Searching for a novel I read in the past/ Guess the novel from the plot. #SOS


I am searching for a novel I read in the past. I thought I added it to the reading list but I must have missed it. I only remember bits of the plot and it was only being updated at that time.

So the hero purchases his wife from am auction. FL’s father is a money-hungry wolf so he imprisoned her so that he can sell her off as a virgin. The hero was always in love with the Fl tho she doesn’t know about it. He is no billionaire boss but he has a vineyard and traditional house in the countryside I think thus quite rich. FL doesn’t like him at all in the beginning but warms up to him slowly. He has a childhood friend kind of girl with him who helps with the farm works. One day he invites her old friends for a party so that she can have some fun but then he happens to hear that his wife is in love with her college sweetheart. I mean its not an affair kind of thing, they were in love before the marriage happened.
This is where the last chapter stopped. I am eager to find that novel. Can somebody help me?