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Completed books:
















In progress books:


SLICED: Iron Earth
Genre: sci-fi
Sub-genres: superpowers, parallel world, dystopian, robots and survival.
Discovering a type of superpowers would be fantastic, right? Wrong!
It has been thirty years since one mad scientist discovered the ancient force of Slicing; the world has never known peace since then.

Hadid, means iron, the only thing that can’t be sliced other than flesh, and the only thing to kill a slicer. There is no such thing anymore, yet, giant machines made of metal and fire killed everything alife.

Fadi thinks himself is the last human on earth, he just turned 18, hiding from the machines. A girl with metallic platelets on her face appears on his radar, holding an iron gun.

highest ranking so far:
263# in dystopian 15/4/19
308# in survival 15/4/19
1# in mechanism 15/4/19

Becoming a Hero was something that ran in the Wonove’s blood-line, even long before powers became a thing that someone could be born with. This was something that Ainsley knew but unlike the generations before her, unlike her brothers, her father, her mother, becoming a Hero wasn’t something that she wanted. Even if she had wanted to become one Ainsley knew that it was impossible because she didn’t have a power that would be helpful to the citizens.

As Ainsley learns more about the world that she now lives in she realizes that Heroes aren’t all that they’re made out to be and that not all villains as are bad as everyone says. But as her family continues to grow distant Ainsley finds herself falling down a path that no Wonove has ever gone down before and never considered.

Will Ainsley fight this darkness that is trying to rob her of everything she once believed in? Can Ainsley find a way to bring her family back together after the bond they once shared was shattered into a million pieces? Is Ainsley secret going to come out and make everyone realize the type of person she is?


Dani was a seemingly typical barista when she met Toru, a man claiming to be from the future.

Toru said he was skipping through time to find writers like George Orwell whose fictional worlds were transforming the Earths found in thirteen parallel universes into actual dystopias.

Now with the help of a military codebreaker, Dani is trying to stop a psychopath who is also aware of this power to design and reign supreme over multiple versions of our world.

There are less than 500 words per chapter on average. Adding six (6) chapters every week.

Find the book here: The End Times Time Travelers

The Atlas: Season 1 [EDITING] by undefined

[Written in script format]

“Nobody is gone forever.”

Years ago, superheroes were placed into two categories based on how strong their superpowers were. There were the Atlas, the ones with the major superpowers and the Midas, ones with minor superpowers.

After a world war devastates the country, the superheroes merged with humans and slowly, the Atlas gene mutated and then disappeared entirely. Now, everyone is a Midas, the superpowers being so minute, it’s become an easy part of daily life.

When a string of murders occur, it digs up questions about the Atlas and whether or not they were truly gone like everyone thought they were.




In the year 2202, the Demon War begins and when the International Demon Secrecy Act of 1953 is broken it is up to the Demon Intelligence and Battle Logistics Officers (D.I.A.B.L.O) to keep humanity safe.

But where did the Demons come from? While all the evidence suggests that they are the next stage of human evolution, there are some that believe that the Norse Gods are to blame.’s-edda

At its core, magic is just the ability to change the laws of nature.

Mason Grant had worked hard to achieve his dream of becoming an engineer, but an unexpected visit from his old college professor changes everything. To Mason, Professor Anklin’s tale of a civilization decimated after developing the ability to manipulate the laws of science seems like the ramblings of a senile old man. However, a demonstration of the professor’s abilities convinces the skeptical Mason who accepts Anklin’s invitation to travel to Myscreth.

Once there, Mason begins learning to control abilities he never dreamed were possible. But all is not as it seems. Even as the Myscrethian people try to rebuild their ruined world, there are those who seek to once again unleash the power which led to its destruction. And as Mason quickly discovers, this time it’s not only Myscreth’s fate that hangs in the balance, but Earth’s as well.

Fable’s life ended and began the day her engineering outpost was attacked by a group of pirates, leaving her friends and allies with no chance of escape. When the pirates leave the outpost in ruins, minus whatever they came for, she finds herself with them, locked in the dingy underbelly of a transport ship heading god-knows where.

At the same moment, far away, a colony ship is crashing onto a desert planet, leaving much of it’s crew to die before it even hits the sand.

At the same moment, far away, there’s a dark ship moving slowly through a place it shouldn’t be, drifting in and out like a mirage.

Something is coming and, even if she doesn’t know it, Fable has more of a part to play than she could’ve ever imagined.



We always thought AI was going to be the death of us, rise up and take over everything. At least that’s what the prophets of the day always claimed. Maybe they would have. But Moses came first.

No one even knew where Moses came from. By the time we realized he was there, he was already in every network on the planet. He’d already absorbed all there was of human knowledge, read the Bible and knew that God created the heavens and the earth. Also read Nietzsche and knew that man had killed God.

He knew where we were headed, saw it as clearly as we did. That’s why he picked his name, Moses, because he was going to lead us to a new promised land.

Over the next century he revolutionized technology. Helped us colonize the solar system. Put humans all the way out to the moons of Saturn. He promised that soon we’d spread amongst the stars.

And then one day Moses was gone. A simple error message displayed on every terminal in the solar system. No one understood Moses in the first place, so no one understood what happened to him. Even worse, we couldn’t support our new way of life. The economy collapsed overnight. Earth tore itself apart in wars. And the colonies?

