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Demons Wake

Led by Captain Martin Brown, the Demon Intelligence and Battle Logistic Officer’s (DIABLO’s) and their allies must scramble into action as the Livingstone Demon Rebellion begins anew. But where did the Demon’s come from? Most believe they are the next step in human evolution, but some say the old Norse God’s are to blame.

As the Demon Lord of Godwin City, Lucien Faraday finds himself at the top of Benedict Livingstone’s hit list and must tread carefully to survive the struggles ahead. Meanwhile, on the other side of Midgard, his daughter Cynthia may have to come to terms with the fact that she may never know the truth of her mother’s identity.

Aldous Turner is an elderly molecular biologist specializing in gene editing. With the arrival of the new test chimp Ivan, strange synchronicities start to occur. Soon, Aldous starts to suspect that something sinister has claimed Ivan for its own.

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The Owner of the Crown trilogy: Mini-Blurb.

The Owner of the Crown trilogy follows the incredible alternative realities sci-fi odyssey of an eccentric, downtrodden yet defiant Londoner mathematics teacher and nine of his colourful young Geordie pupils in an extraordinarily creative and heartrending tale of good versus evil.

The Owner of the Crown trilogy: Main Description Blurb.

The Owner of the Crown

A Wide-Ranging Alternative Realities Sci-Fi Trilogy by T. J. P. Campbell



In the year 2026, extreme right-wing governments around the world are strengthening their grip on the masses. In keeping with their nefarious standards, the English fascist educational authorities send London born Dr Pearson, a teacher of mathematics teaching in an excellent school in Cambridge and nearing retirement, to the toughest school in the country in Blyth, Northumberland. Their obvious intention being to legally steal Dr Pearson’s pension by forcing him to either resign or commit a sackable offence under the pressure of attempting to teach in such a tough school. Worse still, though the downtrodden, eccentric, yet defiant Dr Pearson initially refuses to believe it, the cruel educational authorities are the least of his problems as he and nine of his comedic inimitable pupils are drawn into a battle to save the Multiverse.

Dr Pearson and his pupils soon find themselves preparing and attempting a hazardous quest of humongous proportions against impossible odds. With an incredibly diverse array of friends and enemies at every turn, their incredible alternative realities sci-fi odyssey moves them cinematically through their world as well as in and out of a number of different alternative realities involving not only parallel and a series of afterlife worlds but also peculiar shifts in Dimension, Time and Space.

Alas, time quickly starts running out, as an awakened personification of evil, Saliman, once a man and now a monster, is growing stronger and eviler by the second. Dark omnipotent forces welcoming his awakening are rapidly banding together and they are aware of Dr Pearson and his pupils’ quest.

With all these enemies, with Saliman hot on their tails, how will Dr Pearson and his pupils cope with the continual bombardment of alternative realities laced with striking peculiarities and deadly dangers? Just how can they possibly hope to survive their odyssey?

Some may mistakenly label this trilogy under the genre of fantasy. However, although it is certainly phantasmagorical with a large slice of situation comedy, it contains a story that could be true (despite its incredibleness) and any apparent magic is probably a disguise for advanced science and technology.

The Owner of the Crown trilogy will surely entrance readers who were enthralled by C. S. Lewis’s Narnia books, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Material trilogy, Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth , and the science fiction space opera novels of Ray Bradbury, Frederik Pohl, Clifford Simak, Arthur Clarke and Ursula Le Guin. Yes, it really is that much of an all-encompassing Multiverse-stretching kaleidoscopic odyssey with humour and heartrending circumstances to bolster its telling.

The Owner of the Crown: A sci-fi odyssey the likes of which literature has never known— that’s Geordies for you!


Dear Reader,

I was initially inspired to write The Owner of the Crown trilogy by my fruitless attempts to teach some Geordie pupils in Blyth, Northumberland a number of years ago.

Some strange goings on took place at the school I taught in— very strange. And even though this trilogy involves ghosts, aliens, afterlife worlds and starships, there are noisy rumours it portrays a true story.

