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“Infinite possibilities and infinite mysteries to solve.”

A super short story set far from here on a planet light years away.


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Set in Westward City, meet Eli. A teenage boy who dreams of becoming the greatest Superhero ever! There’s one problem. He has no powers. It’s hard to become a hero already because you need to go to a good hero school and Eli has his eyes set on the country’s #1 school. Can Eli take his first step in becoming the World’s Greatest?


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Set in Northstar City, meet Samantha, who wants to be a reporter when she’s older. Even in a world where Heroes are everywhere, there are still mysteries to be solved. Join 15year old Sam in her quest to becoming the greatest reporter ever as she gets herself tangled in a big conspiracy theory along with her best friend Cedric, the chauffeur.



A trillion-dollar rocket ship captained by artificially intelligent malware. A surfing janitor who wishes he could just take one more hit of bioengineered cannabis. A mysterious planet lurking at the edge of the known solar system. What happens on a rocket ship hurtling through deep space stays on that rocket ship.


Joyride to Planet 9 won third place in the October edition of Wattpad’s monthly science fiction contest!






COMPLETED (There are less than 500 words per chapter on average.)

Dani was a supposedly typical twenty-something movie critic when she befriended Toru, a man claiming to be from the future. Toru said he was skipping through time to find writers like George Orwell whose fictional worlds were transforming the Earths found in 13 parallel universes into actual dystopias. Now with the help of a military code breaker, Dani is trying to stop a psychopath who is also aware of this power to design and reign supreme over multiple versions of our world.




When a sorority prank involving one of his microbots lands him in hot water, university student Mason Donnelly is forced to take a job at a remote military research base. Cut off from the outside world, he is thrown in with a band of brilliant misfits tasked with reverse engineering a new class of robot with capabilities beyond anything they thought was possible. But the robot may have an agenda of its own…

A new chapter every Sunday.


The Space Spinster’s Adventures await you every Friday and Monday! Or Monday and Friday, whatever is your speed.

She is a personal trainer to aliens on-board the space-cruise-ship Solar Wind and… wha—? Find out!



[Enemy Inside](

After leaving The Kalenth Hegemony for freedom on Trengos, Kikola Karthen and Tehvay Veilan settle into their new lives. New jobs, new family, and new friends affect the women in different ways.

No longer having status and power, Kikola's world has become much smaller. She struggles to find acceptance in a world where her kind is seen as the enemy.

For Tehvay, it opens up a world much larger than she has ever known. Enjoying the approval she receives in speaking out against slavery, she finds an acceptance that Kikola does not.

Their differing levels of acceptance, and Tehvay's memories of past abuse, put a strain on their relationship. It is further strained by political turmoil in The Kalenth Hegemony that brings chaos and tragedy to their very doorstep.

The saga starts with... [The Orion Spur Book 1: Family Business](



They called it the Great Collide, although it was not so much a collision of worlds, but a fusion of them. Earth, and The unknown planet came together from two separate dimensions of reality. The collective scientific minds of the old world would have called this an alternate reality, or perhaps a parallel universe, but to what became of mankind, these old world concepts were as useless as paper currency, and reality television. Now, the world was new again, undiscovered, and feral, and the remnants of both civilizations, Human, and those from the other place were left to fend for themselves against the wilderness of this new collided world.


A young girl’s quest to understand the world in which she lives, and to change it for the better, by any means necessary. A family trying to mend broken relationships, planets on the brink of war, and a corporation’s efforts to undermine and manipulate governments throughout the galaxy, and beyond. A morbid dystopian romantic comedy-drama set in the far future of an alternate timeline. Not for the squeamish.

Highest rankings: #1 in revolution, #1 in satire, #1 in Ireland, #2 in politics, #2 in furry, #4 in rebellion, #6 in aliens, #7 in England, #8 in military, #10 in space, #10 in future, #15 in alternateuniverse, #16 in psychological, #18 in dystopia, #30 in sciencefiction, #39 in royalty, #45 in murder, #53 in war, #81 in comedy.



Their called Celciums - a foreign cosmic entity from the tropical planet GASH.
But now there disturbed by a new power. One that all entity’s of the void have dwelled to avoid - the HUMANS.

Life is going to be turned upside down and Wendy, the cargo Marine corp logistics private has a plan to tip the balance to one side, but which one… Humans or Celciums?

