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SEMINAR is a short read of psychological suspense:

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Title: Schrodinger’s Child

Genre: Memoir

Chapters: 21 (ongoing)

Summary: Meri, even since she was a child, has always felt invisible. Purely, completely, undeniably invisible. When her mother, tormented by the demons of substance abuse and mental illness, physically abused her siblings in her place? Invisible. When the other children at school taunted her and avoided her like the plague? Invisible. And later when she struggled with depression, forcing herself daily to go through the motions, even though she couldn’t find a single reason why she should? Invisible. All her life it has appeared that she is the only one who can see herself drowning. Maybe, she thinks, it’s not that they don’t see: it’s that they don’t care.

The concept of Schrodinger’s cat has always resonated with her. Shove a cat into a box, hide it away from prying eyes, and suddenly it is both alive and dead at the same time. It’s there and not there, healthy and unhealthy, real and unreal, as long as it remains unobserved. This is what Erwin Schrodinger himself would have called an observer’s paradox. It’s so ridiculous, he argued, that it simply cannot be true. Meri knows better. She can’t speak for Schrodinger’s cat, but she has always felt that she is Schrodinger’s child. Living but lifeless, mature but childlike, an unobserved observer, she is trapped between two worlds that no person should ever have to inhabit at once. Adulthood is lurking just around the corner for her, but even so, she cannot help but wonder; if there is no clear fate for Schrodinger’s cat, then what-if anything-will happen to her?



My story has elements of Action, Science Fiction, and Romance. I currently have 16 chapters posted.


Clipped Mind

A car accident wiped Veye’s memory at ten years old. Since then, she struggles to find her own identity while riddled with constant stress and short-term memory loss. Her guardians aren’t keen on helping her with these burdens. In fact, they’re keen on keeping Veye out of the way and asking little questions about her past as possible.

Veye works for Quantum, her guardians espionage agency, and likes to think she’s a good person. She risks her life for people she doesn’t know. Making sure they don’t suffer needlessly. Even outside of work she does everything with good intentions. Yet after a series of mistakes, she tarnishes her good girl streak and questions if being good is in her nature.

Her situation doesn’t improve as the consequences pile up and trouble arises in the city. In the midst of her problems, a crafty stranger offers peace of mind for her cooperation with his inhumane plans. The webs of lies and secrets about her past untangle. As Veye gets closer to the truth, and uncovers more than she expected, she wonders:

What if she was never meant to be good?

What if she was born to be evil?


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the rest of us.

she was like the moon, half of her was always hidden
he was like the wind, roaring in everybody’s ears as though to scream he was not broken
and this is what happens when the moon and the wind collide.

~this is a collection of thoughts, emotions, and spontaneous imagination all bundled into a short story that is filled with the feeling of being lost, alone, happy, depressed, and searching. Searching for the meaning as to why we are all created to walk this earth.

~there are a lot of different tones in this piece. starting from blunt and sarcastic, transitioning into something deeper, more complicating, more genuine. these chapters may be short, but take your time reading to capture the true essence of the beginning of this poetic short story collection.

thank you for even making it this far to read this. it means the world to me. please feel free to leave any feedback and i hope you have a great day




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The Thirteen Days of Jól

Short Story / Horror


I’m new to actually posting my material, so, hello! It’s kind of you to offer this opportunity. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:



In a world where 13-year-olds are tested to see if they have powers, your life could be changed.
Once you turn 13, you are tested to see if you contain a power or powers. Most people are common to not have powers at all, but 20% of the teens who get tested do have powers. The most common powers people would see as the elements, ice, water, earth, or fire. 90% of that 20% of the teens gets those powers. The leftover lucky 10% of the teens get other powers. Some might not be as strong, such as the power for speed, strength, invisibility, etc. There is 1% who get the rarest of the rare powers. Ariana is one of them.

Characters:(Involved So Far)****

Aniana-A curious 13-year-old who can be very dangerous when angry
Char(Charlotte)-If one thing doesn’t go her way she can get really angry and she’s often strict
Harlow-A rebel at heart
Gale-Handsome, sweet, loved by all “Mr. Sexy”
Tasha- A teacher/guardian at the school. She’s very strict, except around Gale.
Vera-A Guardian
Drake-Aniana’s brother

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Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense (Lots of it), etc.

Prologue:(From the story)

One test. One test is all it takes for your world to end.

In a world where 13-year-olds are tested to see if they have powers, your life could be changed.

Once you turn 13, you are tested to see if you contain a power or powers. Most people are common to not have powers at all, but 20% of the teens who get tested do have powers. The most common powers people would see as the elements, ice, water, earth, or fire. 90% of that 20% of the teens gets those powers. The leftover lucky 10% of the teens get other powers. Some might not be as strong, such as the power for speed, strength, invisibility, etc. There is 1% who get the rarest of the rare powers. Ariana is one of them…

If you are tested positive, you get taken away from your family and everyone you love. You cannot deny the testing, for if you do, lives will be lost. Such as lives from you, your family, or your friends. The ones who are tested positive are brought to a land in the sky, which they cannot escape from because if you try, you will plummet to your death. Some stay in this training for days, if they are deemed to have mastered how to control their power(s). Most take at least 10 years, and the longest out of everyone, took 23 years.