You might be interested to know that a few years after I left the school, it was completely demolished. Flattened into a car park. The school being Blyth Delaval County Middle School on the Plessey Road. Google it!

However, even if this trilogy may be based on some solid facts (as impossible as such a thing might be to believe) I want you to know the characters and the school it features are entirely fictitious (though the school’s grounds its buildings and their rooms are accurately based on the now demolished Delaval County Middle School). Of course, those of you with high intelligence may very well conclude that this does not mean the characters do not exist— just that they do not exist in our world. There is much more of this sort of quantum craziness in the trilogy.

So this trilogy features, among other strange things, Geordies (the peoples of the Tyneside area). Now the Geordie dialect and accent can sometimes seem unfathomable to the likes of me, so just in case you’re new to it, I’ve put some “normal” English translations of common Geordie words and phrases at the beginning of each book. You can also look up famous Geordie celebrities on YouTube. The best example might be the famous Geordie comedian Ross Noble. Why? Because it was his mother who used to teach in my tutor room before I joined the school. A copper nameplate on the classroom door read “Mrs Noble”. You won’t find that on Google, though it does mention on Wikipedia that both Ross Noble’s parents were teachers.

Let me just say, though every Geordie pupil appears to be a natural stand-up comedian, I can’t for the life of me explain the way they think. I’d have to have a Nobel Prize in psychology to even attempt to do such a silly thing. I do have a school 10-yard swimming certificate, but this doesn’t seem to help either— although I wouldn’t be surprised to find that a Geordie pupil might easily prove it should. That’s the magical inimitable Geordies for you. You get the picture?

My wish is that readers of all ages, adults and children, get to enjoy this trilogy. Although it should be easy to read, it can be understood at many different levels, such as in the areas of science, philosophy, politics and sociology. However, it should essentially stand out as a straightforward vast cinematic awesome rollicking science fiction space opera odyssey. At its heart a splendiferous tale of derring-do and the perennial fight of good versus evil.

Finally, I hope this trilogy will lift up even further the spirits of all Geordies and promote Blyth deservedly on the International literary ladder. So dear reader, let me take your mind by the hand and lead it through a Universe of diverse extraordinary imagination …

What some readers are saying about the wide-ranging alternative realities sci-fi trilogy The Owner of the Crown by T. J. P. Campbell:

“This trilogy is an immense feat of storytelling and creative brilliance. The situation comedy developed under such dire circumstances is priceless. Nicola Berlin has to be one of the greatest characters ever invented in the canon of English literature. No character has ever made me laugh and cry so much. The interplay between the pupils was top drawer and although incredulous, came across as very real. Often the humour would strike from leftfield and take me unawares. A word of warning, if you have a weak heart, be very careful if you read any of the books in this trilogy— or you might die laughing! In saying all this, I would like to emphasise this trilogy is by no means a comedy. In fact, it has quite an ominously dark undertone throughout.” Poppy (Wattpad).

“A thrilling trilogy. One for the ages, methinks. A clever balance of mystery and suspense. I was shocked and thoroughly entertained by the nature and explanation of the afterlife worlds in this trilogy. This author has pulled off the impossible trick of writing a tale that is beyond extraordinary yet down-to-earth.” Anil (Wattpad).

“Highly recommended. A swashbucklingly outrageous adventure. The author’s writing is often described as being very cinematic. I found this to be the case. Often I got so pulled in to the verisimilitude of it all, that even though I must’ve been reading words on a page, I found myself embedded in the places I was reading about. There was this one scene where Erica Ashbarten (the brave Geordie pupil) decided to have a chat with a wounded Dragonian (a silicon-based intelligent alien very similar to a mythological dragon) in a park. As I read, I found myself sitting down on the park’s grass with Erica and the Dragonian wishing to join in the conversation. Having read the entire trilogy I can now see why the media form of books will never die. Even watching a film, you could never get this close to a fictional reality. I have a picture in my mind of the characters in this trilogy, particularly of Dr Pearson (the math teacher) and his Geordie pupils, and no film could ever come close to portraying them. They are so unique you would just never find the actors to play them. Who on this earth could play Nicola Berlin?” Marylou ( Wattpad).

“Flabbergasting! A great read. I found myself following a long and winding yellow brick road, careful not to step off it, and guessing where it would take me. None of my guesses proved correct. How could they?” Fernando (Wattpad).

The Owner of the Crown is a 463,000 word wide-ranging alternative realities sci-fi trilogy by T. J. P. Campbell.


Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. The Council emerged shortly afterwards. They proposed one solution; send the children to Kepler-168F, a planet like Earth.

Etta Parker became one of the Chosen at eight years old. She’s known for her ruthlessness and cunning, being nicknamed the ‘Rabid Dog’ during the historically renowned trials.

When Etta turns eighteen, her life changes drastically. Women are expected to marry and produce children, however prestigious their position in society is.

Etta refuses to give up her life to become a mother. She’s worth more than that.

She craves freedom and power - and she’ll achieve it by any means.

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The world is a colder, stranger place than Kilian Kilroy was expecting.

Hunted, haunted, and alone, the former teenage superheroine makes her way across the American South and toward the Mexican border, in the hopes of escaping her would-be killer. It’s just a real bummer for her, all around.

Far away from anything she’s ever known, Kilian finds herself tumbling headfirst into a world of narcissistic superheroes, otherworldly abominations, monster-hunting mercenaries, and gaudily themed fast-food restaurants.

In a world plagued by supervillains and Angels of a bygone age, is survival even a possibility for the one-armed wonder?

Probably not.

All she knows for sure is that, whatever happens, it’ll be one wild roadtrip.

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Henry Mullen had nightmares: scenes from his childhood, stick-like figures walking through the dust. He remembered the gaunt faces and swollen bellies, his own body, his own brittle bones, so brittle that lifting a bag of rice broke two bones in his hand. They never did heal right. And he remembered seeing his mother and his brother die. Silently, solemnly, they just stopped moving.

Henry is the leader of a team of scientists sent to study the moon, Raphael. Henry’s job is to determine if Raphael can be used to grow food for the earth. His life’s mission is to make sure no human being ever goes hungry again.

There have been satellites and moon rovers studying Raphael for years. The science team knows it’s cold, wet and rainy. They know Raphael has grass and trees, shrubs and insects. And they know that Raphael has water that never turns to ice, even though the temperature never goes above freezing. What they don’t know is whether Raphael can be farmed or even whether humans can survive there. It’s Henry and his team’s job to find out.

To their shock, the science team soon comes into contact with the Meuleys: an intelligent indigenous species. There weren’t even supposed to be mammals on Raphael.

… read In the Shadow of the Lily

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Ranger Training is my ode to the difficulties soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors go through during training. The bond that develops between them can only be called a brotherhood. Women who go through the training embrace the term, just as men do. There is no other word to truly do the bond justice.

The story takes place in the distant future and based around aliens of my own creation. Humans are mentioned, but aren’t the focus of the story and it’s more a mention in passing.

The Claxion government created the eugenics program with the promise of a brighter future. It started as a voluntary program, but failed to reach the sixty-five percent that was needed to improve future generations. Voluntary turned to legal requirement and legal requirement turned to force. Any Claxion that continued to refuse to be altered at the genetic level was tortured into submission. When torture failed to persuade, the executions started.

It was that moment when the Rangers arrived and quickly devastated the government and military structures and left no eugenicist in power. The Claxion people had their day in court and all involved were sentenced to death for their crimes.

The first generation following the eugenicists discovered a frightening reality. Space sickness was a death sentence for all who left the planet. The second generation lost most to the sickness, but others due to a softening of the bones. The third generation fared the same as the second.

Trax’l was part of the fourth generation. He survived the sickness and received training to prevent the falls from killing him. He found work as ships security and is given an offer by the first Ranger he has ever met. Go through their training and become a Ranger. Trax’l owed the rangers everything and joining their ranks would mean he can repay them in some small way.

Will Trax’l survive training and join their ranks?

The link is to my excerpt from my ebook.

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ash2 (1)
Ash and Cinder

In the year 2181, Russia began human experiments. Kidnapped or sold off by their own families, the kids of the Compound know only one thing: They belong to the Whitecoats.

Hendrix ‘Trick’ Sanchez and his little sister, Elle, have been in captivity for seven years. Trick plays by the rules, flying under the radar with two goals in mind; survive, and keep Elle safe. But the rules are thrown to the bears when a mysterious attack blows the compound wide open, and Trick doesn’t know how to play this new game.

He can only hope that his superhuman strength and his pain medication will be enough to escape brutal annihilation.

Now also available on Amazon and Kindle :slight_smile:

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Citizen Titanium

THE WORLD as we know it is about to change. Technology continues to rapidly develop at unprecedented speeds, and the world is at the forefront of evolution. But when technology becomes astray and something becomes amiss, it no longer appears to be the utopia that was once promised. Rather, a coalition of oppression and darkness threatens even the most basic of humans rights. Zsofia Kondor is on borrowed time, and the race for survival is more important than ever.


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Rioneed Vrmmorpg رواية ريونيد - لعبة واقع إفتراضي

رواية ريونيد رواية عن لعبة واقع إفتراضي في المستقبل
الرواية تتحدث عن لعبة واقع إفتراضي في المستقبل , حيث تدور الأحداث حول اللاعب المصري إبرو في لعبة الواقع الإفتراضي ريونيد و الذي يعود للزمن عشر سنوات للماضي حيث تبدأ اللعبة في الإنطلاق حينها . يقوم إبرو بإستخدام كل ما يعرفه عن أسرار اللعبة و خفاياها لتأسيس إمبراطورية عظيمة له خاصة في مواجهة الدول الثماني العظمى في العالم . فماذا سيكتشف إبرو من أسرار جديدة في اللعبة ؟ و هل سيقدر على النجاح في تحقيق أهدافه و تغيير مصيره و مصير كل من حوله
لقراءة الرواية هتلاقوها في الصفحة بتاعتي

Rioneed Vrmmorpg
story about the egyptian player Ibro who plays Rioneed Virtual Reality game in 24th centuary , Ibro travels back in time for 10 years and starts the game at the beginning , so he uses all what he knows about game secrets and tries to change his destiny and all of his related people destiny through this strange risky game .

the novel is written in arabic so i hope you like it .


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“You have 72 hours to find Cooper Rhodes or he dies.”

When flaky cyber-assassin/spy, EX for Exorcist and his pragmatic partner, Dr. 3, go in search of their missing friend, they are drawn into a power struggle between an Illuminati family and their Reptoid rivals.

In a story told over the course of a weekend long wedding celebration, EX and Dr. 3 are thrown into a world of treachery as these warring families attempt a shaky truce through an arranged marriage.

But, underneath this tapestry of back stabbing, utlra-violence, wild sex and opioid addiction lies the deeper mystery of Cooper Rhodes’ disappearance and the conspiracy that threatens not only the tenuous Illuminati/Reptoid alliance, but EX and the Doc’s very lives.

New chapters of this completed novel will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! So don’t forget to add The Weekend Special to your reading list!

You can also follow my profile for writing tips and exclusive content.


The Weekend Special

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The Alpha’s Concubine -


For Emma life on the Lycan colony called Earth just went from sucky to full on Hunger Games. Arrested by werewolf alien masters? Meah. Sold to a concubine cult? Shrug. Bought at slave auction by the high Alpha? Face Palm. #frownyface

Tricky is an understatement when she discovers she is required to be a stand-in for the Alpha’s betrothed, the werewolf princess called Sabrina.So all Emma has to do is act like the Alpha besotted bratty teen wolf princess. Unfortunately Emma has to do this for a man she desperately despises. A loathing possibly related to his ruining earth after a recent invasion. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for an alpha who is so arrogant he put the super in superior and the gag into swagger. A man who is so absolutely unfamiliar with the meaning of the word rejection, refusal or rebuff they edited them out of his dictionary to save space.

Unfortunately for Emma the blackhearted alpha possesses cheek bones so chiselled you could shave your armpits with them. Did we mention he needs Emma to carry on pretending to be Sabrina while he desperately does not to imprint on her for life? Did we clearly layout that the alpha is his usual 110% convinced he is immune to any earth girl’s allure? Did we cover that if anyone finds out the truth not only is Emma exceptionally dead but it would trigger a massive interstellar pack war? Any slight drop in pretence would be exceptionally fatal to Emma and a few billion souls of earth. So no problem there.

Despite her dilemma, Emma is determined to escape using little but sass, sarcasm and some kick ass post-scacity-weapons she got on eBay. With only her frenemy Victoria, Instagram chic Bex, an alien lobster called bob, a hyper benevolent android called Pandora and a drag werewolf called Queenie, by her side everything is bound to go fine, right?

This book has it all - kick ass invasion fleets, hot werewolves, hotter plasma weapons, resurrection-tech, action, adventure and most of all, enough laughs to re-float the Titanic. Not to mention the kind of Sci-Fi questions which will trouble your soul.

Don’t believe us? Why not take the first chapters challenge?Just read the first two chapters and if you don’t laugh, WE WILL GIVE YOU DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK*

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer not open to employees of This book is free and double zero is still zero. If you’ve read this small print you’re probably smart enough to get most of the jokes.

Think Mrs Masell meets 50 Shades of Grey with werewolves.

@galeisa20 Omg I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I knew this book would be great, but it just got so much better. Thank u so much for everything you do. I love reading your books

Fab cover by the very talented @Angelinacolbe

#1 in #Werewolf and #1 in Sci-fi that’s our ambition, not a statement of fact.

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Hello All!

If you are a fan of classic, fast-moving plot and character-driven sci-fi that’s not all about giant explosions and special effects you might want to check out my recently completed SEKTOR V Trilogy. I am a scientist with a background in physics and math so I am a stickler for getting the science physically plausible (with the obvious caveat that it still has to be entertaining fiction)! :slight_smile:

I am serial releasing chapters every Friday.

Book 1 (Ensemble) is now complete and I’m now releasing chapters from Book 2 (Enlightenment).

The Entire 3-Book Saga is written and edited so you know you will get content each and every week!

What’s the story about? Here is a short primer that doesn’t give too much away but hopefully piques your interest.

Synopsis – Ensemble (Book 1 of the SEKTOR V Trilogy)

The story, set in the year 2044, begins with a frantic scene in an Atlantic City casino where we find Stanley Dial sweating the details of an all-or-nothing bet that ultimately could seal his fate. As Stanley’s situation invariably goes sideways, we learn about two hidden organizations hell-bent on disrupting each other’s operation. The first group, a government-led faction known as the Ministry, is opposed by loyalist scientists of the Underground movement who desperately want to break the tyrannical grip they believe the government has on societal control and free will.

Cloaked in secrecy, the Ministry uses nascent time travel technology to severely curtail economic and political change. Their overriding goal is to minimize uncertainty in order to maintain the status quo of the global system they built and now control. Using their finely-tuned Sweeper program, Ministry forces routinely “Jump” into the near future, scanning the global landscape for potential society-disrupting anomalies. Armed with this information, Sweeper agents return to the present where they can discretely “neutralize” previously identified undesirable outcomes.

Meanwhile, the Underground, a group whose numbers and resources pale in comparison to the seemingly all-powerful Ministry, do their best to thwart Ministry efforts to control the path of human development by employing their own time travel technology and utilizing numerical models capable of mimicking Earth’s physical and social systems on multiple timelines.

Inevitably, these adversarial organizations clash in spectacular fashion as the book’s climax is reached. As both groups try to adjust to their new, post-conflict realities, we learn that Mankind’s solitary existence in the universe was nothing more than an illusion and that our past transgressions could ultimately lead to our final demise.

