Death of hope

The world ended on the second day of summer vacation.

Countries were suddenly underwater, volcanoes erupted all over the world and the earth cracked open. If a city wasn’t hit by a tsunami, it would either be destroyed by a volcano or earthquake.

Billions of humans and animals died. The ones that did survive are still fighting everyday to stay alive. Of course, now the question is: What happened? But nobody knows what happened. All we know is that this is the new situation, so adapt or die.

My name is Aurora and this is the story of how I adapted, of how I lost the people I love one after the other, of how my hope slowly died.


Star Gift

What explosive discoveries were made by an eccentric desert collector who chose to hide his phenomenal secrets for over thirty years?
Blake Henderson inherited more than just a key to a remote storage garage in Farmington, New Mexico. When his estranged and recluse father died, few useless belongings were handed down to him. But none were so mysterious as the contents of sealed wooden boxes boxes and the contents found in the freezer compartment of an inoperative refrigerator—all seemingly forgotten and under lock and key for decades.
The Pueblo Native Americans, just to the east of these territories, had a massive and advanced civilization long before the Spanish invaded their ancestral lands in the 16th century. But why did these indigenous people inexplicably disappear? And How? What event gave them cause to firstly relocate their homes and lives safely under the monolithic cliffs at Canyon de Chelly-out of sight from the heavens?
Coming into the area from California on his Spring Break, Blake thought he would only be verifying his abandoned father’s pointless absence from his life since birth. What he found following his death instead, threatened to shake what is presently known about our singular existence in the universe . . .Read this story here:



Completed Sci-Fi Books:


















Kira was born on ARC 73. She’d never seen a sunset, never felt the wind blowing through her hair, never swam in the ocean. That was until her 22nd year.

When Kira turned 22, three things happened. The first was blowing out her candles on the cake that wasn’t really cake. The second was her husband being stabbed by a space-sick crew member on his way back to the party. The third, was that ARC 8 had found a habitable planet.



Anna Zain can give and take away life. It’s part of her half-alien half-human heritage. In the alien society, it’s also punishable by death.

Anna’s ability saves her sick husband and catches the eye of an alien king. He takes Anna hostage on his spaceship, with the intent to make her his queen. However, not everyone agrees with the risks of sheltering a half-blood.

The species needs guidance and unity, as everyone prepares to wage war to protect - or kill Anna. She could have everything she ever wanted…all for the price of not having it with who she imagined, her husband.

Thank you so much for reading!


What happens when you mix soil contaminated with uranium ore and a certain type of Betaproteobacteria together? If you throw a little bit of romance and electricity into the fray, you get amazingly tantalizing results!

When Sorcha and Tyler embark on a planet-saving mission with their fellow scientists, they never expect what happens next in their lab.

The bacteria isn’t the only one who will be shocked!

Mature content


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Hello! my name is Carmele Adler, but you can call me Caramel.
These are the basics for the story:

Title: Innocents
Username of author: Caramel-Adler
“No. They’re not the good guys, or the bad guys.”

 I blink and swallow slowly, afraid of what's coming next. "Then what are they?"

 "They're just innocents."

 When sixteen-year-old Orianna Ever gets attacked by a not-quite-human monster, she doesnt know what to do. All she knows is that her life is in danger and that she must hide, before they find her.

 But Orianna doesn't know who they are, and she doesn't know if they are the bad guys or the good guys. 

 Worst of all, the bad guys might be good, the good guys might be bad, and the ones who are getting the blame for the actions of the bad and the good guys are both innocent... and guilty.

Thank you all in advance!


Short Stories from Alternate Realities

In here you can find different short stories that talk about what could have happened. They talk about the things that did happen in another reality and how that affected the people. Some of the stories talk about things that we consider impossible and others talk about things that might have happened if just one person made a different decision, taken a different path. You will see many different things that don’t seem related to each other but actually, everything is connected in one way or the other.


