Secrets to story success on Wattpad


I think they accept ongoing stories, and you just have to add the tag #featured to your story, that’s it. But honestly I think you have to be exceptionally lucky for them to actually go through the tag and read your story. I could be wrong, what do I know. With the old featured list, you submitted a form and they chose the best books from each genre. Now they pick a small handful of whatever they like, meaning some genres rarely have any featured books and you can’t search through them based on genre, which sucks.

It’s better to look at the profile pages like Fright or Romance,they have links to forms so you can submit your book. They accept anything in that genre as long as grammar is relatively good but that means there are some not very good books on their lists too, the quality doesn’t have to be high, just spelled ok. There are all sorts of profile pages like Project Woman Up, which is about empowering female characters, or Project Bad Boy. They are user run profiles, not official ones, and they accept books for their reading lists. Their profiles will tell you how to submit.


They definitely add ongoing stories. A lot of the stories featured are ongoing :blush:


I’ve read some interesting points on here. I very recently joined and had little success in getting follows or readers, but then I’m not exactly very good at social media in general!

While I’m not to fussed about followers, readers I am interested in and while critiques have said what I’ve written is good it’s still not really gained a following and despite advertising it in various places on the forum, it’s generally ignored.

I’ve joined a couple of competitions to hopefully gain the necessary feedback to gather more interest. I do wonder though if it’s due to cover design/genre/description which are putting people off.

Will keep plugging away and keep writing away. Plan on doing a Fantasy style book, will be interesting to see what interest I get as this may indicate a genre issue.


I’m new too, but I spend a lot of time observing other writers and stories. Here’s some of the things that I’ve noticed from featured/extremely well-written stories that failed to get a good following.

Published all the chapters at once. Again, just don’t do that.

Posting adult/historical fiction. Wattpad’s main audience is definitely teens and young adults. That’s why they are on a free site.

Failed to use effective tags. You have 25 tag slots. Use all of them. When my story wasn’t glitched, I had the opportunity to be on the top of the rising list for 25 different tags. I have no reason to doubt that was why I got about 2,500 reads that weekend.

It’s too short with long chapters. Again, wattpad is mostly comprised of kids. They aren’t going to read your 4,000 word long chapter. Honestly, I even get a little too long for them with my 2,500 word chapters. It’s best to be about 1,500 to 2,000 words long. Split them and string along your fans for more.

The market is over-saturated. If you write a new teen romance novel and post it on wattpad, you have to compete with the millions of other authors doing just that. One of the major reasons I think my story is doing well is because there’s nothing like it on wattpad. There are few stories that feature therapy, therapists, age-regression, POC in science fiction. There aren’t even that many science fiction young adult stories either (aside from dystopians).

Authors fail to market themselves. I’d venture to say that about 3,000-4,000 of my 9,000 reads, I have acquired from posting about my story on social media and on other relevant forums to the genre. You’ve got to get those first 100 reads from friends. I definitely can attest to looking at a story with less than 100 reads and moving past it. I read a strategy guide on wattpad that suggested the same thing. People look at a story with 17 chapters and 50 reads and think it must be garbage if no one has read it, and don’t bother to click on it at all.


I hate that this like a no-go zone in order to get popularity on Wattpad. It’s frustrating, as a Historical Fiction to see someone encouraging others to not right because it’s not popular. Surely it should be important to right a story that you enjoy rather than what will be popular?


If it is your passion, then I definitely believe you should pursue writing whatever it is. But, I think it’s fair to acknowledge the limits of that genre on wattpad.

For example, when I am inspired to write an original erotic short story one day, I don’t have any intentions of posting it on wattpad where it may only get 10,000 readers as opposed to another site (I will not name in case I get into trouble) where I could get 10,000 readers in one day.


My YA historical fiction novel set during the Revolutionary War is close to 50K reads and was Shortlisted for the Wattys this year.

If you market yourself and your novel/s and write/edit well, no matter the genre, you CAN make it. It’s about hard work.


There are limits to the genre on Wattpad, I get that, but since when has avoiding something you might enjoy helped? Surely the more people who write the genre are likely to read it, therefore increasing popularity of that genre?

Why has Wattpad just got to be about the numbers? Why can’t it just be about doing what we love. It’s nuts.


Lol, my chapters are 2K-3K and sometimes are even over 3K and a lot of my readers say they’re too short and that they want more :joy:


Hm, I think I might be having an issue with how my tone is being perceived. I’m not suggesting that you should or shouldn’t do anything (aside from posting all your chapters at once). I’m merely providing the “secrets” on what attributes to the success of high reads/high follows on wattpad.

