Secrets to story success on Wattpad


How do you find readers on Wattpad?

How long should it take for a story to become 'discoverable'?
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Well, firstly, I don’t find readers, they find me.

And they seem to find me on either the Urban Fantasy hot list (I think), other people’s reading lists, in the forums, commenting on books they’ve written or read, in book clubs, on Discord writing servers, on other people’s walls, and maybe in some random search for who knows what.

Tis a mystery, really. . .


Or do you mean as in like, what do I think of them?

In which case, I find them to just be regular people, with regular hopes and dreams, searching for a read that tickles their fancy.

Most are kind and supportive and make up the lovely community that Wattpad is.


I don’t. Readers find me.

That sounds creepy out of context.


I’d like to share something which Katherine @KatherineArlene shared with us once. She said that whenever someone follows you, be sure to add your story title in the thank you post. So that they’ll read your story out of curiosity, maybe vote or add it to their reading list. In the process find you new readers.

Something like this:
Hey there :slight_smile: Delighted to have you follow. Hope you like my story ‘A New Beginning.’ =]



Readers typically find me @uncleL but there have been a few people that I found through book clubs and the like.

However the problem I find with most book clubs is that the feedback is always the same old same old. It gets tiring after a while…


Urgh. Sorry, but I don’t like when people throw their book at me in conversation unrelated to it.


I have never been featured but have seen authors gain upto one million reads per month of half a million reads per week even when getting featured. Not all books that get featured get this many reads but some do. I say Wattpad promotion is very key. I gain readers by updating. When I update I gain reads. It’s been 5 years. Very very slowly I have gained reads and had to update to get each reading list add. So maybe Wattpad can help authors by having more featuring chances


And people don’t do duty in book club and run away with free reads… or they write a short comment when other person spent writing 2000 characters for them in a comment. I used to be in book clubs. Now I only join if I know the partner or trust them to do duty


I’m one who owes all of my success to getting featured. It was under the original system where people could submit you. I got to talking with this girl and we eventually just became random chatting buddies talking about how much the SYS club sucked, how frustrated we were in our writing, and basically whatever. Originally she had no intention of reading my book but I guess something I said during our conversation excited her because she ended up bing reading it the entire night. Next day she messaged me saying she thought it deserved so many more reads (I had managed to drum up 8K reads through promotion on the SYS club so yay that!) and she told me she submitted it to get featured.

I think a month later I was on the list and got 100K reads in a week. This was when the featured stories were still a scrolling marquee when people first came in to Wattpad so anything on the first page of the feature list was on that marquee.

The sequel to that book was being posted at the time so it also was getting a bunch of people reading it as a result. The only other story of mine to blow up I couldn’t tell you how I did it LOL It eventually was featured as well but it had already gained about 200K reads prior to that and even it’s success wasn’t the same as that first book on the list. That one was on the list when it was separated by genres and it didn’t seem to have the same oomph as the first time. Nothing I’ve written since have even come close to matching the success of those three books, but I still owe everything I have to that one girl who got me featured. 'cause there is no way in heck I ever would’ve had the confidence to submit myself back then and I’m not sure I’d still be here if not for that. The featured slot got me dedicated readers and those dedicated readers definitely keep me going in my times of “I’m an awful writer, why am I doing this?”


O.o can you give me links?


Hey there :slight_smile:

Here’s the Discord link-

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’ve started using this advice and I’ve noticed a huge jump with my stories. <3


I’m late. But whatevs.

In the beginning I was on a bunch of “rate my…” “post an excerpt…” threads and got readers that way. Also, cover threads were super. Got a few readers from describing my book badly a couple of times too, hahaha.

Now I don’t find them anymore. They find me. But I still get readers through the threads, just by talking to them and us talking about our books and stuff.

Generally being on the threads has been what has worked the best for me.


I update my stories either daily or 3 times a week. Depending on the story and soon it’s going to go to just 2-3 times a weeks since I can’t write 3000 words every single day. But, For the month of November I will be updating daily, and the month of December I will be updating daily until the day after Christmas.


Nice on the Discord. Being super active on it does a lot. There’s so many writers on it :smiley:

As for readers, they find me. I slowly figured out different groups and experimented with many things, which I’m slowly seeing get paid off. It takes a lot of effort, but the little things count.

It does take a while to get the reads, but if you have a great form of connections, you can start forming a read base. It just takes time :wink:


What are some of the things that you did?


There’s a lot. Promotion through Twitter, Facebook, Discord, my wall on Wattpad.

Taking into account the voters on my books and seeing what their reading lists were like. With the tag rankings, it made it easier to see where I may be getting traction from through users finding my works, that sort of thing. It did take a long time as I learned more about the site, but it’s worth it. And you meet a lot of great people too :smiley:


How long does it takes to readrs find u? Like when u completed the story or as u write it? Just curious