Secrets to story success on Wattpad


Totally agree, it’s got to be about passion of writing. So either I’m rubbish or I’m just impatient and want success yesterday :joy:


From a person who has a semi-popular superhero book and is bombarded with “read my book! It’s superhero so you might like it!” on my book, my wall, and my PMs, I highly disagree with your strategy :joy:

But, if it’s working for you :woman_shrugging:


I just think everything I write is trash most of the time, but I post it honestly so that someone holds me responsible and I’m held accountable for finishing my stories instead of abandoning them for a new idea five chapters in :joy:


See the screening process also includes people like you. I don’t message people with high follower counts. It’s easy enough to realize y’all get spammed so the chances that you’d check out my book are slim.
I only get like one message per hour, I don’t want to waste it on someone who’s not going to actually read it.

Besides, the same rule doesn’t really apply to my genre. It isn’t popular like yours. Some of the most successful writers in my genre actually did check out my book after I messaged them because there aren’t many well-written stories that exist for us.


This is literally the reason I began posting on Wattpad. I am absolutely awful at finishing projects, be it a novel or some other hobby: craft I’ve taken up. I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished anything I’ve written


What’s your genre?


The first novel I ever finished was the first one I posted on WP :blush:




That’s a genre? Like, on it’s own?


I’m hoping that’s the case for me. I have a decent amount pre-written on my computer (about 50,000 words) so I have cushion to finish while publishing simultaneously. But dang, if I don’t have any issues with having too many ideas in my head I want to write lol


That and the fact that I don’t really have ANY free time are my two biggest enemies in writing tbh


I suppose you could consider it a sub-genre of science fiction, but then it doesn’t really fit in science fiction. Sometimes, a story could be more sci-fi or more fantasy or more action. There’s a site that exists for only age-regression stories, and I think it’s reasonable. It’s kinda like how vampires became it’s own genre because there’s so many different elements that make it not not necessarily fantasy/action/adventure/romance.


Yes, but is age-regression popular enough to be it’s own genre? I mean, I don’t even count vampire or superhero as true genres, just bigger sub genres


Nope, but I wouldn’t consider stories outside of the sub-genre to be the same. Take “kidnapping” for example. I guess it would be in the action genre, but if I want to read a story about kidnapping, I’m not going to read a story about a wild west gun fight that would also be in the action genre. My reading list is only going to be comprised of kidnapping stories. It would be fair in that sense to talk about kidnapping as a genre because there’s not really anything else that’s close to it, and you can find hundreds of thousands of stories about kidnapping.

Same thing with age-regression. While it’s not hundreds of thousands, I’d say there are thousands of stories that are focused on age-regression. In fact, there are tons of us who only want to read those stories, and those are the people I target.


“Kidnapping” is not a genre, it’s a common plot line. Same could be said with age-regression perhaps? Either way, they’re not genres, they’re common plots or plot-devices


Okay, kidnapping was definitely a bad example. I guess it’s going to have to stay as a sub-genre of science fiction even though that really doesn’t fit.

But yeah, within the sub-genre of age-regression, most people are looking for any good story there is, and don’t mind a point in the right direction. I’d only be enthused if I got one, and most of the people I message tell me they are eternally grateful for the recommendation.


Well, the age-regression fandom thing is very different from most of Wattpad! Everyone I know absolutely despises your strategy, but if it works for your audience then by all means! Just please keep it in mind if you ever write another genre, sub-genre, or whatever :wink:


SO TRUE. I never would’ve finished a single book without knowing there’s someone out there to read it. I’m motivated by anticipated external appreciation. Which basically means, I finish projects based on the idea that it might inspire or entertain someone else out there. ^.^


No, like, literally, my readers hold me responsible. If I update even an hour later than I usually do I get comments and PMs asking what happened :joy:

So, I’m very motivated to keep writing! If not for my own sake, but for the sanity of not seeing “PLEASE UPDATE” comments everywhere. Though, I will say that for the people who leave those, please check if the author has an updating schedule up anywhere before you demand a new chapter the moment you finish :joy:


Lol boy do I understand that. Ain’t no comment worse on a new posted chapter than one that says “update, update, update.”

Though I have to admit, there’s some really nice readers out there too. Missed a chapter posting once and had someone PM asking if I was alright. Those are always sweet ^.^