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Thanks. I have your story in our list to read already. I am guessing the genre is Romance?

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I’ve got a science fiction book called Renegades.


If you’re asking if my story is romance, it’s not, my apologies if I wasn’t to clear (using ‘fanfic’ as the genre probably wasn’t the best idea) I think it’d be classified as an action/adventure but I’m not 100% sure.


Great, we will check this out soon!


Wait, sorry, I’m an idiot. I didn’t see the person you tagged in the top corner of the post. Sorry.


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Hi! I’m so excited about this post! My book is Fantasy genre and titled Of Ash and Linen. I can’t post the link :disappointed: but please find me and check it out :blush: @JJBenoit

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Mine has way less than 5k. Currently posting a chapter a day, should have the complete book up within the next week :slight_smile:

Darling Deleterious Dolls
Genre: Teen Fiction

It won’t let me link it because I’m a new user :woman_shrugging:


Here might be one that could intrigue some people.

Title: New Sight
Genre: Werewolf
Chapters: I think eight now, each around 2.5-3k words.
Summary: Twenty-year-old Katrina Monich is a scholar studying abroad far from her home in South Africa. After an ominous meeting with a male at three in the morning, a strange domino effect seems to fall in place. From her content two years in Maryland to an unknown desolate land miles away, Katrina feels as though things are not as they seem. And perhaps she is right.


Note: I hope it would count as a little hidden gem — lots of effort has put into it and it seems to be well received by viewers.
Current reads: 260 (I love them all :sob:)


Title: Rest Stops Between Here and Hell

Genre: Paranormal

Chapters: 30, ongoing, about four chapters to go before it’s done.


Liesel is going to be executed on the Winter Solstice.

That gives her nine months to find a replacement Champion who has to navigate a brewing war, protect mortals from supernatural realms they can’t see, and–most importantly–never be afraid.

So Liesel sets off with her gamer nephew, her only friend (an eldritch henchman of Death,) and a half-skeletal family on a roadtrip to find her successor. Pack your salt, your silver, and your snacks; there are no U-turns on the road to hell.



This is a great thing you guys are doing. Thanks so much!

The title for my SciFi-Action story is: “Evo-lved Citizens and the Rise of Foes.”

Unfortunately, I cannot post with the link as Wattpad is preventing me from doing so, but if you tell me how, I’m happy to provide it! For now, I have the latter part of my web address for Wattpad below.

On Wattpad: /story/160388491-evo-lved-citizens-and-the-rise-of-foes


My book, unfortunately, has gone over the 5k reads amount. It’s now at 6k. But if that doesn’t disqualify me, I’d love it if you guys would give it a read :slight_smile:

Title: Ipseity
Genre: Science Fantasy | Action | Romance
Chapters: 41 [complete]
Summary: The last thing you’d imagine Earth’s Savior having is an identity crisis. Let alone in the middle of an interstellar war. But for Avalyn Concerto, she begs to differ.

During the last battle against Primordial–Earth’s immortal alien foe–Ava lost control of her abilities and killed her best friend.

She now ventures off into the wastelands of the forgotten cities and the demon-infested world in search of her missing birth record. And she will do whatever it takes to find it, even if that means breaking the laws and committing treasonous acts.

But once Ava is caught, she quickly finds out it’ll take more than just thievery and violence to fix herself when she meets: A pair of alien princes. A pompous man whose hair is as white as snow. A whimsical black rabbit mask. And the perfect stage set for secrets to unfold.



Thank you!


Title: Murder In The House
Description: Simon is sarcastic and loves to watch TV. Even when his eco-friendly roommate says no TV, he still watches. But after playing a new episode, he gets sucked into a murder mystery - sitcom style! Things are going wrong, though. Even the laugh track is going haywire…

Chapters / Completion: It has 6 chapters and an author’s not. It is completed, but I still edit it every once in a while.


Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Mystery/Thriller

Notes: This version is a gender flipped version. The original had the main character as a girl, but this one has the main character as a boy.


I like this cover a lot!


Mine is a Werewolf story!


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Title: Knock, Knock
Genre: Werewolf
Blurb: A string of mysterious murders tests the strength and fortitude of a detective’s sanity. Strange happenings forces a hearing-impaired editor to question life as he knows it.


Jazzmyne’s Letters Were Never Meant To Be Read’s-letters-were-never-meant-to-be-read

Would totally appreciate any feedback or form of support that you’ll give me, thanks!



My story is called After the Rain is an ongoing series that I am working as a college student.
It falls under the Teen Fiction genre
I can’t upload my link for some reason but just once again, it is called,
After the Rain

Hope you enjoy the read.
Thanks a bunch.
With regards, Shadow Wolf