Sci-Fi Say Hi - Open Story Critique



Don’t look for a day and come back to a lot of comments. Will try to check out new story posts today.


Really good with getting the stories atmosphere. Kept my attention.

The “Pink Floyd” mention caught my attention. Earlier today I had just put a reference to music in the rewrite of my WIP.


Thanks! I love throwing random things into my stories that are things that I like. :wink:


Fixed that plot hole. Thanks for ‘accidentally’ providing the solution. Now I can polish off the next bit. :slight_smile:


Whoo! Getting buried in a snowstorm - perfect time to read all your guy’s stuff. Enjoying them all so far!

Excellent work, everyone! :+1:


Thanks for the comments. Next part should be done next week. :smile:

I’m averaging about 2k words every week right now. Way below NaNo standards, but it seems to be my natural speed.


Your writing is very clean so 2K is pretty good. Also, I find that as I get into the story, the speed increases, because the characters and events become clicking into place.

I am hoping to do a lot of reading tonight, catching up with my reading lists. Of course, Zagitova and Yuzuru skate in Moscow so I plead some leniency on account of fan-fever!


I’ve picked up @Poundcake93 second chapter. It had a lot of lore references that warmed up my heart, and a bit of squashbuckling :slight_smile:

Anyone else wants more chapters checked out?



I like it done that way.


I made Chapter 1 into two. I’m moving onto the now Chapter 3 to see how I can fix that one up if anyone wants to give me specific feedback for 3.


I’ll make it my breakfast read for tomorrow.


Cool, will check it out :slight_smile:


Done! I hope it all makes sense. I’m only on coffee #2 of the day. :smile:


How would you guys feel about having a community for undiscovered SF? I’ve been thinking about it since I found out that the big SF community profile on WP only accepts completed works.

I always spend time each week excavating the science fiction genre tag for good stories with less than 100 votes, and I’ve found some gems. It’s just a shame they’re only collected in one place at the moment, which is my reading list.

This wouldn’t be a book club, just a curated list (or several curated lists depending on whether sub-genres are worth including).

Works could be in progress or completed, but must be of good quality, updated regularly if they’re WIPs, and have less than 100 votes at the time of submission.

To be considered for inclusion on a list the author must review one chapter of a title already on the list. Voting will remain optional.

What do you think? And would anyone be willing to curate the list with me?

And because I’m a Star Trek nut I was going to call it The Undiscovered Country. :wink:


I would love the scifi community to grow and would lend my support to the struggling sci-fi writers, because I think the genre needs a boost & love. So far, it’s been hard though organizing the sci-fi folks, and the rules of the forum will make it really difficult to advertise a community.

Overall, I would love both the novel and short story support for sci-fi on the writing list level. But, yeah, recruiting readers is what’s hard.


There seems to be quite a gap between the amount of SF on the main site, and the activity in the SF boards here. I don’t think many SF writers are using these boards. The SYS thread is the same people every week.

Would we be able to get away with a poll on the main SF board to gauge how much interest there would be in a curated SF community?


You can but try.


I took a read through chapter 2 of Stellar Cruises today :slight_smile: I don’t think I saw anything that seriously needed improvement, I’m really enjoying the story so far. I like the main character and there are a lot of good snippets of her personality sprinkled through both chapter. The aliens are really creative and its nice to see a departure from the traditional humanoids. The worldbuilding fits in nicely with the rest of the story and there’s just enough plot being dangled in front of me to keep me reaching for the next chapter


Thank you!

Did you guys noticed that all the links get pinned to the first post? Neato. I love that, very convenient.

My sci-fi readings today was the third chapter of Sentinel, and I caught up on, well, also the third chapter of the Web of Chaos.

@Poundcake93 I figure I am missing the SW fictons, have not read one for a few years. Really a soul food to fall back to Jedi and the Force, glad you brought it up tbh, lots of feels on the training session in that one.

@ConradBrubaker I am still struggling with the character number in Web. Do you have a cast list, not the silly one with celeb pictures, but just like the ones that go before plays, like Jon Doe, the policeman, Jane Doe his wife etc? I would appreciate it in the end of the book to help me navigate a little better.


@Baronleduc @OctaviaLocke @salemkeating

Sorry to bug, good folks, I thought you might be interesting in participating & adding your story links for sci-Fi :slight_smile: