Secrets to story success on Wattpad


Yea I am one of the people that didn’t really work for i got featured in the 2018 wattys shortlist and i’m still hurting for readers. Its a little disappointing…


Maybe not for me. Then not complete intend to think out of box.


Even with potored i obly have 38 views and 7 followerstue only 2 ch writen cause i write as i go and i mention this first hand. Sigh


I do wonder what the secret is to get featured on Wattpad. I suppose mature stories are out of that running?


Check out Nick’s thread to learn more about the featuring process;


Readers track me down and show me the tattoos they have of my characters on their bodies.

No, I’m not kidding.


Yeah, but aren’t you actually published…?


Self, but yes. That doesn’t mean I’m not in the same boat when it comes to finding readers on Wattpad though. I’m hoping they’re all just lining up to read my books :joy:


You’re self-published and you have a website? Are you on Amazon or something or just Wattpad?


Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, nook, kobo, paperback. All the usual suspects.


Lol, I’m only on Wattpad. I find that there’s a difference between self-publishing as a career and self-publishing on Wattpad because, as you’ve demonstrated, you’re stretching yourself out to a BIG base of people and possibly getting paid for it! Unless you count Next, the only way for a Wattpad writer to get paid is for a publisher to pick up their work and publish it elsewhere :joy:

Are these rabid tattooing fans from your Wattpad fanbase or your published fanbase?


Haha from my published fanbase. I’ve been on Wattpad all of, er, about 12 hours by now I think :joy:


Lol, well, that explains it in my eyes! If you already have an existing published fanbase, it won’t be hard to have a fanbase over on Wattpad.

May I ask why you’re on here if yu’re already published? I took a peek at your website and realized that it’s the same book you have published on here now


IDK, they’re very different audiences.

I write New Adult, and, er… To be honest, publishing hasn’t really caught up with the fact that New Adult even exists, whereas readers on Wattpad are fully aware of it.

Wattpad isn’t going to see any of my novels before they’re published, but I’m more than happy to share them with a wider audience after they’re out in the wild, because I fully realise that the majority of my target audience can’t easily access my books - whether they daren’t have LGBTQ+ content in the house, or don’t have the income, or are otherwise unable to purchase.

So basically… I just want readers to be happy and safe, and if posting books to Wattpad enables that, I’m happy.


Well, that’s a very noble reason! I was just wondering since you obviously have such a big audience already, haha :blush:

Also isn’t New Adult just Teen Fic + like 2 years???


This. I write mostly New Adult!


Around ages 18 - 25 (So, more or less college age.)


Haha nawww. I’m very niche :slight_smile:

Essentially, yes. Lev Grossman’s The Magicians is classed as New Adult, which is pretty much where my stuff is pitched at.

Isn’t it a pain in the bum trying to find New Adult books in a shop?!


Lol, whenever I see teen fic and new adult I just classify them as the same thing in my head :woman_shrugging::joy:


I don’t think you’re alone in that. Think of New Adult as teen fic with protagonists old enough to drink and swear and not so old that they know better :joy: