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“I believe we’ll build on AI and trash off fuel and genetically modify ourselves and reach to other multiverses and then destroy them and then end up screwing the entire cosmos.
Because that’s what we are. We’re screwdrivers.” - BKD

Welcome to the New Age.

This is AD 3020.

The world has changed so much it is barely recognizable.

The humans now reside in a different dimension of the multiverse.

Governments and kingdoms have fallen, leaders have been assassinated, innocents tortured. Scary ordeals with people being butchered for the sake of producing higher organisms able to thrive in the harsh habitats of planets in different stellar systems.

And, an organization called the T which rules.

And they await you.


Copyright © 2019 by Bidiya K Damian
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.


The Frozen Civilization

“What does it mean to live? Is merely existing enough to say that you are, or do you need more? Is the concept of living may be just an illusion, there to prevent us from knowing the truth?”

Aiden has been a freelancer for most of his life, getting paid to do what no one else will. As a result, he has seen more in his eighteen years, then most will in their entire life. There was only ever one way of living for him, stuck in an endless circle, never moving forward. Even though he thinks himself different, he is like all others in this world. Forced back to the city where it all began, where only his darkest nightmares still reside, he’ll need to make sure to focus on the now.

10 parts already up, with the first two chapters completed, consisting of over 12k words.

Publishing every other Friday will start again in January with the third chapter “Uninvited”, which already has a sneak peek

Big thanks to @TheFrozenNarrator for making the cover illustration.

Disclaimer: Contains graphical descriptions that might not be suited for all readers. A warning will appear for said parts.



Keon was created for one purpose: to be someone else’s second chance.

In a world where disease ran rampant, the governments way of handling the catastrophe was their sudden scientific breakthrough: human cloning. People didn’t have to wait for the transplant that may never come, now they could buy what the world called a " human backup."

Anyone who didn’t agree was taken care of. Gangs become more prevalent than ever.

The lives of two people who would have otherwise never met become intertwined, blurring the lines between right and wrong, life and death, hate and love.

Warning: Drugs, gangs, suicide, death, lgbt.


As long as the human race strives for power, there shall never be peace. We have entered a new age of war and destruction, where the world is divided. But there is no such thing as good or evil. There are people who have power and there are people who want it.
My father has always enforced in me the privilege of being born an elite. we are the superpower that controls all the industrial and nuclear sector of the world… or well what’s left of it after the third great war. The underworld is full of people who want to take control of the world which we have salvaged after the war. They want to snatch this safe haven we have created for ourselves and this has led to conflicts which have separated our world from theirs. well that was what my father told me until I met one underworlder myself.
And unknown to me this was the start of a new age revolution. One which will tear apart this line between the elite and the underworlders.
A revolution for which I have to pay the price of my heart and my soul.


Memory Gap (Story title I’m having dificulty with the image)

The first time it happened was when I was 14, it was midnight and I was walking home from a friends house.
The streets were empty, street lights flickering in harmony, light dark light dark. And then there he was, a tall man standing in my path, I continue my way around him and for a moment I felt safe. Not a second later a rough hand grabs my shoulder and pulls me back, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked like he was high, his actions were faded almost no energy in his body but his grip was strong and only grew stronger when he pushed me to a wall and pulled out a knife, that’s when it happened.
I woke up to the sun rays stabbing my eyes, I sat up and looked around with my sleepy eyes and saw that I was in an alleyway only then I realized the corpse laying right beside me, his throat penetrated with his own knife.
The strange thing was he was missing an eye. His skull had an empty hole where his right eye should have been.Preformatted text


Search for my book Captain Avery: The Galactic Bank Heist on Science fiction Space opera. I will read/follow others works who follow and read mine. Thanks Sheldon.soundtrack available!



“The way I see it, we’re all just pawns in somebody else’s game, and the rules get made up along the way.”

After being turned into a living weapon, a young cadet named Angela finds herself in the center of a power struggle between competing factions- her only guide, a spellbending criminal nicknamed the Butcher. Her former squadmates set out to find her, unsure if she’s even alive. All the while, the sister planets of Alnora and Khagilos fall further into the shadow of war once again.