Secret hangout place for The Marvel Trinity


Is it just me or the notifs aren’t working in my end. And btw, what’s with the Coins in Wattpad? Aren’t all stories free to read?

@florianraven @SHEIFREDRICK how are you guys? :hugs: it’s been a while


I think this place has just been dead, is all ahaha!

Wait, what? What do you mean coins?


I thought so haha haven’t visited here in a while XD

There was this coin logo over at my profile when I logged in…

Oh wait! It’s a beta program running in limited countries lmao no wonder I can see it:


I do like the idea of being paid to write on Wattpad, but I have a feeling that readers aren’t necessarily going to be on board with that. Most readers are under 18 and won’t want to pay for something they’ve always gotten for free. Like, if they come across a story that they have to pay to read, they’re just going to move on to something else.

But I have a feeling that this paid feature is only going to be available to the really big accounts…obviously.


Yep, exactly what I thought so too. I get the feeling this feature won’t work in my country that much.


Yeah, same. I feel like it’s only gonna work in North America.


I’m super late (•_• ) btw, I wouldn’t wanna use the app if we have to pay to read books. I like my novels free #cheapskate


Btw, about Spidey game. I really like the new DLC. I ship Peter with Felicia so much XD


Shhhh! I haven’t played the DLC yet. I’m kinda on a buying ban. I just spent $159 on a new saddle blanket for Sam :speak_no_evil:


That’s the only spoiler I’m going to give, that Felicia Hardy is awesome XD so awesome, in fact, that I ship her with Peter more than I ship him with MJ.

Awww but good for Sammy boy though! XD I bet he’s happy with the new saddle~


It’s not my saddle just yet, but I hope it will be soon ahaha!


@SHEIFREDRICK shhh!! Don’t spoil hahaha I have yet to play it because I’m too busy preparing for an upcoming exam :joy:

@florianraven oh that’s nice! I want a new blankie to haha how lucky is Sam to have a caring mommy XD btw, how was the Venom movie?


It was sooooo goooood! I loved it!


Really? I’ll be looking forward to its blu-ray then :grinning: