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Adventure. <3


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Mines romance.


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Title: Lady of the Ravendale

Genre: Fantasy



My book is named Melancholy, and it is a book of poetry!
Author: @ltgriffin
Description: A collection of memories, and emotions. These were written as a release, and to show others they are not alone in what they are going through.


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Hiya, I’m new here and just published my first story yesterday! It’s a WIP but I plan on posting more throughout the rest of the week.

Genre: Paranormal

Title: Redemption

Imagine having a parent so terrible that they’re infamous for being, well, evil. For Aria, she knows all too well, and she’s tired of living under her father’s shadow. She wants to forge her own path, but can’t seem to figure anything out. What will it take for her to come to terms with who she is and figure out her purpose? One thing is for sure; it’ll be one hell of a ride.


@newlywrittenbooks I made an edit on the original post. But the story is LGBT+ Romance/ Young Adult


So I have just started and so far it has two chapters. I am pretty proud.
It is a romance/fantasy
Title: The Kingdom by Bookworm52086
Description: “The Gods love a great show”
Told she was the only hope for a world that is on the brink of war Elina goes on a quest to a different world. Meeting the powerful soon to be queens she realizes what she knows may be a lie. Finding out the secrets of the castle, learning not everything is as it seems, romantic love, and finding friendship.


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The Kingdom


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The Genre is Dystopian, Young Adult, Mystery


Title : Her lost love

Genre : general fiction

Status : ongoing ( 30 part ) only 2 to 3 part left .

Description : What would you do , if you one day walked into your office and found the dead love of your life sitting there and totally ignorant ?

Seven years ago , pragya mehra lost her husband , Abhi , in a car accident . Distraught, she shied away from the place that reminded her of him and tried to move on with her life . Only this proved more difficult than she anticipated .
Now , just when she has managed to build a new life , she gets shock of her life . Abhi has returned . Only , he isn’t abhi as she soon find out , but prem , a new employee in her company

Torn between excitement and shock ,pragya is all set to discover the real identity behind prem .

Will it be her husband abhi ? If yes then what about the corpus which she witness herself ?

What is the real truth ?

To know more read the story Her lost love

Link :


Hey thanks for this opportunity,I’d like my book and below is the required details.

Title:Maybe its you and me

Genre:teen fiction


Thanks again,its a great opportunity for my book


Hey, I have a new book and I’m really looking for some people who are willing to put in feedback. It’s a bit paranormal mixed in with dark fantasy. If it sounds interesting to anybody I would encourage them to please check it out!

Tierra: a world where four races exist amongst one another. To the west lie the devils, the east lie the humans, the north lie the angels, and the south lie the changelings. Within this world, none have more strained relations than that of the angels and the devils. A hybrid between them…unthinkable

Enter Astra Rose-Im, the top agent of The Foundation for Global Relations. Half human and half demon-angel hybrid, she has never quite found anywhere to call her home. Within her facade of a benign field agent, she holds a greater secret: having allied herself with a deity in order to stop a race war from occuring between angels and demons, each led by their own patron gods, all in exchange for the chance enact revenge against someone who had wronged her.

In tow with her fellow agents Nalani Nocht and Kallista Krei, will she be able to stop this war? Furthermore, will she be able to break free of her own personal demons? Find out within Genocide Dogma.


Thank you for your interest. I would like to name it ‘parable historical fantasy’.