Hear me out. I recently read a diaper fetish story on wattpad that I wouldn’t consider well-written in the sense that it could never win a story contest. However, it’s at over 700,000 reads, and I expect that by the end of the year, it will pass 1 million reads. The author has over 3,000 followers.

Why is this story more successful than almost all of the featured stories for last month? It comes down to all the things that I posted earlier. There’s nothing like it on wattpad. It’s teen/ya. The story is at the top of all of its tags. The chapters are short, and the author is quite good at marketing themselves on other forums.

Ultimately, I think the argument about success just boils down to what you’re after, and I’m far too lazy to scroll back up to the original post to quote it, but success for me looks like reads, votes, followers and rankings. But, I didn’t start out this way. Before I posted my story, I told myself that the greatest success would be seeing this story all the way through until completion, and then editing it to my heart’s content. I still feel that way somewhat, and I think it’s the “right” way to feel. So, if someone is able to settle for just that, then I would urge anyone to write whatever they want to write.


My dedicated fans say the same! But, from the critiques I’ve requested, I’ve heard a few times that the chapters were too long for them. Plus, I’d say it’s standard on wattpad if you check out the stories that have over 1 million reads. They almost all have short chapters.


I hate short chapters, so I’m not one to write them - except the short story I have published which, ironically, has almost no reads. My book with 2-3K chapters and above has over 400K now and it’s been up for only around 14 months! None of my critics so far have told me to shorten my chapters, so I find it odd that they’ve told you that when they’re around the same length as mine.

Do you feel like there’s a lot of fluff in your chapters?


But why do we need these secrets? Why are people obsessed by how many reads they do or don’t have? Why is writing about popularity then doing something you love?


I’m also against short chapters. I hate hate hate them that’s why I’m trying to push for as lengthy as I can get away with.

No fluff quite the opposite actually! My initial chapters are a little more action and dialogue heavy.


Oh, lol, then I see NO reason why they’re telling you to cut the chapters shorter! 2-3K is pretty standard


Like I said, just comes down to how you define that personal success.

Above all, I want to get Jacob’s Regression published on amazon, and one day in the distant future, I want to approach a major publishing company with the novel I want to become a New York Times Bestseller, and be able to say that I have over 10,000 followers on wattpad.

Right now, to get those 10,000 followers, I need more reads. To get more reads, I need to get high rankings. To get high rankings, I need more votes. So, I message a ton of people a day and post on many different forums.

Wattpad writing is so fluid, and I love that about the site. If someone wants to write a chapter a day, they can do that! But, it doesn’t change the fact that the algorithm will favor someone posting 1-2 times per week.

In time, I’m going to write a story that will be born out of my experience as a transgender person of color. I don’t expect it to get a lot of reads, but writing that story will be a success for me because it will be even more therapeutic than the writing I’m doing now. When some young trans kid reads that story and it affects them positively enough to find hope, that will be my greatest success.


I think your points are valid, however one of the issues with what you’ve suggested is basically to write a novel for the wattpad audience and not a story/subject which interests you as a writer.

I think your approach makes sense to gain followers, but would take away the joy of why I joined wattpad in the first place.


Oof, my dude, I’m pretty new on the site but even I know you don’t do that. I know people that have told me to stay away from certain stories because the author did this and I know I personally find it a bit rude to have a stranger shove their book in my face.

I’d say interacting with people and the forums is your best bet because advertising yourself through messages and public posts on other peoples’ stuff rubs a lot of people on here the wrong way.


I started writing because I read some stuff in the genre I like and wasn’t enjoying it, so, with 20 followers and no advertising I set out to write a story I liked, ready for it to sink to the bottom of the unknown depths of Wattpad. But I was okay with that because I was writing it for myself.

I got lucky and it seems like a lot of people like to read what I like to read, so it gained reads, but if I had written like what was popular in that genre I assure everyone that I would have close to no reads and a worse story than the current one.

Write for yourself! If you’re good enough, fame will come :wink:


I disagree. I have a pretty solid strategy on how I message people. I’m pretty sure I included it above. Every person that I message, I screen to be about 90% sure they would absolutely fall in love with the story. If they don’t have a similar book in their reading list, I probably don’t message them. If they haven’t been on the site in the last 3 days, I don’t message them.

I’d say about 300 of my ~400 votes came from messaging people. I don’t do “Hey, check out my book!” Rather, I let them know that I saw that they liked a similar book, and that I feel like they’d like this one for xyz reason. It’s personal rather than just a spam message.