The Human Minority – clicky clicky

•• They say in 30 days they’ll release us in groups of five, based on our birth number here on Earth. In colony seven, I am number three.

I’ll be one of the first to see the planet as a free man.

No Astorian laws, no colony rules.

Just free on the planet I was meant to inhabit, as a human should. ••

My Nanowrimo project. I hope you enjoy this scifi story, about an Earth, though rightfully belonging to the human race, is ripped from our hands by an alien race far too advanced for their own good. Set in the future, where we as humans, are numbered like cattle and trained as workers; where we as humans are the minority. See this world through the eyes of Jake Warren (or, to the Astorian Empire, #0003).


In the year 2110, world tensions rise as the president of Russia reforms the former Soviet Union. This action is condemned by the U.S, who declares a trade embargo on the Union and blockades Earth to prevent any Soviet space expeditions. The world rests on a turbulent peace that breaks out into all-out war when the Soviets seemingly attack civilian targets on American soil…


Disclaimer: This book is incomplete, but a chapter is published on a weekly basis.



An epic adventure, an unreliable narrator, an intense cast of characters. Follow a digital subroutine from a 21st century Earth VR simulation that uploads himself into an advanced synthetic body, yet still identifies as human, when he wakes up on a gargantuan space freighter piloted by a 100-year-old sperm whale named Jonas, who offers him a job he can’t refuse.

There are monkey eating lizard men, diamond scout ships, galactic witch cults with hordes of genetically altered space wolves, a naked tattooed female stunt bike rider, puppies, a gang of reincarnated save-the-whalers, an Israeli spy general, Inuits from the 1800s, hulk bodied Zero-G commandos, rainbow squid, indestructible rust robots, an aging biologist trapped in a young girl’s body, secret oceans in the storage decks, technology-hating narwhals, acid guns, giant wasps, red lightning electric samurai swords, Ursa Minor Gnomes, a nebula belching wormhole, and of course, sperm whales: social big brained computer geniuses and the best starship pilots in the galaxy.


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Be the Legend
What would it be like, if life was like a game? If you received rewards for every achievement, if you could just obtain a skill to be good at something, if you could increase your stats to enhance your look, physique, or intelligence, wouldn’t life be fairer and more straightforward?

Meet Manny, the sixteen-year-old loser whose life will totally change when he is invited to the most astonishing mobile game he’ll ever play in his life. A game with the power to alter the reality. A game that can make your pinkest dreams come true. A game that will grant all your desires until…,

Until the desires enslave you…


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Author: Anidri Lux (my other account)


all could be wrong.

Mercy Fitzgerald is the adopted child of Gerard and Mariah Fitzgerald and is the youngest of their children. Upon having dreams and nightmares involving a war she’s unaware of, and a kingdom that’s crippling in authority and defence, Mercy finds out that her whole life has been a lie.

Link: The Ghost Guardian



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The idyllic life in the colony of Eden is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a dark shape on the dome shielding their home from the elements on this alien planet: they’re cockroaches, but they’re as big as a small car!

Jacob Blackhall watched his father die attempting to hold back those roaches, and he’s finally joining the Knights of Eden, a knighthood created in memory of his father John. Maybe he will finally be able to clear his family’s name for the mistake of his grandfather, the man who unwittingly unleashed the monstrous bugs on the planet in the first place.

The Knights are the men and women brave enough to leave the safety of the Dome: they’ll face many dangers on their travels as they try and reclaim the planet from the bugs and search for the cause of the giant insects.

New updates every Friday.


Welcome to the New Age.

This is AD 3020.

The world has changed so much it is barely recognizable.

The humans now reside in a different dimension of the multiverse.

Governments and kingdoms have fallen, leaders have been assassinated, innocents tortured. Scary ordeals with people being butchered for the sake of producing higher organisms able to thrive in the harsh habitats of planets in different stellar systems.

And, an organization called the T which rules.

And they await you.



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