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Title: Elemorts

Description: Planet Karomoz - the central hub and heart of a galaxy with numerous hospitable planets - is ripe for the taking. The rulers have grown corrupt, the army indolent and the Karomozians themselves just couldn’t care less who holds power as long as they lead their luxurious lives unperturbed.

Twenty strangers - the Elemorts to-be - from twenty different home planets, visit Karomoz, each with their own reasons and motivations and each armed with a different elemental power.

Once on Karomoz, their fates get intertwined in unlikely ways and two factions are formed, locked in an ongoing battle for what each side believes in; a battle not of good versus evil but a battle of gray versus gray.




Matthew Waters does the work that no one else will do. But when a client contracts him to terminate the inhabitants of an entire planet, Waters discovers that even he has limits. Maybe.



Completed books:
















In progress books:



The Frozen Civilization

Aiden has been a freelancer for most of his life, getting paid to do what no one else will. As a result, he has seen more in his eighteen years, then most will in their entire life. There was only ever one way of living for him, stuck in an endless circle, never moving forward. Even though he thinks himself different, he is like all others in this world. Now forced back to the city where it all began, where only his darkest nightmares still reside, he’ll need to make sure to focus on the now.

A new part will be out every week, with the next coming out the 12th of July and with 15 parts already out!

Big thanks to @TheFrozenNarrator for making the cover illustration.

Disclaimer: Contains graphical descriptions that might not be suited for all readers. A warning will appear for before said parts.

Space Spinster

Vera Gorelko, a Space Spinster with a cat included, has to team up with a shifty drone savant in order to solve a conspiracy on the tourist paradise planet Earth.

Features an ace/arom protagonist.

I got cocky and wrote a space opera, yes, with aliens and fast spaceships. Become a part of the audience so small, it is exclusive!

For the adventures of the Space Spinster, click here:



Title: Cast of Heroes


James Orion Reese was in his junior year in high school. He was an introvert nerd and was trying to hard to fit in with his peers. Everything was going well for him, until his world was under attack by an evil alien Saladin from another world…

A mysterious being, known as Millennia traveled across parallel worlds, along with Hard Drive, a half-human android, to find James and others, to form a new team of heroes. They all had team up
and stop Saladin’s quest, to collect powerful quantum stones that would put multiple universes in jeopardy. What James discovers, is that he is more than human with powers beyond the ordinary spectrum, possessing flight, speed, strength, invenerability, and much more.

When the fate of parallel universes hang in the balance, will James be able to step up and be the hero he was meant to be.

Here is my link.

It’s ranked #15 Super-human

The story is ongoing with eight chapters. I do updates once a week. If you are looking for a story to pass the time, to read, your welcome to give this story a shot.


Eons ago, in the Griffin Constellation elsewhere, we come upon a tiny planet alive with abundant and thriving beings. Meowers is home to the Meowtians, which have called it home, since its creation. Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever… the-destruction-of


Strange symptoms unfold when Marin Grey turns 16 and her parents reveal the secret behind her conception – a classified project promising ‘miracle’ babies to hopeful families.

Thanks to her pre-programmed DNA, Marin’s enrolled at Mendel Prep, a school designed to teach “the leaders of tomorrow, today!”

Streamed according to their genetic gifts, Mendel’s students fall under four distinct categories: Perception, Artistry, Cognition and Kinaesthesia. Together, they have the potential to change the future of humanity.

As she and her classmates evolve, Marin uncovers another side to Mendel Prep, revealing the legacy of the project’s genetic triumph isn’t what it seems.

Project Alpha



Title: Just Survive

Genre: Science Fiction

Blurb: It’s the end of the world and Mara and Aris are alone and barely surviving. In the beginning, Mara and her mother spent months behind the safe walls of an abandoned school, but with overpopulation, their safe haven turned into a war zone. Though Mara doesn’t know how things went down after she escaped, she knows that her mother never found her like she had promised. Aris, however, spent his first few months in solitude with his younger brother Isaac, but when times became rough, he too lost someone he loves. As they fight internal and external battles, they learn that moving on is the only option, but how will this align with the world in which they live? Can they overcome the obstacles they face as they fight to survive, or will the world break them before they get the chance?


