Sci-Fi Say Hi - Open Story Critique



I agree that missions parameters are a bit odd, but I dig the exploration of solitude. Has a Robinson vibe sort of.


It goes downhill in book 3 anyway. Well, in my snooty opinion. :slight_smile:


that’s really nice like wow


Interesting chapters together for me today,

@SpaceIsCool12 lonely moment in space in Chapter 3 - very interesting imagery and the ‘day in life’ but still light on what we are moving towards.

@OctaviaLocke part 3 of Amanda is right on the opposite side of the spectrum, advancing that previously hinted at arc of the divorce full speed forward, with a great hint of how it might tie into the sci-fi premise. Really intriguing, but you got to be okay with catfights.

I noticed that I missed @ClearLightNarratives Easy Money from my lists, so I will be catching up on that next. :slight_smile:

All right, anyone has a story? Bring it on, share or throw in a link for any updates!


Just got done reading a few parts of @ClearLightNarratives “Easy Money.” Its a really easy read, with the first chapter being a particular delight in thanks to a fiesty red head named Kate. I truly enjoyed being immersed in the world and I found all the new terminology (there’s a few things) are easy to understand because the author uses context to help the reader understand what everything is. I’m curious to see what the overarching theme is but right now I’m enjoying getting to know the world and the characters that inhabit it.

I plan to check out a few more stories tomorrow but right now, if I don’t tear my eyes away from a screen, I think they might burst.

Oh, and just in case anyone wanted to know, I won at Nano and finished the first draft of Us, Broken. :grinning:


Can I still post my book here for review / crit?

I’m looking forward to checking out others’ work too.

It’s called Zonations and is a scifi fantasy. It’s currently a featured Wattpad Pick in the Editors’ Choice section of the homepage.

Here’s the cover and blurb.


Three people separated in time and space, bound by the universe’s most powerful force. Imagination.

In the distant past, Ama despises the aliens who rule over Sumeria. They creep through the streets like giant bugs, conduct public executions, and kidnap the city’s children. Ama can’t forget the day they took his sister. He will do anything to rescue her, even if that means entering the alien fortress.

In the far-flung future, Ka-la prefers battling it out in an augmented reality game than behaving in the demure way expected of the ruler’s daughter. When Ka-la is named heir, it’s the last thing she wants. The new title puts her on a collision course with the mysterious leader of a dangerous organization.

In the present, bookworm Leo is fascinated by an ancient relic’s revelations. When thugs steal the relic, Leo must get it back. The relic connects the past to the future and its secrets could be the key to saving the cosmos.

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You mean I can’t have my Star Trek reference? Pffft. :wink:

How about a compromise?


@ThingsUCantImagine I love your cover! It’s really eye catching! :slight_smile:




Looks awesome!


Yes, sure, join in! I’ll check it out to see which category it fits the best :slight_smile:


I might use your categories for the initial reading lists if that’s OK with you.

What do you think is a reasonable cut off point for reads / votes in order to qualify as undiscovered? I think it has to be less than 500 reads but should it be even lower than that?


Well, with 500 reads, we’ll lose membership fast, heh. 5K maybe?

I am told that the ‘visibility’ barrier on WP is the 10K reads, but I dunno if it’s true. ???


I’ve been through the Rising section of the Science Fiction genre and there’s nothing in the top 200 that has more than 1800 reads. I think setting it at 5000 is reasonable.


Wow, we are a small genre.


Tell me about it. I looked in the Hot tag and it had everything from 2m + reads down to less than a dozen, and that was in the top 100.

I have no clue how Wattpad works it’s ratings out though. It all seems a bit hit and miss.


Ratings favor steady everything from what I gather. Update the book 2x a week, receive comments and props every couple of days.

In a small genre, five to ten steady readers should be enough to advance in the most tags and become visible.

So, for me, the first goal for us is to match each work with five folks to pick up chapters soon after they are posted (the onus for the regular updates being on the author), but we are not there yet, because, yeah, activity is low.


I made a start on Zonations by @ThingsUCantImagine

Pros: a world that is fully imagined and incredibly easy to slip straight in to. Writing is polished and the pop culture inspirations (I see Pokemon and the Matrix in there) are nicely done.
Cons: The narrator gets a bit of an easy ride in the opening chapter with not much going against her.


What do you think about the sub-genre?


Out of the ones you have I would go with Futuristic Cities.

Alternatively, would it fit under Cyberpunk if you created a new category? I’m thinking stories like The Matrix, Gamer and Neuromancer