Secret hangout place for The Marvel Trinity


Hellooooowwww new clubs~~~


Bye bye indeed, I’m gonna miss those clubs :heart:


In here! Last Chance To Get the Title - Beta Test Survivor! :smiley:


@Kishyie @florianraven hey girls, how are you? :laughing:


so tired :sweat:


I find it hard balancing my time these days :tired_face:

How are you?


Yeah, same. I’ve also found these clubs not as easy going as the old ones, so I forget to come on.


Right?? I can’t be as active in here like I was in the previous versions :sweat:


Yeah, it’s crappy. And trying to find graphics artists here is practically impossible. No wonder everyone has taken their shops to books.


Exactly! The usual graphics artists I knew back in the old threads aren’t even opening any of their shops here anymore. I’m also thinking of doing the same in the future.


I did warm up to these threads, but now I’m just kinda over them.


I used to be on Wattpad every day. Now I’m on it every second or third day.


I think with the old threads gone, I’m on wattpad 2-3 times a week XD

With this new forums, maybe once or twice a week. It’s getting boring these days.


Yeah. And I bought the new Spidey game so I’m too busy playing that :joy:


I wanna try it too, but I’m too busy to play games right now :sob:


It’s soooo gooooood!


The new Spidey game got rave reviews too. I really really wanna play it


It’s worth it! I absolutely love it! The first Spidey game I’ve played with fluent and buttery-smooth webslinging.


Lau, your profile picture is superb :heart::heart::heart: you look super pretty!


Awww, thank you :heart::heart::heart: