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Battle for Empyrea - Book 1: The Liberation of Earth

In a futuristic world where humans have unique powers, war is constant and unending, but this time, citizens of the Earth are finally taking a stand.
Atmos is the cave city in which Jake Dylas spends his teenage years. Along with family and friends, he lives out his days watching mankind and aliens fight against each other. However, one event, in particular, has him and others of his age signing their way into the military. As a cadet, Jake must fight for not only for his loved ones, but the entire universe. The Xrolag, an old and hostile alien race, do not hold back when it comes to battle. If Jake wants to beat his oppressors, he’s going to have to use all of the power he has and beyond.

*Warning: Mature Language / Violence / Disturbing & Graphic Descriptions

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The darkness that festers behind a veil of age-old tradition sets the scene for a horrific murder that will send the Skyean Kingdom into havoc and set a young technopath on a journey with no return.

This is space opera … technopaths, alchemists, death squad 8, augers, genies, churchmen death dealers, drudic nature cultists, star templars, space raiders, sunbeamers, the nephilim juggernauts, Cernunnos, and more!

Flagged as ‘mature’, but nothing worse than a wet tongue in the ear. Happy reading!

“We are different, not unnatural - though many would have us believe so.”

Alahandro Caito is a lonely teenage Superhuman who feels hated by the “normal people” of the world. When a recruit at his training base goes rogue, Alahandro must decide how far he is willing to go to stand in the way of a plot to overthrow the very organization he is training under.

The Unexpected Scourge of Vibrant-Looking Skin
Oscar is human in all ways but one. An orphan of a hostile alien race, raised by humans, Oscar has had nothing - and wants nothing - to do with his elusive biological relatives. However, they want everything to do with him. Threatening to remove him permanently from his human family, friends, and boyfriend, Oscar decides to escape the megaship he lives on with his found family. Together, they will stumble through the challenges of independence, evading capture, and working together when the rest of the galaxy is at their throats.


– Detroit Become Human × Us –

❝You know what’s the worst thing about being alive? Being reminded that you shouldn’t be.❞


Bionics Pharmaceuticals has an Android for every need and desire. Whether a household requires a
maid, a nanny; or a couple lusting for that ‘third’ spark, Bionics would create it. Without question.

So, on July 3rd, 2016, when Javier Morales dies in a car crash, his parents request the unfathomable: recreate their son.

In the beginning, it was wonderful. A cyborg specially crafted for their family, fully equipped with what remained of his memories, Javier was just what they needed to deal with their grief. But reality sets in, and when his body doesn’t age, they move on.

And now, to his family, he’s a memory.

And to the rest world, he shouldn’t exist.

For Javi, it was life. And he came to terms with his fate.

Until rogue Androids start kidnapping civilians. One being his kid sister.

In order to save her and everyone else, he has to dig into his core to regain control of his mind and body. But does he have enough heart to regain his soul?

I’ve got just what you’re looking for!

If you’re a fan of Space-Opera, Techno-Thriller, or Cyberpunk Sci-Fi stories, then here it is! SECTOR 10 is the genre-bending prequel to CLOUD 9 , published last summer. This is a Science-Fiction novel meant to cross boundaries with captivating storytelling about a war that collides across parallel universes.

Link: SECTOR 10

In 2086, Ellis Bartram’s tech-conglomerate Delphi Corp. must find a solution to its automated failures and put an end to the economic crisis. When a group of scientists in Washington, D.C. discovers Delphi Corp.’s Cloud software is the culprit, an experiment to repair the supercomputer with a neural-link sends them back in time. A war between Greys and a race of reptilians named Yhemlen is bourgeoning across parallel universes that threatens to annihilate both worlds. Once humans enter the fray, Bartram and his accomplices are forced to solve an ancient mystery before their home on Earth is destroyed.

Have Fun!


On the Shores of a Methane Sea

Paul-404 is a homicide detective in a city full of clones. He hunts down other “Pauls” who have comitted major crimes. He knows what they will do because it’s what he would do.

A psychological thriller and murder mystery inspired by Blade Runner, On the Shores of a Methane Sea is a mind-bending trip to another world and deep inside the mind of a man hunting a killer who is like him in every way.

Title & Link: This is not a Space Western
Author: @relevy
Status: Ongoing

Cash is the sole proprietor of Moonshine on the Planet of al-Sufi. Distilling this specific booze requires a precise prolonged exposure to radiation. A potentially deadly occupation, but nothing a former bounty hunter can’t handle.

Cash’s self-inflicted exile on The Ridge is intruded upon by a ghost from her past, a former lover. “Boss” who now runs Sweetwater Casino, one of only two casinos in Lead Belly, wants Cash’s Moonshine for her customers. Their reunion and business arrangement are interrupted by Calvera, Sweetwater’s only competition and now abductor of Boss’s only son.

Forced to leave behind her treasured anonymity, Cash must use her wits, charm, and Boss’s money, to recruit a new crew for one last job. That or lose the one and only thing she’s ever held dear.


Cast of Heroes

Description: James Orion Reese was in his junior year in high school. He was an introvert nerd, trying hard too fit in with his peers. Everything was going well for him, until his world was under attack by an evil alien Saladin from another world… A mysterious alien being, known as Millennia, traveled across parallel worlds, along with Hard Drive, a half-human android, to find James and others to form a new team of heroes.

James, Uriee, Green Thunder, Hard Drive, Wavelength, Finder, and Millennia all had to work together and stop Saladin’s quest, to collect powerful quantum stones that would put multiple universes in jeopardy. What James discovers, is that he is more than human with powers beyond the ordinary spectrum.

When the fate of parallel universes hangs in the balance, will James be able to step up and be the hero he was meant to be?

