Search and Home Experience - tell me about it!

What are your biggest pet peeves about Search results on Wattpad or the stories you see in Home/Recommended?

What do you love? What do you hate? What do you wish you had?

Does this include the new genre lists or nope?

Sure!! Like which ones are there and which ones you think are missing? Or what you think of them overall?


Let me show you these five screenshots from earlier today. I don’t have words for this, I really don’t.

Romance, smut and bad boy everywhere. And since when is “There’s A Jock In My Bed!” a classic? Why are there no action books in the action list?


I can’t speak for search since I don’t use it but honestly… I hate all the recommended lists on the home page. Almost none of the books are books I’d read if I still read on Watpad. I’m basically strictly a writer on here so all those endless libraries are useless for me anyway. Thus I skip the home page and go straight to my profile.

Theres no way to teach the system what we like and dont like, at least not from what I’ve seen. I get recommended books based off who I’m following even if they dont read what I read. I once had the same book show up in 6 different lists and it was a bad boy book that I wouldn’t read. It was at that point that I stopped going to the home page entirely.

I would love for there to be a way to x out a book if it’s not your interest. Or a way to tell the system what genres I prefer. I really don’t need bad boy, mafia, fan fic, werewolf, or teacher romances shoved down my throat. But at the time that I still checked my home page that’s all I was getting.


Yeah the tag system unfortunately made a mess of the genres.

Slightly deceptive search results for niche topics.

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Yep. And because of this, I haven’t found a single book since the tag ranking system. I’m in desperate need of them, but I’m a minor and do not want romance/smut

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I know they’re working on a mature filter for the hot lists ala what they have for searching, but who knows how much longer until it comes out.

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It was good the way it was. I said this when it first came out and I’m saying it now.

I wish there was a way for Wattpad to tell that the user has read a book. It recommends me books I have already read and are in my reading list or archive.

One more thing, on the “Recommended Stories” on the website, if you click “dismiss” a lot of times it glitches like so

  • Search results: It drives me crazy that when I search someone’s username with the goal of finding their profile, they often are not the first one that appear in the “user” results search. Even when I type their exact, complicated username.

  • Recommendations: wayyyy too many of those are stories I read half of it before deciding I didn’t like them and stopped. Yet Wattpad still recommends them to me.

  • Continue Reading: All these continue reading stories are stories I am up to date with, that I can’t continue reading because I have read them all and I am waiting for an update. It’s really annoying that this is the first thing I see when I login. Not interesting stories, no, I get stories I already read.


Ooh I just thought of a new complaint about recommendations that I cant beleive I forgot…

Stop recommending me my own books! Seriously I cant tell you how many times I’m checking the formatting of my chapters to make sure they look okay and I see the “stories you might enjoy” area that are nothing but my own books.

Like yes, I would enjoy reading Draygon Frost…i wrote it.


YES. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Also, the Fantasy genre catagory is now 1/5th Roleplay books. Nothing against them, but that’s not what I’m looking for when I want Fantasy books. It’s impossible to find an actual good book there between the rpg, mature and other genres

While Search is okay, since I manage to find what I need. Most of the time.

Regarding Recommendations, I suggest that Wattpad stops recommending what stories to read from the people I follow. Had to unfollow a few when it didn’t stop pushing their stories in my face. Was tired of being literally spammed by the same stories.

Like @Prisim stated, I go directly to my notifs and profile page.

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Thank you for all this feedback!!

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It’s really annoying that all there seems to be on the start of any page is Romance and gross stuff. Honestly, just because I picked up one clean Teen Fic/Romance doesn’t mean I need to see every book containing steamy romance. It’s really gross and annoying.

You don’t even have to pick up any ronance/teen fic for the steamy romances to be everywhere

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The new ranking system with the tags has messed up the search bar for me. Before, I could search in the Historical Fiction category with a tag and find books that are the genre I want. Now, I search for the tag I want and get given FanFics and it would take forever to get rid of them all using the ‘-’ function because they’e not tagged as FanFics. I liked being able to search a specific tag within a genre.