The Duality Lighthouse - Isaac Baron dreams of a Lighthouse. It haunts him every night but it isn’t long before he realises that it isn’t just a dream, but a calling. Isaac becomes drawn to the Lighthouse in a way that feels inescapable. Soon, its secret will be revealed to him and the World will begin anew…


Depths by Echoe Otto


Short Story — Complete — Edited
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"Down here, life was scarce, and the creatures outside her bunker grew larger, lonelier, and hungrier."
A girl faces the darkness of isolation and the monster that's come to visit.
14-year-old Maya lives in a bunker at the bottom of the ocean. Even the scientists recording her every move can't predict she won't be alone for long.
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The Roman Project: The Wronged - On a planet called Poseidon, lives a girl names Jeen Starc. Her life isn’t easy, but it’s never been hard - not until her mother went missing. Jeen and her brother Roman go looking for their mother, but in doing so run into trouble themselves. They’re kidnapped, and with the help of someone they don’t fully trust, continue to search for their mother. They meet up with new and old friends, doing whatever it takes to bring their family back together, but at the cost of discovering secrets about their family and past that may have been better kept buried.

RoboNomics 2



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If 28 Days Later and a CW drama had a love child, it would be Affliction.

The point remains that while the list of zombie stories spans on and on, the theme of zombie-romance is rarer. Luckily for you, Affliction tackles both themes perfectly.
Congrats to Crystal J Johnson for seamlessly weaving together infection and infatuation!
-WattZombie (Wattpad’s Official Zombie Genre Account)

(Affliction is) absolutely one of my favorite novels on Wattpad. This needs to be made into a movie or a television series ASAP"
-AriJenelle for Ari Jenell Reviews on YouTube


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Indigo Initiate is a story about the duality of ambition and the lust for power. It spans decades non-linearly as humanity’s quest for Mars is constantly impeded by extraterrestrial and governmental intervention.

The story begins with the exploration of our closest satellite the Moon and how our subsequent mission to Mars is impeded by our reclusion into the newly discovered Virtual Reality promoted by capitalistic desires.




|| Sometimes in Space Things Disappear ||

Nadja Bikram traveled to the distant and alien world of Skiathos to work one problem, a puzzle that had vexed her for seven years. But on reaching the savage desert world, she found the planetary survey team she was to join in disarray and its leader missing.

It was up to her to take command and to sort things out, but she swiftly discovered the harsh and brutal planet held a hidden danger, one so lethal and dreadful that it threatened them all.

Nadja would need to use her every wit and to risk her life and the lives of those around her to find out what it was. But would she find the answer before it was too late?

2018 Wattys Shortlist || Magic Awards 1st Place in Science Fiction



The Permian Extinction event, beginning approximately two-hundred-and-fifty million years ago and responsible for a global special loss bordering on total, is aptly referred to today as the “Great Dying”. It comes as some surprise to up-and-coming star of the Anthropology world, Every Daniels, that it is he who is tasked with digging a bit deeper.

Permian, Installments One and Two are both available to read here:


Soon, humans will not be the most intelligent beings on the planet.
But my statement depends on how we define the word human.
RAY KURZWEIL – The Age of Spiritual Machines

‘The military thinks I would make a fantastic killing machine. And if I resist? Well then. They’ll just murder me again, and stuff me inside another metal box, another weapons system. They’ll rip off my head and screw with my brains to see if that makes me want to be a psychotic murderer.’

C.A.R.O.L.I.N. leaned in close, enunciating her next words with clarity.

‘And do you know what will happen? Do you know what they’ll do? One day they will get it right. One day they'll succeed, and make me want to kill every single one of them.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Give me a gun, a rocket, a missile, a bomb! Give me everything I need to blow your damn world to Hell!’

C.A.R.O.L.I.N. gasped, wide-eyed at the horror of her words. She covered her mouth with both hands and spoke through her fingers.