I joined Wattpad not too long ago, so if anyone wants to read for read I would happily take a look at your story!!


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I’m so excited to share my book: Of Ash & Linen:

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The Beard

Genre: teen fiction (pinch of romance)




Why Are We Young?

Genre : Teen Fiction/ LGBT+/Romance

You’re only young once. Enjoy it.

So, why is it that Clifford somehow ended up picking the least enjoyable option every single time? Honestly, by this point it had to be some sick joke. Along with his non-existent social life, was a job that’s about a fun as a punch to the gut. All he had to do was stay low and wait a few months and he’d be in college having fun. He’d go to parties, find boyfriend, make a lifelong friend or two. It should have been great.

It isn’t until an attempt at making friends ends with him holding onto a secret that he never asked for. Now, he has to navigate not only his budding friendships, but his fast approaching future as well.



Mysterious mist hangs over Central Billion and is slowly spreading to the other regions in the state. It drives people mad, and those who enter the affected region never come out.

Mankind has built windmills across the state of Billion to blow away the mist, but it proves to be a temporary solution: a dragon destroys them and then returns to the depths of the mist. When the authorities set a bounty on the dragon’s head, eighteen-year-old Mika Asagi sees it as a free entry to the prestigious Metaslica Faculty of Science and accepts the challenge. Despite knowing the infamous tale about the mist and Central Billion, Mika goes on a journey to slay the dragon with her one-eyed undead guardian.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy




High Class

“How are we going to get out of this town?” Sleep filled Maple’s voice. Her head lay in Staton’s lap; slowly his fingers laced every red strand cascading down his thigh. A shallow sigh and a couple breaths later she sat up sitting on his lap leaning her head on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her. Cuddling into him the three girls two guys watched the sky. Night slowly turning in to day. Stars fading drifting back into their sleep.

“I’m freezing my ass off.” Aria snapped leaning against the cab of the GMC truck talking to no one specifically.

“Well here’s how, we get in the 80, we stop at a gas station and give her a full gulp; buy some chips and we just drive until she runs out,” Julia remarked turning to look at Breygan. Breygan threw a wink in her direction. There was a slight rattle from his keys since he spun them around his finger.

“Well, what the hell are we waiting for?” Breygan chuckled before hopping up and heading for the driver’s seat.

“Are we really doing this?”

“Damn live a little, hell yeah we are!” Staton yelped before pushing Maple from his lap and running for the truck.



Title: A million souls
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 2 so far

Rayden Clear was found walking out of a forest covered in blood with no memories of his past other than his name. A few years later he meets Jacob Willows who is looking for his father and becomes friends with Rayden which only happens after Rayden gives up on being alone due to the constant bullying he got when he was found. Jacobs father also seems to have gone missing the same day Rayden was found.

I hope you guys enjoy the story.


Genre: Fantasy, action
In the mystic land of Ilerea, filled with creatures of stories and fantasy, Athena Wolfborn a trained assassin, was occasionally hired by King Ragnor Lore to take out his enemies.

Stories of the Forefront Alliance and its defeat were always whispered to young children, so that they knew what would happen if they defied the laws of the land under the rule of the king.

Athena intends to stick to the rules and live life doing what she does best with her family. But she is soon thrown into a world that she believed to be a part of rumors and stories, when Ryder, a werewolf, walks into her life claiming to be her Alliant and his people’s Queen.

Joining the infamous Forefront Alliance will be the least of her worries as she fights to contain her feral side and to keep her secrets buried where they should be, in her past.

Will she be able to handle all the expectations thrown at her, will she able to trust these new people who call themselves her friends?

Or will she succumb to being a puppet of war?


Genre: General Fiction
Synopsis: Three college students and a college professor are pulled into the world of the United States Military by General Jack Fulsang to help track down Professor Richard Brooks, who claims to have a few lines of complex computer code that can unlock any lock in the world. Professor Brooks is looking to sell to the highest bidder.

The four will be pushed to their breaking points. Friendships will form and hearts will break.

Will they be able to survive the great game of war?


Genre: romance

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Title: perfect lies
Genre: romance

I have published it today :smiley:


HOOKED by marshmiela

A story about Zach Herron and Jack Avery, bandmates from the band Why Don’t We, who finally fall secretly in love, much to their own and fans desire.

jack - “which one of your bandmates would you call to bail you out of jail? CORBYN”
zach - i look down, and i doubt jack knows he is tearing my heart out of my freaking chest.

zach and jack have always had the hots for each other. from singing together, to kissing backstage, they know they were meant for each other.

Jack Avery x Zach Herron
boy x boy