The Gold Feather follows the life of Lily, a woman in her mid-40’s who discovers that she has been genetically modified to have superhuman abilities by a secret branch in the government in an effort to eliminate enemy targets. The book begins with a look at her life as she suffers from a deep depression after having experienced great personal loss. During what she hopes is her final attempt at suicide, a man named Jonas intervenes, and she soon finds out he has also been genetically modified, creating an inseparable cellular link between the two. Lily and Jonas become what The Agency calls Duals. Later, Lily discovers that there are five Dual partners whom all have developed special abilities as a result of this genetic modification. With her abilities lying dormant for most of her adult life, she must now learn to control her powers while managing her long-lost memories of Jonas and the children raised by The Agency at the Homestead.

Lily must discover the implications of her abilities as she holds onto her brotherly love of Jonas along with the deep love she cannot seem to let go of for a boy she has not seen in over 20 years.


RUNNER (Complete)

As a Runner for one of the last surviving groups of a global pandemic, seventeen-year-old Michaela Jameson spends most of her days searching for food and trying not to get bitten by the Virals that hunt in the dark. But when she learns her missing mother might be alive and searching for a cure, she’s determined to follow the trail–even if it means trusting a Viral and leaving her group behind. Embarking on a treacherous journey from Oklahoma to Florida, Mikie sets out with a Viral body count, a few friends, and the determination to put her small family back together. But is her mother really working toward a cure or something much more deadly?



BEAST (Complete)

Eighteen-year-old Kay Morgan shouldn’t exist.

According to the Purist Coalition, no one incompletely human should. And Kay, an exo-mechanic with two Bionic arms, is no exception. So she flies under the Purists’ radar, mending people’s broken animals for just enough to keep her and her horse fed. When one of Kay’s amputees goes rogue and rabid, the town hunts for it’s creator-forcing Kay to flee before the Purists can fry her circuit boards.

Her journey westward lands her with a group of traveling Bionic musicians in need of a new mechanic. Life on the road consists of a slew of underground speakeasies, new friends, and a lulling sense of security. They have their near-misses-chased out of towns, the Purists hungry for the reward of catching a Scrap, and the annoyingly big-mouthed Connor Briggs who’s newer than new to what it means to be Bionic-but Kay calls it all home all the same. But things turn south when word of Kay’s monstrous abilities as a Bionic who can regift life catches up with them. The Bionic audiences are skittish, the Purists are bloodthirsty, and despite the troupe’s optimism the route will be fine, it’s anything but.

Grappling with the questions of why her stomach flips whenever she sees Connor, whether or not if it’s better to leave the troupe behind, and what makes someone human or inhuman, Kay struggles to stay both sane and alive with her newfound friends. But when the Purist movement pushes back, afraid of a Bionic uprising, Kay must make the ultimate decision of who she’s going to become: the monster they’ve made her out to be, or the human girl she yearns to remain.



SAMPLE ONLY. This is a very experimental piece for me, so I will NOT be posting the whole thing.

Harper Bosen and Myrne Gravers were best friends-brilliant, ambitious teens who recognized the talent and sharpness in each other. Harper could code her way into anything–except her father’s good graces. Myrne could charm his way out of anything–except his father’s grasp. Together, they were unstoppable. In their senior year, an internship at Gravers’ Tech sets the two on separate paths as Harper earns Gravers’ respect through her AI coding and Myrne feels his father’s control close in around him. But when Harper discovers the purpose of her research, things go horribly wrong.

Eight years later, Harper is invisible, hacking bank accounts and black marketing tech with her found-family of thieves. Myrne lives in the spotlight as the heir to a tech empire, but he’s determined to find Harper to stop the madness her research started. Armed with skills and secrets on both sides, and driven by the memory of betrayal and loss, the former friends are on a crash course for reunion and revenge-but in a world of posh-dressed thugs and power-hungry thieves will either of them live long enough to see it?

This is marked MATURE for the reference to physical and emotional abuse and sexual trauma. Nothing is graphic or on-page but I realize these subjects may be triggering to certain readers.



DIVINE (Updating Fridays)

Wattpad featured project 2013 - reposted

If there’s one thing Caddy’s good at, it’s not getting caught. But when a priceless diamond vanishes during a devastating sandstorm, staying under the radar becomes complicated for the young pickpocket. Her alibi is nonexistent after a mysterious boy–Twist–pulls her into the secret tunnels beneath the glass city. Now Service is yanking people off the streets for questioning, and the records point to Caddy and her brother, both skilled thieves.

When her brother is wrongly accused and arrested, Caddy attempts the impossible: breaking him out of prison. Teaming up with Twist the adrenaline junkie and his sloppy band of runaway boys doesn’t boost her confidence, but she’s desperate. And with her brother sentenced to execution for a crime he didn’t commit, she’s running out of options.


