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Title: Lethal Confessions
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Link: []



It’s mostly a Teen Fiction based story but it does also branch into romance. But it’s Teen Fiction over all.


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Title: The Draconian Star
Genre: Adventure/Romance Fanfiction
Status: Ongoing (Recently Updated)

A legendary star of untold power returns to the mortal realm after more then a millennia away. A princess once believed to be set on the path of a damsel in distress seeks to change her fate. However, all is at stake when old enemies threaten to swallow the Mushroom World in darkness with their return. Peach must ally herself with an unlikely cast if their world is to be saved.

Haven’t been getting much response here as of yet but my followers on seem to like it. Trying to find ways to just get some to give it a chance here. Hope you like it.


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Crimson Ice Slayer

Genre: fantasy/sports

Current achievement: #28 in Olympics

Roni has been a talented figure skater since childhood. But a series of losses during her junior years forces her to settle at her parents’ coffee shop. Roni yearns to see her friend again -who vanished without a trace- and decides to return as a senior-level skater. She competes under the belief that her fame will make her friend notice. The combined result of magic and ice skating grants her Olympic victory.

But things begin to get complicated as soon Roni earns her gold medal. Unwanted attention shows up du jour. Worse still, her newfound fame is at stake when rivals try to claim her life. Roni needs to excel, not only for her friend - but to keep her sanity in check. At what cost?


This is my Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic! Daily updates<3

*AU. After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They’re still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward’s head, things aren’t going to be easy. And despite what the brothers say, I’m not doing them any favors, either. *

[Ed x OC]



Title: Remember the Burning Dream
plural noun: dreams
A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Dreams are supposed to be things you’ve experienced bits and pieces from what you’ve seen during the day,you’re thoughts, your hopes, your memories. These dreams they aren’t always mine. They scare me. I want it to stop but not really. Then when I think about it I want to help although I know I can’t. I wish I can control them do something but How can I? I can’t escape what’s in my head. I wish I could…I think


Title: For a Beautiful Soul
Genre: Paranormal
Chapters: 20

Nanya makes a deal with Death to become the Soul Collector. Punishing the corrupt and morally bankrupt by collecting their souls in torturous ways, all to save her childhood friend Aida.

But for every choice made, there is a consequence.

The Burden of the Corrupt souls threatens to break not only their friendship, but their very being. Their souls.


Good day!
My story just became 6k reads today, it is called wanted by the Alpha, I hope for you to love it😊
Here is the link:


I just posted the first chapter of my new story just yesterday! It is of the Vampire genre and I would greatly appreciate fellow vampire lovers to potentially check it out. I am always open for advice on improvement and such! The story is called The Mark Of An Angel


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Hi! I am currently writing two books. The first one is called Being Butch Green and it is a Mystery/crime novel.

An the second novel is a Sci-Fi Dystopian called The Tag Bearer.

If you get a chance, I’d appreciate if you could take a look at both of them! Thanks! :smiley:


Thank you so much. :heart::blush:


I lingered on Wattpad for about 2 years before I decided (and stilled my nerves) to publish my own story. Fellow writer and reader’s insight means a lot for me.
Here we go!

Cover made by: @MidnightToMonaco

Title: Red Threads of Destiny
Genre: Fanfiction, Romance, Mystery
Reads: 947


Title: Masks
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fanfiction
Reads: 1,88K


Hi there,

My story is called The Heart of Moss, it’s a mature romance novel with unique characters.
It has just under 500 reads at the moment.