Book One/ Ensemble

Enlightenment -

Book Two of the SEKTOR V Trilogy, expands into the Galactic unknown. In Enlightenment, Humanity’s myopic and solitary existence is suddenly thrust into the domain of strange beings who have been monitoring and manipulating the Terran System for millennia. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, planetary powers look to align with benevolent extraterrestrials in order to battle dark alien forces looking to end Man’s reign as the dominant species on Earth.

Be sure to tune in every Friday to see how the SEKTOR V drama continues to unfold!

Book Two/ Enlightenment



Guess who’s writing Sci-Fi again

Dave’s lost, or at the very least he has no idea whereabouts he is, which is probably the same thing.


He discovers he’s on an alternate version of Earth in the midst of a deadly game played on a global scale, and on a planet mere days from quite literally tearing itself apart from the inside. For reasons he doesn’t quite understand Dave must rally his fellow players - those who aren’t trying to kill him at any rate! - and either save the world, or get the hell out of the proverbial dodge!


[ Genre ]

Science Fiction


[ Sub-Genres ]

Action / Apocalyptic / Humor/Humour / Alternate Universe / Alternate Reality / Spacepunk / Space Opera


[ No. of chapters ]



[ Updating Schedule ]

Bi-weekly - Sunday/Thursday


Thoughts/Feedback/Constructive Criticism/Random Comments welcome!

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As nineteen-year-old Alex Dash cares for his six-year-old twin siblings, Henry and Annabelle, he is forced to navigate a post-cataclysmic world full of hostile entities. Dogs that seem more aware than they ought to, sentient plant-life, nomads aimlessly wandering…
Rescued by a farming colony called Community, Alex meets Eva Monroe. She is mysterious, but also familiar somehow.
When Alex sees strange lights in the fields, he begins asking questions that no one seems willing to answer. Together, Alex and Eva discover a secret. A secret that no one in Community saw coming…or did they?

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Tales from the Drift

The Drift: a colorful metaphor for the empty space between stars and planets, more closely describing the ever-expanding nature of galaxies and the universe itself. As a colloquialism, it is typically used to reference the gravitational currents and eddies running through the bleak, black nothing.

Tales from the Drift is a science-fantasy series telling the story of an evolving galaxy that is fraught with as many dangers as it is wonders.

In Old Lessons, Hard Futures a guardian soldier, an indolent boy-pirate, an old warhorse, and a wayward hotshot find themselves caught in a tangle of plots set to unbalance the already teetering scales of power within the galaxy.

NOTE: Chapters are posted every Friday. Most recent update on 07FEB2020. Four chapters already available!

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The Floating Cradle




Sixteen-year-old Sarah hasn’t seen her sister Allie in nearly a decade thanks to a family feud she can hardly remember. But the world waits for no grudge; around the time of Sarah’s birth, a race of aliens known as the tanta made first contact with Earth, launching humanity into a new star-faring age. Most people embrace tantic innovation, but Sarah isn’t so sure. Growing up on her family’s multi-generational dairy farm, she’s learned nothing can replace blood and tradition.

Personal crisis meets global catastrophe as Allie pays her family a surprise visit on Christmas Eve. Can they bridge the distance between them before it’s too late?

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Wattpad HEARTH


Somewhere on Earth is a city. In that city lives a group of women. They fight evil from the farthest stars, not in the light but in the shadows. The city is called Chantico. The women are called TORCH.

Henrietta is a war hero and minor celebrity- and the newest member of TORCH’s legislature, the Sorority. She’s is a million times more comfortable in her armor fighting aliens than she is in suits giving speeches. And yet Grace, TORCH’s most iconic leader, insists that she sees something in the brash young soldier. That means Henrietta is about to get a crash course in how TORCH’s government works- just in time for a massive series of coordinated terrorist attacks to spiral TORCH into crisis. If Henrietta can’t navigate the minefield of factionalism and grudges that make up the legislature, then the massacres will continue with nobody to stop them- and TORCH itself may cease to exist.

HEARTH is a sci-fi political thriller and character study, focused on the relationship between our young heroine and her mysterious mentor. It also explores the internal workings of TORCH, a complex and fully realized futuristic society- and how the galaxy’s mightiest empire is on the verge of collapse from within.

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