Secrets to story success on Wattpad


Very true.

But to all the “update, update, update!” commenters out there, PLEASE CHECK IF THERE’S A SCHEDULE BEFORE YOU COMMENT! :joy:

My schedule is in my profile and yet so many readers miss it and I’m directing people to it, like, five times a day!


LOL. Yeah those are incredibly frustrating. It’s like, “I JUST GAVE YOU A CHAPTER.” Like holy crap.


Lol, I update every week, so I’m always like LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE. I EITHER JUST UPDATED OR I’M UPDATING SOON :joy:


I may never become super successful and still have a lot to learn in terms of craftsmanship and will always feel socially awkward on chat sites(even though no one can see me and I have plenty of time to think what to say), but if only a small handful of people read my work and truly enjoy it from beginning to end then I am happy:-) and that is success to me. Although it would be cool to have a story professionally published and turned into movie:-)




I am confusion.

the secrets to story success on Wattpad is to get a new identity…? :joy:



I already have an identity crisis with my current identity, I don’t need another one screwing me up even more. I don’t even have a credit card or a police record with THIS identity!




What? Wait…I am now confused…you weren’t talking to me, were you?


No, it was some spam account that kept harassing me to get a new identity. I flagged them and the comments were deleted, haha :blush:


Good to hear you got that sorted. I no longer feel all befuddled :blush:
I got my first spam follower the other day. I googled the profile blurb to try and figure out what language it was in and what it said - turned out to be all gobbledygook :frowning:


I suggest that you report the spam account :slight_smile:


I write very long chapters, usually 6,000 to 9,000 words. It’s just the way I write. I have a lot to say. And I write teen/YA boyxboy erotica. On those two counts I shouldn’t be getting a lot of reads. But I do. One of my books has over 370k reads. Maybe it’d have more if I wrote shorter chapters, but I have tried writing only for the audience and I do not enjoy it.

You have lot of great ideas and your being social by messaging is a very good one, I think. A lot of users think it’s rude, but the messaging is there to be used. It’s part of the program. And if it’s directed at those already interested in what you are writing, I don’t think it’s intrusive. I do similar and I’ve made many friends that way.

One has to work hard at it to even get noticed on Wattpad these days. Seven-eight years ago it was way easier, especially before everyone was using smart phones. There was a lot more commenting going on when peeps all accessed Watty via computers with big keyboards. Smart phone use has cut commenting down to almost nothing. But if you plod on you will attain the success you envision. It just takes time, and that’s the toughest part to deal with.


I wholeheartedly agree!! It takes a TON of time, lots of hard work, and pure determination. I can only count of two wattpad users who found success overnight. 2!!! The rest of us just have to be willing to work hard and put in the effort. Unfortunately I’m not sure that’s something people realize. :frowning:


Totally agree, that’s actually my second argument for shorter chapters. It gets kinda glitchy on the smart phone when they are a little too long. It’s tough to maintain your chapter position.

I will say that I do have a good number of people commenting, but that’s because I message them after seeing them comment a lot on other stories. There’s certainly not as much in-line commenting like there is on the older/popular stories for sure.

Yup, I grind all day and night haha. Right now, I can say pretty confidently that 600/630 of my votes have come from people I’ve messaged. So, it’s certainly proved to be a viable strategy.


Yeah. I read that in her guide as well. Honestly, a lot of the tips in her guide book were the key to me gaining awesome engaging readers.


It’s not unrelated. You’re thanking them for one of your books. Now to not confuse them about which book you were talking about, you simply say:

Hi. Thanks for adding “story’s title” to your reading list. I hope you like it.

Or something like that.


I wish I get featured one day. I wish it would be soon .__.


Oohhh. Ok. Nvm. I just noticed what they did there. They were thanking for a follow, not a reading list add.
Sorry. I just got that.
Yeah, I agree. I find it annoying too.


discord writing servers? what is that exactly?