Scheduled Posting



Well…a sleep-deprived writer may fall asleep at the wheel and crash a car, you’ve a point here :thinking:


Lmao #SchedulePostingSavesLives


That’s what I said, Felix.


I didnt read the comments lol I probably should


We just happen to think the same. :raised_hands: I am your Lost Queen after all. This is why your name is Felix.


California represent. :surfing_woman:

I usually post my chapters Friday before I leave for work. So like 7am-ish. Not a big deal for me because I refuse to lose sleep over posting my story :rofl: However, I would definitely like an auto poster for the days when I wont be around on Friday to post my work. It would allow me to keep my regular schedule even when I actually have a life.


I post on fridays and as a teacher sometimes I just have a lot to do in a day and sometimes I forget and I hate doing that. Scheduled postings would be a blessing.


@aestas - I got inspo for a poll from your thread and all the people below commented so I wasn’t sure if you guys wanted to vote! If you already did and I tagged you, sorry :sweat_smile:

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You’re welcome!
(I wasn’t sure who was interested or not)


Scheduled posting would be nice bc I’m really forgetful




I feel like every time we suggest a feature Wattpad takes the suggestion, chops it up, throws most of it away, combines a few bits and pieces of it with other suggestions, stirs it into a soup that’s mostly water, and serves it right back to us telling us it’s exactly what we wanted.

I wish they’d give us this >:


I support this option for sure! My school schedule just doesn’t afford a consistent time update so I’d love this :heart_eyes:


Wattpad soup :joy:


Yes! It’d be so nice




That’s great! Thank you!


I, personally, have tried to upload on a schedule and it doesn’t truly seem to help or to hinder my progress as an author. I just upload when I’m done writing a chapter, which is every single day now.