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Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work

“Boudoir Glamour Inc.”

A vacation might introduce you to people far from usual crowd. A business innovator makes his new friend a partner. That is just beginning.


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The Aeon Paradox - Click Here

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The Trials of Telassar: The Throne of Roquar

Book One of The Trials of Telassar saga.

Eighteen years ago, Zana and Prince Saurec killed King Quar of Roquar and ruled in his stead. Sixteen years after Saurec’s death, Zana has reigned by herself. There are four years left before the throne officially becomes hers. The only way she can be stopped is by one of Quar’s grandchildren claiming the throne of Roquar.

But are there any heirs left to confront Zana?

Five Stars – Barnes and Noble

The Trials of Telassar: The Rogue’s Apprentice

Book Two of The Trials of Telassar saga.

As war with Roquar edges closer and the Black Plague continues to decrease the Riverquoian population, King Gillan begins to search for allies. His ambassadorial team travels to the other countries of Halan, looking for aid. But the voyage brings old memories to light that Stride Emberlas would rather have remained forgotten, and the truth about his heritage begins to be revealed.

The rougish bounty hunter that was hired to fight against Zana has a startling announcement to make that will change the future of Halan. Kena Cheyin will need help.

Someone will have to become the Rogue’s apprentice.'s-apprentice

The Trials of Telassar: The Traitor’s Blade, Part I

Book Three of The Trials of Telassar saga.

The final stage of the Roquarian War has not started the way King Gillan anticipated. Zana has made the first move and seized a critical base situated on the border of the two countries. The alliance the king has so carefully formed is threatened not only by this loss, but by the attacks Zana sends to the countries who have thrown in their lot with him.

With the alliance threatening to crumble, Ferras feels his own sanity falling with it as he questions the future that lies before him. The prophecy he seems to hear tells him he is doomed. And there is nothing he can do about it. As everyone seems to look to him for leadership, he just feels his approaching fate all the more clearly and his hopelessness to fight against it.

With suspicion falling on allies and potential enemies lurking around every turn, the war may not get very far before Zana crushes it forever under her tyrannical regime.'s-blade-part-i

The Trials of Telassar: The Traitor’s Blade, Part II

Book Four of The Trials of Telassar saga.

Zana and Gillan Avelas have been facing each other as enemies for years, the real source of their enmity concealed from the world. Now, when the truth has finally been aired, the Roquarian War reaches a new intensity as the last phase of the war is launched.

Kena Cheyin, the bounty hunter turned hero, anticipates her duel with Zana while the weight of the war falls to her shoulders. With Gillan losing his focus and Ferras Irek his trust, the pillars she has relied upon have crumbled out from underneath her. Even her brother’s presence does little to lend assurance to her. And with Rich Olnick craving vengeance on Roquar and Stride Hokun angry at the loss of so many of his loved ones, Kena has no idea how long the carefully constructed war effort can hold up against the strain of revenge, hatred, and fear.

There’s only one step left to take to salvage what is left of the Coalition of Halan’s order.

Bring the war to Zana.'s-blade-part-ii

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Title: The Broken Beacon
Genre: Science Fantasy; Fantasy

Prophecy: Three legends shall answer the call,
To life or death, the star must fall.
Thee unworthy must seal his fates
And face a time in Eternal madness.
Move hence, a follower of Maya, to the Mistress of Magic.
Destined to fail-saving the one most tragic.
'Til then, rises thee Dark Moon,
To call on peace o’er a blooming—never blooming garden.

Since little kids, Marcel, Jason, Cerena, and Travier always wanted to know the hidden secret among all of the adults of the world. The day has arrived-the Claimation-for 13 years they have waited. Today was the day the truth is revealed.

Time is running out, for hundreds of years the Keneticans believed the Suburban island was destroyed along with the Scavanians. Hundreds of years later, a new world has rise from the bottom of the ocean-a world that only seek for power and vengeance. It leads a monstrous groups of warriors across all 5 floating islands where the Keneticans lives-all with one goal.

