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《Action/ Adventure/ Romance/ Science Fiction》



You know you’re in a simulation when everyone you meet is a Mormon missionary…


Like millions of others around the world, Karl Huber is crazy about Olympus, the new full-cyber-suit, multi-player, online virtual reality game even though his father hates it. When Mr. Huber forbids his son to play the game in his house any more, Karl’s jealous twin Jacob seizes the opportunity to tempt his brother to run away. With trails leading in all directions, Karl could be anywhere on earth. The only way to find him is to look for him within Olympus, where sinister forces are using high technology to build a world too fascinating for children to resist and too profitable for adults to ignore.

Finding Karl in the game turns out to be the easy part. But in this computer-generated version of ancient mythical Greece, nothing is what it seems to be. The wealthy, the powerful, and the clever hold the destinies of all other players in a web of treachery and manipulation. Karl and his friends have stumbled into a fantasy adventure that is all too real. Their families find themselves fighting for their children–and their lives!'s-not-just-a-game


Operational Costs

Achilles is an interplanetary merc on Bergot for one purpose, to illegally obtain an idol from a forest temple on the planet’s third continent. It’s a dangerous place, and what’s worse, humans are expressly forbidden to travel there due to planetary treaties with Bergot’s indigenous race, the Quell. Joining Achilles on his journey is Swiss, a robotic “company store”, whose job is to sell helpful items to the mercenary at an absurd mark up.

What’s supposed to be a moderately dangerous caper turns into a nerve-wracking struggle for survival. All Achilles wants is to make a buck so he can take a long vacation. All Swiss wants is to sell a few items and fulfill the parameters of its programming. What the two get instead is the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

An 8-part serial that updates every Monday!


{Click Image For Story}

Becoming a Hero was something that ran in the Wonove’s blood-line, even long before powers became a thing that someone could be born with. This was something that Ainsley knew but unlike the generations before her, unlike her brothers, her father, her mother, becoming a Hero wasn’t something that she wanted. Even if she had wanted to become one Ainsley knew that it was impossible because she didn’t have a power that would be helpful to the citizens.

As Ainsley learns more about the world that she now lives in she realizes that Heroes aren’t all that they’re made out to be and that not all villains as are bad as everyone says. But as her family continues to grow distant Ainsley finds herself falling down a path that no Wonove has ever gone down before and never considered.

Will Ainsley fight this darkness that is trying to rob her of everything she once believed in? Can Ainsley find a way to bring her family back together after the bond they once shared was shattered into a million pieces? Is Ainsley secret going to come out and make everyone realize the type of person she is?

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Cynthia was prepared to travel to Tau Ceti E, prepared to take over what the researchers, builders, and scientists before her left behind. Being new to space travel, Cynthia didn’t know what to expect when the ship she was traveling in suddenly had engine issues that required an emergency landing. Landing that ended up with Cynthia, the ships crews, and the five other passengers onboard to end up surrounded by an ocean larger than the one back on earth.

So what happens when Cynthia figures out they landed on Tau Ceti F? What surprises wait for the women and the others that have no way of sending out an SOS message? Are they willing to do whatever it takes to survive? Or will Cynthia and the others fall victim to the planets habitants?


When a sorority prank involving one of his microbots lands him in hot water, university student Mason Donnelly is forced to take a job at a remote military research base. Cut off from the outside world, he is thrown in with a band of brilliant misfits tasked with reverse engineering a new class of robot with capabilities beyond anything they thought was possible. But the robot may have an agenda of its own…

A new chapter every Sunday.





The Collided World

They called it the Great Collide, although it was not so much a collision of worlds, but a fusion of them. Earth, and The unknown planet came together from two separate dimensions of reality. The collective scientific minds of the old world would have called this an alternate reality, or perhaps a parallel universe, but to what became of mankind, these old world concepts were as useless as paper currency, and reality television. Now, the world was new again, undiscovered, and feral, and the remnants of both civilizations, Human, and those from the other place were left to fend for themselves against the wilderness of this new collided world.


A young girl’s quest to understand the world in which she lives, and to change it for the better, by any means necessary. A family trying to mend broken relationships, planets on the brink of war, and a corporation’s efforts to undermine and manipulate governments throughout the galaxy, and beyond. A morbid dystopian romantic comedy-drama set in the far future of an alternate timeline. Not for the squeamish.

Highest rankings: #1 in revolution, #1 in satire, #1 in Ireland, #2 in politics, #2 in furry, #4 in rebellion, #6 in aliens, #7 in England, #8 in military, #10 in space, #10 in future, #15 in alternateuniverse, #16 in psychological, #18 in dystopia, #30 in sciencefiction, #39 in royalty, #45 in murder, #53 in war, #81 in comedy.



Almost two decades after the largest war in human history, Earth has become a mere husk of its former self. In the aftermath, the planet was abandoned by the victorious Sentinel Corporation, leaving what inhabitants remained to be governed by the sentinels – large, imposing robots with next to no regard for human life whatsoever. Colton Anabris is one such inhabitant, and would love nothing more than to be free of the watchful crimson eyes looming over him. With the help of what little remains of the Sol-3 Independence Movement, will he be able to rid the world of Sentinel occupation, or is he doomed to lose everything trying?

