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Hi @newlywrittenbooks the genre of my book is paranormal. I hope you enjoy it.



Title: The stalker’s obsession

Genre: Romance, dark romance, thriller

Natalie Harper has spent the last several years of her life in fear. She hides a dark secret, a grim past that keeps following her even to this day. Her stalker, the person who had tried to kill her seven years ago.
What happens when a new man enters her life and she decides to finally fight back? Will Ash be able to help her overcome her demons? The ones in her mind and in real life? Will he be a game-changer and will the young woman finally have a chance for a new, better life?

And thus, a game of cat and mouse ensues.’s-obsession


Title: Kingdoms of Corruption

Genre: Fantasy


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Title: Lady Of Charms

Genre: fiction (mystery)


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Title: If Walls Could Talk

Genre: Young adult/coming of age romance



I have a mystery/thriller short story called “The Deadly Trick”. I would really thankful I could any advice to write better.


This is my first, so go easy on me.


I have the first chapter to a book


Title: Balance is key
Author: @llllllllllok
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Ongoing

"In order to leave you need to fulfil certain requirements concerning your mind. You need to have accepted death, accepted the fact that we all eventually wither away and crumble to dust. You need to be able to stare down a blade, void of fear. "

Magical epic battles laced with philosophy, psychology and weird humor. Will occasionally contain a lot of gore & violence. Set in the middle ages.

Comments & constructive criticism greatly appreciated!
I do r4r & c4c.


Title: Dead Air (Book 1 of the Biohazard Saga)
Author: @DarrenTim
Genre: Horror
Status: Ongoing (New chapter every weekend)


Title: Tales: Moments That Defined Us
Genre: Short story


Title: * Macabre Marmalade*
Author: @Snirion
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fantasy
Status: Finished, currently being under edit phase.

Three hundred years have passed since the return of magic and the great war that followed. The Earth is still very much a colossal mess. Meet Todor Corpus, a regular average guy transported into this strange future. He just wanted to make internet games but in this new world of magic, there is no internet. A horror scenario for a man such as he. So Todor decided on the most logical thing he could do, he will bring it back. And vampires, mages, and elves can go to hell.



Newly written story with only 16 reads. I just published it this week and I am publishing almost every other day yet depending on my schedule. 5 chapters and the 6th coming today.

Name: The Inevitable

Genre: Romance

Profile(Incase link doesn’t work): passionate_1V7

Unaware of what’s happening, Jezelia finds herself falling in love when she has promised herself not to attach anyone to her existence. Because as a leukemia fighter, she knows she has not much to live.

But when she meets Rafael, her world takes an unexpected turn, yet with Rafael unaware of Jezelia’s case.

Digging deeper, both Rafael and Jezelia discover a lot about their past as Jezelia realizes that Rafael’s bad boy figure, has a lot behind it.



Check out my works for some good old sci-fi.


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@newlywrittenbooks Oops, forgot the link. Here is the link for Rise of the Darkness. Happy reading!


What would you do if you’d find all you’ve cherished wiped out on the very day you’ve stepped on the first step of your estimable ladder to success? Maddened to distraught, Basil Landsborough stands on the edge of dismal Life and sweetness of salvation of Death. Losing all will to live, this person has little worth of his career, what with his life reduced to naught, it felt as if it was all for naught.

Would he take the fatal step down the forever doom of cold demise, known as Death, or consider giving Life another chance? If he does, would he succeed in doing so or keep suicide as an alternative if things don’t work out? Experience the unraveling of Basil’s undoing, the roller coaster he’s to suffer through as he tries to live a Life now forsaken.


Genre: General Fiction
Subgenres: Mystery, humour


Mines a new story which I recently just started writing. It’s called Amnesia:


My New Sister:
Genre: Lesbian Romance