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Title: Ought To & Can
Genre: General Fiction, Young Adult, Humor
Status: Updating weekly through April 19
Summary: High school senior Sabrina Himmelschein is an Orthodox Jew who lives in one of San Francisco’s iconic Postcard Row houses. At a speech tournament she meets Neil Cannon, a Mormon who lives in Wine Country. They form a bond, but reluctantly break it; the religious and cultural gulfs between them are too wide to bridge. Four years later, they meet again, in an unexpected location. Their families and their faiths have been thrown into turmoil. They just might need each other now.


. A twenty-five year old black female, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), finds her husband dead, and her pants and hand covered in blood; entering a new type of hell. What will she do? Murder- Mystery or General Fiction.


Excerpt from story: She saw how lifeless his eyes looked; knowing that someone must have taken his life, as she geared in closer to open his narrow eyelids. Her pants cooked in the summer heat, and she had sweat all over. As she looked down, she noticed her pants soaked in the color of love, or the color of fire; but this description of this color wasn’t as positive, this time, it was the color of blood, the same color as Jordan’s rosy cheeks. She took the body inside, and kept it away, protecting it.




it’s a wee baby of a story right now, but in your free time, meet me in the 12th house :・゚✧:・゚✧:

genre(s) : humor, young adult, (slowburn) romance
-it’s in lowercase, but hopefully that’s not too distracting (just a pref. of mine)


Hia! Fairly new to Wattpad, but I quickly fell in love with the community here, so I decided to port my first book over from Amazon and make it free. Has about 100 views here. :smile:


Title: Another Stupid Spell
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Length: 85k words

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Hi there @newlywrittenbooks! I was wondering if you folks had managed to take a look at Machine and Magic, and if so, what did ya think?


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Title: The Defectors
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: "Rebirth, it was established in the year 2018 where a group of people took the government to rule their platform on making a world a better place. In which people will be determined by standards of living—The Licit and Null people. They are the High Council who started the cruelty throughout the world and cut the dreams and hopes of every life.

And on the year, 2105, it is my turn to change the world. At a young age of 18, I would make our lives put in a better place. Where we can live in the Noble Land and leave all behind to Waste Land.

Though the uncertainty of getting through this process is hard, we’ll try our luck in the span of nine months surviving in different kind of tests and trials. And who knows who would survive ‘til the end. But future is on our hands, and we’ll make it out alive."

Hope you would give it a try. :smiley:


If you’re interested, I have a fantasy that I’m currently working on :slight_smile:

Title: Creatures Among Us: Everescent Guardians (Book 1)
Genre: Fantasy


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I’ve started a new story ‘Mistake’ a BTS fanfic, it’s my first too! It has only 4 chapters so far but I update frequently please give it a try ik appreciate it!



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