Follow a moral adventure from the tip of a lye to the exposure of evil and good. Humanity will become more then just human… They may after all be the icon of Armageddon to the unexpected race.

Check it out here:


This work is in pre stage. Chapters weekly.
Available for read.
Comments are welcome and encouraged.


Hell Academy Book One: Fierce Freshmen

Jake Whitney is average. In the world he’s living in, average is not good enough. With the food supply rapidly decreasing and job varieties shrinking, there is no point in treating average people well. Average people have one predetermined future: program robots.
These robots can do anything and everything. They work farms, make clothes, make deliveries, etc. The average people of the world are doomed to work the robots. People below average are kept in cryptic “hospitals” and are never seen again. People above average are the only ones who can get a better job… and a better life.
Every student is required to go to Hell Academy, where all the weak and average are weeded out and the extraordinary are produced. Fourteen-year-old Jake is going to have to make it through four years there to be able to escape the fate of programming robots for the rest of his life. With tough competition, crazy high expectations, and scary situations with the school, will he make it?

Hell Academy Book Two: Scintillating Sophomore OUT NOW!



A nobody and a wrongly accused fugitive, Valentina Linkin, jumps at the offer of a free trip to Dell Island, a small tropical paradise. Here, with no pressure to leave, Linkin hopes to start over from the mayhem she has caused with her unique intelligence. However, the longer she stays, the more strange things she notices: freak illnesses, terrible accidents, and the people who go into the hospital never come back.

It all started with a crumpled note telling her to look on the inside. What’s on the inside? Ira Konstantinov could tell her, but she can’t get above ground.

Book 1 of the Oasis Project series - Book 2 is now being posted with daily updates!





COMPLETED 30 Nov 2018

A pretty and attractive woman who looks like a fashion model works as a physics researcher at a national laboratory to advance the science of teleportation. What she learns about her secret past while navigating the admiring, jealous, competitive, stereotypical and shallow attitudes of the people around her will determine if evil forces will take over the world. This is a science fiction adventure set in an alternative Earth universe at the dawn of the age of teleportation. Developed and intended for a Television audience, the story is appropriate for all ages (no smut, no swearing, no violence, some adult themes and situations).



Kira was born on Arc 73. She’d never seen a sunset, never felt the wind blowing through her hair, never swam in the ocean. That was until her 22nd year.

When Kira turned 22, three things happened. The first was blowing out her candles on the cake that wasn’t really cake. The second was her husband being stabbed by a space-sick crew member on his way back to the party. The third, was that Arc 8 had found a habitable planet.

Take a stroll through space and see what it means to really be alive:


Krodos is the first Denalgian to brave space exploration–but he couldn’t have chosen a worse time. Hatred of his race fills the galaxies (Earth most of all) and he’s discovering that firsthand as he tries to fulfill his lifelong dream of being among the stars.

Chérif is an ill-fated human who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of slave traders. Determined not to let them break her spirit, she will do everything she can to regain her freedom. Even if it means taking a life.

What will it be like if their two paths collide?

Chapters released weekly.


The Frozen Civilization

"What does it mean to live? Is merely existing enough to say that you are, or do you need more? Is the concept of living maybe just an illusion, there to prevent us from knowing the truth?"

Aiden has been a freelancer for most of his life, getting paid to do what no one else will. As a result, he has seen more in his eighteen years, then most will in their entire life. There was only ever one way of living for him, stuck in an endless circle, never moving forward. Even though he thinks himself different, he is like all others in this world. Now forced back to the city where it all began, where only his darkest nightmares still reside, he’ll need to make sure to focus on the now.

Nine parts are already out, with the tenth coming on the 7th of December.

Big thanks to @TheFrozenNarrator for making the cover illustration.

Disclaimer: Contains graphical descriptions that might not be suited for all readers. A warning will appear before said parts.



Error In Progamming

Alphacom was known for donating to charities and helping others, but they have a dark secret. They are the Order of the Twelve, and they are producing Human Hybrids, half human half machines. Astral is one of the hybrids. She was adopted by the Order’s second in command Michelle and became engulfed in their wealth. Soon her perfect life changes when she gets her command, A command she cannot refuse. Go to the United States convince them to buy the hybrids. But when Astral soon releases the true meaning of her command, she knows she must take action. Can she stop the word from completely destroying itself?

2 place winner of the Rose Awards 2018

(Updates daily)

2 place Rose Awards 2018