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The Grand Mythos of Ur’Dan
Fantasy / mythic fantasyúr’dan-volume-one

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Title: Unbroken
Genre: Action

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My story is called The end of me in a diary. It would be cool if you could check it out.

Genre: YA, Teen fiction
Blurb:The 21st of December the world’s gonna come to an end. According the ancient Mayan prophecy. This phrase echoes in the head of delusional, 17 year old boy, named West. Due to a traumatic event in his past, he carries disdain for human interactions, leading to his complete alienation. With the end approaching, he sees no point in finding friends, nor dreams, contrary to his mothers plies. Aimlessly roaming through life with no purpose, loneliness and boredom sip within and the wish for end grows stronger. With nothing to do he decides to write a diary, his last testament, the proof of his existence. With three months to go he decides to spend the remainder of his life, as uneventful as possible. Little does he know that life doesn’t go as planned and little by little things change…people enter his life and he starts to fear that maybe he might need them by his side, when all comes crashing down.

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My genre is romance with aspects of mystery x

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Title: Moonlight
Genre: werewolf
contain violence and gore

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Thank you for considering mine. DIY Calm!

It’s non-fiction. How do I get the link?

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I’m really new to Wattpad, so my story is quite untouched, with only 34 reads.
My story has an all-Kpop cast, so I hope you don’t mind. Also, it’s probably a slow burn, with mystery mixed into it. It’s a little dark as well. It only has four parts so far, but I plan on adding more perhaps until twenty.
Genre: Action

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Here’s my story Just The Two Of Us and the genre is Adventure

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Just joined Wattpads and will be posting a chapter of my story weekly. I would love reader input!

Title: RELM: The Golden Knight and The Moonchild

Genre: Fantasy

Chapters: 2 (Ongoing, Updates Every Wednesday)

Summary: After runaway Randince stumbles upon a magical realm just beyond his grandfather’s farm, he is told by a mysterious Elf that he is needed to stop an impending war. Meanwhile, Randince’s brother Landon is caught up in an adventure of his own. While searching for his missing brother, Landon joins a gang of Trolls who are determined to defeat the Elfs and reclaim their stolen land.

Both brothers believe they are on a benelolent path to help their new magical friends, but little do they know their actions are helping ignite a war centuries in the making. Will the brothers find a way to bring peace to the magical realm or will they face each other in a war of magical proportions?

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Title: Eminatris’ Past Book 1: Izurnailen [Finished]’-past
Genre: Fantasy (magic, swords, gods and all that jazz)

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Title: Diary of a Time Traveler
The genre is technically Fantasy, but the main idea is super powers with drastic drawbacks, and the main character has a time travel ability (but only up to 10 seconds) and how he solves his problems using it.

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Title: Adieu to Love

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Title: AAC: Journal 1, Dragon Ball
Genre: fanfic
Current total reads: 711
Total Chapters: 27 (ongoing)
Link (as requested):
Synopsis: “As a 13 year old from a small town outside of London, you know shit’s hit the fan when you are face to face with a demon from the other-world who is trying to erase you from existence.
Andrew Appleton-Clark has no idea that he is about to go on a journey rivalling the exploits of those he’s idolised for his whole life, even if it takes him a while to find his feet.”

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