Star Gift

What explosive discoveries were made by an eccentric desert collector who chose to hide his phenomenal secrets for over thirty years?
Blake Henderson inherited more than just a key to a remote storage garage in Farmington, New Mexico. When his estranged and recluse father died, few useless belongings were handed down to him. But none were so mysterious as the contents of sealed wooden boxes boxes and the contents found in the freezer compartment of an inoperative refrigerator—all seemingly forgotten and under lock and key for decades.

The Pueblo Native Americans of Chaco Canyon had a massive and advanced civilization long before the Spanish invaded their ancestral lands in the 16th century. But why did these indigenous people inexplicably disappear? And How? What event gave them cause to relocate their homes and lives safely under the monolithic cliffs at Meas Verde out of sight from the heavens? And then vanish from time?

Coming into the area from California on his Spring Break, Blake thought he would only be verifying his abandoned father’s pointless absence from his life since birth. What he found following his death instead, threatened to shake what is presently known about our singular existence in the universe . . .Read this story here:

On the verge of losing her sense of adventure, a dutiful soldier must dig up her inner rebel or miss out on being the first human to explore the alien-run Milky Way Galaxy.

I got cocky and wrote a space opera, yes, with aliens and fast spaceships. Become a part of the audience so small, it is exclusive!

For the demisex adventures of the Space Spinster, click here:



If Elluna can’t prove she’s still human in the midst of high school drama, she’ll end her senior year in the robot auctions.


Cyborgs with brain implants fight their whole lives to prove their humanity. After a devastating car crash when she was a child, Elluna joined their number. Now in high school, she dreams of graduating and becoming a famous author. But if she can’t pass the Proof of Sentient Life Tests at the end of her senior year, she’ll be auctioned off to the highest bidder as a factory robot.

Struggling to keep herself together, she tries to ignore the drama and “senioritis” all around her. Lorstren, the hot new kid who’s almost definitely a Martian, makes her resolve to pass the PSLTs seem more like a fantasy with every passing day. Tempted to abandoned the PSLTs in favor of enjoying her senior year, Elluna tries to distance herself from Lorstren. Will she succeed? Or will he force her to learn what it really means to be human?

[[1st place, Science Fiction, Creative Awards]]


Read Incident 18A Here

This story has been compiled from Corrigan Corporation’s files on what they have dubbed “Incident 18A.” Agent Colston Marks created the original report, piecing together information from Site 18’s now-overrun western region, and has now been transcribed by Vern Carson in novel form following the public release. Some details may be fabricated for clarity.

It is the first incident of its kind, and unlikely the last. The current whereabouts of Corin Weir and Hera Jotunn are unknown after the creation and loss of control of what Kristoff Jotunn describes as AOCI or “Artificial Organic Consciousness Interfaces.”

Please stand by for further updates.

This story is a spinoff of my world/RP The Cor2 Files, which can be found HERE.

Aura was born on ARC 73. She’d never seen a sunset, never felt the wind blowing through her hair, never swam in the ocean. That was until her 22nd year.

When Aura turned 22, three things happened. The first was blowing out her candles on the cake that wasn’t really cake. The second was her husband being stabbed by a space-sick crew member on his way back to the party. The third, was that ARC 8 had found a habitable planet.

:diamonds: Mature scenes include language and violence.
:diamonds: Near completion
:diamonds: If you like Jay Kristoff and Battlestar Galactica
:diamonds: 1st place in The Robin’s Fiction Awards


Dani was a seemingly typical barista when she met Toru, a man claiming to be from the future.

Toru said he was skipping through time to find writers like George Orwell whose fictional worlds were transforming the Earths found in thirteen parallel universes into actual dystopias.

Now with the help of a military codebreaker, Dani is trying to stop a psychopath who is also aware of this power to design and reign supreme over multiple versions of our world.

:cup_with_straw: COMPLETED

Find the book here: The End Times Time Travelers


Description- The protagonist and Sharon study abnormal cases of human-like robots in withdrawal. An unconventional romantic comedy.


Romance. Zombies. Growing up. Adventure.

Once upon a time, I was a naive eleven year old girl who believed the best in people. My journals were littered with glittery stars and bright red hearts, with the initials of whatever boy I was crushing on at the time etched inside. I wrote with gel pens the color of the rainbow and let the happiness of life soak into every word.

I was a normal girl who loved Taylor Swift and followed the Kardashians, behind my mother’s back, of course.


Now, America is in ruins. A batch of contaminated pennies wiped out the greatest nation in the world-or so we thought of it at the time. All it took was the building of a wall to make someone hate us enough to destroy us. Not just destroy us, but turn us into ravenous undead that crave brains.

The very walls that were built to protect us now contain us.

But the worst of it?

The undead have our families’ faces, their souls still very much alive, though their bodies act alone. We call them Criers, for the trail of black tears that spill down their cheeks as they crush through their loved ones’ skulls.

And I would be one, too, if it wasn’t for Robbie and his escape plan.

This is our story, our duet, if you will.


Jim was still in awe that he was on this mission. He’d been an average pilot, but ever since his admission to the trailblazer program, he been one of the few human beings to ever fly an faster than light spacecraft. His wife was another.

Somehow, everything had aligned. Amid the danger of the program, many dropped out, but him and Shannon held on. Now, they were facing a danger far more mysterious than new technology.

They had been chosen for the first mission to a planet with complex life - Demeter, an earth-like planet about 50 light years away.

They had landed on the surface, with little idea of what they would find. His first steps on Demeter had been cautious, and slightly timid.
For all he knew, there was a gigantic alien monster, waiting to attack.

That wasn’t the case.

It was so much worse.

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#1 - Spaceflight
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