‘Oh my God, my love! Please don’t let that happen to me!’

She sat stock-still, frozen for a while, fighting off one lock-up after another.

‘We mustn’t let them do that.’



War on Humanity

Humanity created androids to help them. Help them with work, chores and rearing their children. All was well until a recent discovery of faulty programming is said to have given some androids, murderous capabilities. After issuing a mass recall, the world is devastated to discover that the androids have taken control of the government and are plotting to wipe out the human race.

It’s now 2074 and small colonies of humanity still remain, forced into hiding. Follow the journey of twelve year old Nyna Paddon as she searches for her missing parents as well as a solution to save humanity. She’ll make friends and foes, she’ll become hunted as well as the hunter and face decisions that challenge her humanity in the process.


Becoming a Hero was something that ran in the Wonove’s blood-line, even long before powers became a thing that someone could be born with. This was something that Ainsley knew but unlike the generations before her, unlike her brothers, her father, her mother, becoming a Hero wasn’t something that she wanted. Even if she had wanted to become one Ainsley knew that it was impossible because she didn’t have a power that would be helpful to the citizens.

As Ainsley learns more about the world that she now lives in she realizes that Heroes aren’t all that they’re made out to be and that not all villains as are bad as everyone says. But as her family continues to grow distant Ainsley finds herself falling down a path that no Wonove has ever gone down before and never considered.

Will Ainsley fight this darkness that is trying to rob her of everything she once believed in? Can Ainsley find a way to bring her family back together after the bond they once shared was shattered into a million pieces? Is Ainsley secret going to come out and make everyone realize the type of person she is?


Court didn’t plan on becoming a revolutionary.

Fifty years after first contact, the Qyntarak dominate the planet politically and economically. Now things are about to get much worse.

When Elle’s adoptive father is killed for smuggling alien secrets, she and Court are thrust into a desperate mission to save humankind.

Grieving and ill-equipped, they need to stay alive long enough to get those secrets into the hands of people who can use them. But how much more will they have to sacrifice to see it through to the end?

And by then, will it be too late?


The Shadow Paradigm: Doomsday


Three ordinary heroes take matters into their own hands to protect the world they love. When a shadowy group known as the Shiakar Order manipulates events to cleanse the world and bring about Doomsday, the heroes’ vows are put to the test. Little do they know of the terrible repercussions that will spread outside of Terra should the plan succeed…

The resume seem boring, but I can honestly say that I think you will like the story.
I look forward to your thoughts. I know the story is not quite perfect yet, but I hope you like parts of it and I hope you enjoy this first glimpse into a 10 year old project.


Death with a side of clam chowder

After the sudden deaths of her family, Isabelle is thrust into a world that is cruel and unjust. Her extended family treated her as little more than a servant and her fathers precious company is in the hands of a very bad man.

All Isabelle wants is to free herself from the clutches of evil and survive.

Little did she know that a futuristic world full of mystical madness and suprises at every corner would be what she found. Follow Isabelle as she unravels the truth and gets the one thing she wanted all along. Revenge.

Set in a dystopian future after humanity has to spread far into the cosmos after the destruction of earth. Series that takes the main character to many different planets: some rooted in science and some altered by circumstance to be more magically based


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Glaed Balaston just joined one of Aelia’s finest Knighthoods, The Firebrand Knights! Now he can follow in his father’s footsteps and set out to make a name for himself. However, while on one of his first missions, he uncovers what could be a plot against the kingdom he is sworn to protect.

Meanwhile, a darkness grows in the east. The newly crowned emperor of Sangreal, rival nation to Aelia, plans a nefarious plot to decimate Aelia.

Hello all! I’m Adam. This story is a culmination of sorts of many stories that have been floating around in my head for a few years now. I love all things science fiction and then some. It’s a work in progress, but if you love sci-fi as well, come check out the first book of the Plight of Aelia series I have planned called Firebrand.