complicated to put in. I’m not a coder so I don’t know the answer to that.

Of course, I’m could be missing an angle because I want it but that’s just my views.


I think it would be very helpful.

We’ve been asking it for forever now it feels like lol.


I have that same issue, though not as extreme. Being on the West Coast of the U.S. means that you have to be a morning person to get the attention of, and interact in real-time, with the rest of your U.S. readers.

I have a day job and real-world responsibilities on the weekends so it’s just not always possible to optimize my posting schedule (like you can say, for Twitter), in order to get maximum engagement.

On the flip-side, I do engage more with my international readers, so that’s cool. But they don’t make up the bulk of my readership.

A scheduling feature would be awesome! I know that’s one of things writers on Tapas love.


Californian here. Can confirm. Early morning updates do better.


I’m Cali also! :joy: I’m not a morning person.


Just sent out a Tweet about this discussion. :slight_smile:


Oh nice. What part? Northern here.


NorCal, I used to live in the Bay Area until last summer. Now I live closer to Nevada.


In theory, yes great idea!
However, I would then have to actually write my chapters for there to be anything to update :joy::sweat_smile:


:joy: The ultimate flaw


I usually post new chapters around 7am in the morning then go back to bed. I hate it because it means I either have to edit when my brain is still tired, or during the day before I post new chapters. So my writing is limited with how much I can do at a given time.


And that’s on the weekends. XD


Writers have enough problems with sleeping, they should be allowed to sleep when they can!

7am is so early for a weekend… :fearful:


Yeah, but I think most of my readers are in the Midwest or East coast.


This would save lives! lives! Okay, maybe not bit it wpuld be amazing so helpful. Im like 190% supporting this y’all