With only 3 days to spare, the Lords and Ladies of Kenetica(the place where the 5 floating islands are located) sent their best warriors onto the battlefield, some even themselves. But one problem has remained, possibly even worse than all, and it is coming quick. It has no eyes, and has no sympathy, but will decimate all lives. With only a few days left, the group of friends need to split up and roam the world, answering the Ancient Prophecy. Which might just secure a hidden path that no ones ever took.

The genre of this book is sci-if fantasy. If any readers out there that likes fantasy, drama, sci-if and a magical world, this books destined in your hands.

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Science Fantasy || Action || Romance

The last thing you’d imagine Earth’s General having is an identity crisis, let alone in the middle of an interstellar war, but for General Avalyn Concerto she begs to differ.

Ever since the last battle against Primordial–Earth’s immortal alien foe–Ava has been living in a constant nightmare.

For she will never forget how heavy the sword feels in her palm–how her abilities take over. For she will never forget the moment she kills her best friend–the moment before she lost control.

Attempting to fix herself, Ava ventures off into the demon-infested world in search of her missing birth record. She will do whatever it takes to find it, even if that means breaking the laws and committing treasonous acts.

But once Ava is caught, she quickly finds out it will take more than thievery and violence to stitch herself back together. It will require dark magic, a pair of alien princes, a pompous man whose hair is as white as snow, a blue god’s threat, and the perfect stage set for secrets to unfold.

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Title: Knights of Lore: Into Darkness

Blurb: Seven hundred years ago they came and almost wiped humanity out of existence.

Now they’ve returned stronger than ever to finish what they started all those years ago.

The extermination of mankind.

Welcome to Lore. A massive world full of mystery, wonder, breath-taking and hazardous landscapes. With the use of mana, humanity has rebuilt its civilizations to be better than before the invasion, even fusing mana with tech. Still, things are far from peaceful. Criminals and a species that use humans as cattle call Lore home. It’s up to the Order of Knights to keep humanity safe.

Kariah-Belle Nadirè dreams of taking her seat on the council and keeping the citizens of the four nations safe. She is looking forward to climbing through the ranks of the Order of Knights to prove herself worthy of her birth right. Along the way, she must bring the man who lead the massacre on her branch to justice.

After an unfortunate turn of events, she and her best friends, Akio Stoneheart, finally become Knights and Kariah is apprenticed under Iris Eloclipse, a holy knight of high renown. Her new squadmates, Aya Felicity and Kaden have already started making a name for themselves. Upon meeting Kaden, Kariah-Belle suspects she isn’t the lone survivor everyone thought and as the two get closer, things once hidden in the dark are brought to light.

Her chaotic world becomes even more so when the Darkness, a powerful alien race returns to eradicate all life on the planet.

In a world full of dangerous wildlife, criminal organizations, a mysterious race of vampires, and now the Darkness, Kariah-Belle will need her friends both old and new to survive. Will it be enough? Or will her efforts be in vain?

Book one of the Knights of Lore series


Title: Knights of Lore: The Assualt

Blurb: Kariah-Belle has been a knight for twelve months. Barely a year on her planet and she has faced Dracula - and survived. Now another threat lies before her.

In the wake of the deadly Darkness invasion, humanity is forced underground. Cities and kingdoms everywhere have fallen, converted into the invaders’ strongholds, and all hope seems lost.

However, Kariah-Belle and her comrades are not going to stand idly by. Having learnt of an ancient relic that could fend off the invaders, she and Aya are tasked with recovering it and liberate the human race. At the same time, Kaden and Rygilya find themselves stranded in the icy lands of J’covia after having narrowly won back their freedom. Can Kaden convince his former best friend to put their differences aside for a greater good? Or will Rygilya decide to claim Kaden’s head and the dark god that dwells within him?

Meanwhile, Iris has decided to lead the hunt for the mole who has deceived the four nations while forming unlikely alliances. Someone had sold out Kariah-Belle to the vympiri lord and Iris is determined to find out who.

Akio is placed in a platoon under Holy Knights to find out why an indigenous kingdom lost all communications. What she finds in the snowy land of J’covia will destroy her.

The thrilling sequel in the Knights of Lore series!

With the Darkness in control of Lore, humankind and Vympiri alike face their darkest days.