Find out here:


Everyone knows you can’t change scientific laws, but what if everyone was wrong. After an unexpected visit from his old college professor, Mason Grant gets to see firsthand the wonders and incredible destruction wrought by manipulating the laws of nature. Traveling with the professor to the planet Myscreth, Mason’s soon learning to control abilities he never dreamed were possible. But all is not as it seems. Even as the Myscrethian people try to rebuild their ruined world, there are those who seek to once again unleash the power which led to its destruction. And as Mason quickly discovers, this time it’s not only Myscreth’s fate that hangs in the balance, but Earth’s as well.

This story is complete.


In a galactic realm home to humans, gifted beings, flying ships, grand cities, mystical creatures and advanced technology; a threat that had disappeared over a decade ago has suddenly returned. Hunters. Who was once a violent group of mercenaries, which are now an organized brigade of solders, murdering small isolated villages and towns.

But before many worlds become fully aware of their movements, a village in the cotton region, in the world known as Coiz, was brutally ambushed. Where a single eleven year old girl was taken; Dawn Zycrow. However, once in the hands of the Hunters, Dawn is recruited to their training camp with many other stolen children.

Dealing with years of hardship of being with the hunters before finally escaping, takes an unbearable toll on Dawn; making it too much for her, when an unforeseen mystery about a prophecy surfaces. This leads many people to believe that Dawn’s unfortunate past to be no coincidence.

Between her life being in danger since birth, to being chased by the leader of the hunters, all the while with a creed, which seems to have more say in what happens to her then she does; what kind of fate does Dawn Zycrow truly have?




U.S.S Starlight

For five years Earth had been at war with an alien race known as the Iderians. Their only hope of winning is to escape Earth and find Utopia, a planet where they can live in peace and safety from the Iderians.

When Earth is destroyed, the dream of Utopia and safety is blown to pieces with it. Tired Captain Demetrius Smith must try to get his ship to Utopia on his own, with no fleet to help him out. On the run from the Iderians in a passenger ship not meant for fighting on its own, Demetrius can only rely on his grieving crew to help him survive and get everyone to safety.



Crystal’s childhood was anything but normal, plagued by strange happenings and tragedies. The person who saved her from depression and isolation was her best friend, Jackson. Now the founder of a highly successful company, she starts finding strange and unusual things happening to her again. Recurring dreams led her to meet a psychic named Themis, who tells her that she was living the equivalent of two lifetimes in one and that at some point, these lifetimes would converge. Themis also warns her that she is in grave danger. There are people who need her alive and there are people who need her dead. But in order to understand her life and who she truly is, she must confront this situation. Soon after her meeting with Themis, she is ambushed by people looking to capture her. And quickly, Crystal is pulled into a world unlike anything she has ever seen before.



In the year 2202, the Demon War begins and when the International Demon Secrecy Act of 1953 is broken it is up to the Demon Intelligence And Battle Logistics Officers (D.I.A.B.L.O) to keep humanity safe.

But where did the Demons come from? While all the evidence suggests that they are the next stage of human evolution, there are some that believe that the Norse Gods are to blame.


This book is a collection of short stories set in the Shards of Infinity world: read, comment, and enjoy!

Engineered with the ability to warp reality, The Infinity Engine was humanity’s greatest achievement. Corrupted by this immense power, its creators used the engine to subjugate the nations of the world.

After a millennium in slavery, a resistance rose up and destroyed the device. The veil of reality was torn open as shards of the engine rained down upon the cities of mankind and ground civilization to dust.

From the hidden places of the world, Homo sapiens’ four successors emerged, each led by a champion wielding the power of the shards.

Homodeus. Human and machine hybrids come together for one purpose: to survive.

Wraethe. A collective who took refuge in Oblivion. It’s dark and terrible energy is forever bound to their deteriorating bodies.

Undergrowth. Hidden away in the shard-warped forests, the Undergrowth fights to reclaim the world for their nature god.

The Order. Spiritually connected to the digital plane, these monks collect and preserve all knowledge.

The shards are drawn to one another, their might and influence growing as the distance between them shrinks. In the end, only the one who reunites the shards will wield the godlike power of the Infinity Engine.



Ash and Cinder

In the year 2177, following the 22nd Century World Crash that decimated the economies of hundreds of countries, the Red War was sparked. Four years in, Russia called for a ceasefire. Outnumbered despite their impressive arsenal of nuclear weapons, they pulled back their troops and agreed to a treatise put forth by the members of the UN. Unknown to the rest of the world, and even to the Russian public, the army began kidnapping kids from all over to run experiments on them.

Twelve-year-old Hendrix ‘Trick’ Sanchez from the poverty stricken city of Guayanilla was one of those kids, his little sister, Elle, was another.

Seven years into captivity, the base Trick is being held at is destroyed in a sudden and mysterious attack. With his closest friend, Maverick, at his side he escapes into the tundra. But it’s an out of the frying pan and into the fire experience, and all Trick can do is try to keep his sister safe.


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Star Names



Fourteen-year-old Victoria Manson has lived in a bunker for all her life, convinced that beyond the metal walls of her home is a mysterious “Nowhere.” When she escapes, she is thrown into the futuristic city of Foxwood, rebuilt over Seattle after a catastrophic earthquake. Victoria was never supposed to leave her bunker and isn’t in The Network. Without a Network Chip implanted in her head, Victoria has no identity, an no place in Foxwood. She gets a job at a 3D printing business, but the company is targeted by a terrorist team of humanoid machines. On top of that, the education system controls overpopulation by killing the least intelligent people with a terrifying Birthday Exam.