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Hi - my book Rats in the Pipes has less than 2K reads - It’s a complete novel.
Genre: general fiction (though it is set in the future where the climate has become hot, violent and unpredictableand the two main protagonists are gay. Ben and Per are misfits trying to survive - eventually they flee the safety of the Biosphere City for the precarious freedoms of the wastelands.


Hey! My story is called Rain Drops. This is the link:

It’s a poetry collection. I hope you enjoy it if you can get to it! Don’t feel bad if you can’t though; it’s understandable. :slight_smile:


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Title- The Starlite Heart

Genre - Fantasy Romance

Chapters -30 (complete)


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I would like to offer my little ironic story ‘Alfred Adler`s Prophetic Dream’. I hope it worth reading.
Oleg Zolotov.’s-prophetic-dream


Thanks, what’s the genre?


I’m writing a Historical Fiction, it’s almost complete. It’s called Relics and Gold


Monster Academia is my current story I’m writiing.
Currently has 16 chapters and is fantasy


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Title: Spider-Man: Spiderverse Extended
Genre: Fanfiction
Chapters: 12 (Ongoing)
About the story:
This is a story based on what I thought happened after ‘Into the Spiderverse’. Yes, the plot is influenced by the ‘Spiderverse’ and ‘Spider-Geddon’ storyline, but not completely accurate, as it contains some of my own input as well. All rights belong to their respective owners (Sony, Marvel, etc.) and I’m not claiming ownership over any of the characters. The copyright tag is merely to protect the story from being copied without being credited. None of the images used in the story are mine unless I specifically say so.
Quickly after the events of ‘Into The Spiderverse’, Miles is contacted by Gwen seemingly out of nowhere. After agreeing to meet up and talk about what has happened since she went back to her own dimension, Miles couldn’t have been happier. That quickly changes when he realizes not only are his and Gwen’s dimensions are in danger, but possibly every one in existence. Join Miles and his friends as they embark on a journey to fight crime, make friends, and save the Spiderverse once again.


Fantasy: The Deviants

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Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to be read. This is a romantic drama posted in the short story genre.


Title - TENNIS: Legacy War
Summary- ‘’… Life … Life … Life is a game of tennis.’’
Everything starts and is based on this sentence. Do not mistake yourself! This isn’t a basic story revolving around the sport of the nobles. It’s more of a metaphor. And you’ll soon get why. Let’s enter the world of the 1% of the population and understand. Let’s live with true insiders the ups and downs, the roller coasters, of the life of the golden youth. Without filter, let’s get into a world where all that counts is the bank account and the pedigrees. Let’s share their loves, their battles, their struggles, their sorrows. Let’s live through the eyes, because everything is not what is seems. Of course, not without the glamorous touch and the Chanel bags as additions. Get your golden rackets out!
Link -
Thanks you in advance for your support!


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Category: Young Adult, Romance, Friendship

Catalina Flores, or Kat, is given a dare. Fairly simple and innocent; make Kim Sung-jae smile. Easy right? What she didn’t sign up for was him asking her to be his fake girlfriend.


“Wait,” she murmured, pushing him away. He was close, way too close. His scent was intoxicating and her head was spinning.

“Kat,” he rolled his eyes, “it’s just for two weeks, what’s the worst that can happen?”


In a country where rain never ends, Princess Allumina has built a bubble of reinforced, transparent material to keep her people safe. Our sixteen-year-old students are finalizing their training in an academy meant to prepare them for a two-hundred-year-old conflict.

YA Fantasy :sparkles:


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Link: Do What You must
Genre: Historical/Fantasy

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