The year is 396 of the Ninth Era. The Twenty Year War has ended, giving rise to a new age of fear, oppression, and doubt. The survivors of this devastating conflict seek to make sense of an uncertain future… whether it be by going along with the system, or rejecting it entirely and carving out a life in the unforgiving darkness of outer space.

Angela Siegfried, a young military cadet, is torn from a strictly regimented life at the Anthello Academy when she accidentally stumbles into the center of a vast conspiracy, and merges with the Vessel, the Federation’s most destructive (and least-understood) weapon. With no-one else to trust, she is forced to rely on the guidance of Aurin Alcoleiz, a mob enforcer and powerful mage with his own demons to fight. Angela is charged with the murder of her father, and flees into the Divide, the space between the sister planets.

Little do either of them know, a deadly game is being played between the Federation’s deep-science division and radicalized guerilla rebels who seek to reduce the Federation to ash. The time for Angela and Aurin to pick a side looms ever closer… but there may be a third option.


Summary: In this nation, Humanity is dead.

Isolated from the rest of the world, this nation is a ghost, a rumor, notorious within its walls for its public executions and for the night raids to capture the sinners. In order to survive, you bow your head to the Superior Leader and report any suspicious behavior.

Your loyalty is to the nation, and no one else.

Cecily was captured during the last night raid, taken back to the nation in order to be cleansed. Now awaiting execution by fire, she is visited by the only person she considers her friend. When he requests that she recount her story, she obliges. They are always listening, but a plan has been brewing within her, and she wishes to see it through.

After all, she only has until nightfall before she is burned for her sins.



The year’s 2653. The Earth has been barren of humans for centuries. Cole - an android doubting his sentience - profits by selling human relics to a new population obsessed with the homo sapiens. When the humans suddenly return, Cole’s job, life and soul are threatened with imminent extinction.

Ready for an original take on the artificial intelligence and genetic engineering genres combined with dry humor and seafood cursing? Read on!

Once upon a time, the ruler of the underworld, Lucifer, sent Thanos, his most trusted demon on a quest to find the ancient relics. A quest that almost destroyed all that lived in the 6 mortal realms. Do you like action, outer space battles and epic adventures? Then this story is for you. Mega Boy is a story full of all these and lots more. You get to experience how a 16 year old kid took upon his shoulders the fate of the world. Will David triumph over Magnus or will Magnus succeed in his quest for total domination and most especially, will David have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save all. That you will find out as you read this epic story.


The world ended with a whisper…

Chloe Parker had a plan. Settle down in the small town of Everly, NC with her high school sweetheart, and have 2.5 kids, all before age thirty. Her plans didn’t include millionaire Harlan Downs, or the deadly virus he unleashed on Main Street one Saturday afternoon. Now, instead of planning the perfect wedding, she’s trying to protect herself from an illness no one can explain.

And it’s spreading fast.

Read Now!

Story is complete…new chapters uploaded daily.




You have two options. You die or you Qualify.

The year is 2047. An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.

But there’s a catch.

They can only take a tiny percent of the Earth’s population back to the colony planet Atlantis. And in order to be chosen, you must be a teen, you must be bright, talented, and athletic, and you must Qualify .

Sixteen-year-old Gwenevere Lark is determined not only to Qualify but to rescue her entire family.

Because there’s a loophole.

If you are good enough to Qualify, you are eligible to compete in the brutal games of the Atlantis Grail , which grants all winners the laurels, high tech luxuries, and full privileges of Atlantis Citizenship. And if you are in the Top Ten , then all your wildest wishes are granted… Such as curing your mother’s cancer.

There is only one problem.

Gwen Lark is known as a klutz and a nerd. While she’s a hotshot in classics, history, science, and languages, the closest she’s come to sports is a backyard pool and a skateboard.

This time she is in over her head, and in for a fight of her life, against impossible odds and world-class competition—including Logan Sangre , the most amazing guy in her class, the one she’s been crushing on, and who doesn’t seem to know she exists.

Because every other teen on Earth has the same idea.

You Qualify or you die.

Summary: An amnesia-stricken Cael Barnett has more to do with the new regime U.S. and its workings than he realizes, and a genetically-modified Reena steals into his life to remind him of the part he plays and must finish.

After the veil between dimensions is torn and the presidency fails due to an influx of the supernatural, the Rich and the Political group together to form the Syndicate. Taking matters into their own hands, they are greatly celebrated in the 2300’s they know now.

But it remains to be seen whether the Syndicate has the Americans-turned-Commons’ interest at heart.
Status: Ongoing!