Science fiction, your "inventions"

I was going to wait to do anything science fiction thread, for when I finished this current collection “fictional non-ficton essays about Open Blogging and 3D printed crocs.”

But I decided I couldn’t wait.

How many people here who write science fiction, like inventing the technology used in your stories?

I have this love affair with networking alternatives that are off-grid, and put the physical social life back into human connections: I like to call them biological/digital integration networks, and having ways of syncing things online, while keeping the security of Sneakernet.

This ended up with me creating this tool, that allows for network file sharing, then only presents the web page, after booting up local host. The internet only used to share the files, but you view the web page on your own computer.

It’s not quite the “Email over thumb drives, sent through postal mail” I envisioned, but it has its own uses.

But I find in writing, a lot of the idea, just don’t translate well from my head to the page: it’s like trying to speak Lojban to a Japanese speaker.

If I’m not inventing something in my science fiction yarns, I’m probably dead.

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This gave me a chuckle. Going to post something on Diaspora on an unrelated note, but when I back I might ask about your answer.

(Yes, truly unrelated.)


Now then, what do you like to invent?

Things like jump gate technology, mother frame computer systems with an AI interface, quantum beanies, things like that.

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AI interface is my favorite, though it’s never been clear what that means exactly.

When use it, it refers to (when I write about it) being the wires that connect the internet, makes it work behind the scenes: human interfaces, animal interfaces, user interface, et cetera.

Now the thing about Quantum beanies, I’m picturing Totally spies dressed up as skateboarder chicks shooting lasers out of a Delorian.

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The mother frame systems used in my Gun Frontier novel can have a Class A setup for AI interface. The Luck Dragon’s AI is called Shrike. The computer tech in that time frame is extremely advanced and can allow for large ships to have minimal crews. It’s not unheard of that some ships have only two people on board while the rest of the vessel is automated through the ship’s mother frame system.

The quantum beanie is a hand-held AI memory assistant used by the researchers at the Hammond Research Facility to help Kaitlin recover after a recent hack and reconstruction job. It’s wireless and can interface with most basic systems and has a plethora of programs designed to stimulate and challenge cybernetic memory systems.

It’s roughly the size of a hacky sack.

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And a hacky sack, is that like a spy gadget pouch? Go go magnifying glass?

In my case, go go punch me in the face.

You’ve never seen a hacky sack before? They used to be all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s.


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Ah those, I see the context. Well I was a toddler in the nineties. (1989)

Played more with Propeller leaves. If I wasn’t wanting to eat them.

I’m beginning to wonder if I was raised in the 90s. The most thing I remember was … really misundestanding Michael Jackson.

I was 16 in 1989. So yeah, that makes sense. lol

Ah ok that clears up a lot. I took you as younger for some reason.

Nope. I’ll be 45 in January. I’m over da hill on this one.

Eh, not crying over spilled buttermilk.^ ^ (No android phone, not buttmilk.)

Damn auto-correct! lol

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Auto correct is the worst, it once confused the word previous for prenatal. What that’s suppose to mean? (Does the phone not know I’m a trans woman?)

I use to have this thing called “Network Gliders” before I changed the whole concept on how an “off-grid” file sharing network would be made.

Network Gliders would only be used to send bulk data. Like sending local host pages to different computers at high speed. Otherwise, you’re talking about a world where everyone conducts espionage through thumb drive dead drops, secured by hardware PKI.

I just saw something yesterday where people are wearing these specialized rings that contain all your information and passwords and you can use the ring to pay for purchases, unlock doors, and a few other things–also waterproof as well.

It sits on its own charging mount–think the Green Lantern type battery–and it has its own configurable apps that you add things to track your every day needs or habits.

Sounds like a lot of privacy loss for sake of convenience to me. Smartphone have that same, “If you give us your data, here is convenience”. Never mind if it isn’t really that convenient.:stuck_out_tongue:

I watched the 3 minute video on Facebook. The ring is partnered with Microsoft, Apple, and a couple other companies and spans 30 countries across the globe. But it was a very interesting piece of technology. And they say it’s virtually hacker proof, but we all know that some day, it won’t be.

Here’s an article on the technology.