Secret hangout place for The Marvel Trinity


@Kishyie @florianraven let’s move the thread here! :hugs:


@Kishyie done! :wink:


@SHEIFREDRICK yas!!! And we’re here again :smiley:


How are you fam? Been too busy these days.


Same here :frowning: the only one who hasn’t replied is @florianraven, I hope she’s fine!


Also @Kishyie I already prepared the next character profile for your future headshot, so that when it opens I won’t be missing it! And my inspiration is him:


OH MY GOSH IT’S FAI!! I miss Tsubasa Chronicles already :heart_eyes: and Lau might be busy this time around.


Ugh, sorry guys, I’ve been chock-a-block with, like, everything.


@Kishyie right? I miss it too. And holic, as well! :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously, the next character will be heavily based on this look of Fay :heart_eyes:

@florianraven Lau!!! How’s uni? It’s alright, all three of us has been quite busy lately, but I hope you guys are fine!


Dude, it’s killing me :frowning:


@florianraven @SHEIFREDRICK how are you girls? It’s been raining the whole week in here :sneezing_face:


It’s started raining here in the last few hours. But I’ve been sick for a week :expressionless:


I’m feeling sick myself, my colds haven’t gone away for three weeks now :sneezing_face:
Get well soon to both of us :mask:


Do you have the awful cough that won’t go away? The one with the tickle at the back of your throat and every time you lay down, you’re coughing until you almost throw up?


I’ve had that three months ago. Do you have it? It’s annoying! Especially when you’re deep in sleep and then you suddenly cough and it wakes you up :tired_face:


Yeah, I’ve got it. For a whole week now. I don’t even get into the deep sleep stage. It happens right when I lay down. It’s so annoying.


@Kishyie I just realized that your username has a “beta test survivor” tag below it :laughing:


You can have it too lmao, I just wanted to have a subtitle below my name XD


Bye bye, old clubs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do you do that? I would like to add Subtitle to my name XD