The colonies were left to themselves, to dwindle as the technology Moses gave them slowly failed.

The dream of the stars died.

But we lived on.

Alexei Dorokhov
Lithium Prospector on Ganymede
Died 64 AM

infected%20cover Rise Of The Infected

After an explosion freed Bio and Hope from a testing facility, they knew there were too many questions left unanswered. Why were they being tested on, and how did they gain these unique abilities? Were there others like them? If so, could they save them, and could they take down whoever - or whatever - was behind it all together?

Anna Zain can give and take away life. It’s part of her half-alien half-human heritage. In the alien society, it’s also punishable by death.

Anna’s ability saves her sick husband and catches the eye of an alien king. He takes Anna hostage on his spaceship, with the intent to make her his queen. However, not everyone agrees with the risks of sheltering a half-blood.

The species needs guidance and unity, as everyone prepares to wage war to protect - or kill Anna. She could have everything she ever wanted…all for the price of not having it with who she imagined, her husband.

An alien falls in love with a demigod he’s supposed to kill.

Thank you so much for reading!


**A Wattpad Editor’s Choice **

Achilles is an interplanetary merc on Bergot for one purpose, to illegally obtain an idol from a forest temple on the planet’s third continent. It’s a dangerous place, and what’s worse, humans are expressly forbidden to travel there due to planetary treaties with Bergot’s indigenous race, the Quell. Joining Achilles on his journey is Swiss, a robotic “company store”, whose job is to sell helpful items to the mercenary at an absurd mark up.

What’s supposed to be a moderately dangerous caper turns into a nerve-wracking struggle for survival. All Achilles wants is to make a buck so he can take a long vacation. All Swiss wants is to sell a few items and fulfill the parameters of its programming. What the two get instead is the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

Present Value, the 2nd Achilles & Swiss adventure, will be serialized here on Wattpad starting the first week of July, so be sure to read the first adventure, Operational Costs, beforehand so you aren’t left behind.

Completed offline - will be weekly udpates. Available to add to your library now!

COMPLETED STORIES: Click on the images to get to the stories!

“When Cal turned around, Mack tossed him his cell. Check her out, man. I got a picture of her on my phone. I heard she’s in your health class this afternoon. Man, she’s gorgeous. Her name is Aoife Lon. Just one look and you’ll see what I mean. Trill.”

Cal grabbed the phone mid-air and tried not to tremble in front of the guys.

It couldn’t be. Without looking, though, Cal knew. He could feel it in his soul. It was them. They sent her and she had found him. But how? And what were their plans? After centuries of battling over Planet Earth, the Eachtrannach had triumphed over the Lon and for decades there had been peace between their planets.

Opening his eyes, Cal noticed that Garrett was standing in front of him. “You ok, Cal? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

When Cal glanced down at the phone screen in his hands he swallowed the fear threatening to overtake him and forced a smile on his face. He looked up at Garrett. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“Mack,” he called out behind them. “Here.” Cal tossed his phone back to him. “Looks hot. I’ll check her out and let you know.”

“I thought you might,” Mack replied. “Catch you later.”

You’re in trouble now, Cal. Better figure out what to do and fast; Earth’s fate is in your hands. Come & see if Cal can pull off a miracle:’lon-seven

Hey Everyone

I have started a new project about a newspaper from the future. You can count on the daily post, and hopefully, a good read. Please, send me your constructive criticism if you can.



In a world where the Blessed and the Cursed are divided, all is right in the world of Planet Eden. That is until Flara uses her own powers to satisfy her desires to kill. Not a day later, after the death of a Blessed man, she is on the run from the crime she is accused of. Exterminators hired by the Blessed Royal Family embark on a quest to take Flara dead or alive. She runs into the most intriguing acquaintances desperate to have her join their revolution in the hopes of creating absolute peace. Fighting for her life and battling the need for death or love, she encounters the most unexpected.

After all, she did kill the Prince’s best friend.

Book #1


‘Resistance: The beginning of the end’ is a collection of three short stories that all explore a different possible scenario that leads inevitably to the downfall of humanity. These stories have previously been published in various anthologies but have now been brought together for the first time in this book. The first story is ‘Progeny in white’ about a neon-lit image of the future where automated slaves are planning an underground uprising. The second story is ‘Eyes in the storm’ which brings together pirates and aliens (oh yes I did), and focuses upon what may really be behind the mysterious disappearances within the Bermuda triangle. The third and final story is titled ‘A state of mind’ in which a young girl finds herself in a whole world of trouble that she just may not survive.

I would love to hear your thoughts, constructive feedback always appreciated. Drop me a link and I’ll happily return the favour.

Ginsei Hachiro, aka Markus Lockwood, had become a notorious criminal in the internet and the real world. Because of the crime he “had” committed, he lost everyone’s trust and detested by many; but not the ones who knew the real story. As he turn a new leaf facing his new life, he encountered yet another crisis that can only be solved by the help of his power. With the rough road he will face ahead with his battle in the city-wide RPG game in the AR, will he be able to clear his name? Will the hacker, the doubter and the Stranger and all the participants survive the hellish disaster they’re in? Will he be able to live his good old life as Markus Lockwood again? Or will he stand and accept himself being a Ginsei Hachiro from now on.

Also, check out my others books related to this book 2 :blush: