Secrets to story success on Wattpad


It is, they end up being marketed as ‘Upper YA’ or Adult Fiction.


Lol, do you think teens don’t swear? :joy: Also, drinking is technically illegal, but most of us still do it :wink: :woman_shrugging:


Hahah shhh, you try telling a publisher that! :joy:


Also, according to these rules, is “Throne of Glass” New Adult and not teen fic??


Oh yeah Throne of Glass is totally New Adult.


My book would be classified as teen fic and my characters - especially my protag - swear as much as any teenager does!


Gah, that makes it worse! :nauseated_face:


I read a great article earlier today (I wish I could remember where) about how genres can pretty much get away with anything, right up until the moment huge amounts of adults start reading it.

Then they start frothing that we “must protect the children” and sanitising that genre, which is why after Harry Potter, teen fiction underwent something of a purge in the traditional publishing world, and why these kinds of stories have moved into the realm of New Adult now.

Thankfully here on Wattpad you can do whatever the hell you want and not have to worry about whether agents or publishers will reject it because of naughty words :smiley:


I mean, for “Throne of Glass” it was so horrid but I was like “okay, it’s teen fic” but now, knowing that it’s actually marketed to adults, that book’s existence is unforgivable :joy: No offense if anyone who reads this and likes it, but I think the book is really bad and I have no clue how it’s so popular


I haven’t read it, so can’t comment :smiley:


GAH, it’s just really bad, in my opinion. People are always like “the series gets better” and so I read the second book and that one was still trash in my opinion, so I will not be continuing on :joy:


If you don’t care about a few minor spoilers, I can state at least five ranting reasons why I don’t like that book :joy:


Holy crap that is insane.


I would like to self publish myself any tips you can share.


Sure. Some random tips:

  • Treat it like a job. This means bringing your A-Game, making yourself write when you’re not in the mood, turning up every day even if you only manage 100 words, and not letting distractions prevent you from working.
  • Everything that makes your books discoverable on Wattpad is what will make them discoverable out there in book land: your tropes, your quality, your attentiveness to detail, and how well you package it all (blurb, cover, and so on).
  • Amazon is a fickle monster that will randomly decide to screw with you. Once it’s put you through the wringer a few times you get used to it, but it’s still heart-stopping to find out that Amazon has published your book without a cover, or without the Look Inside feature enabled, or without the correct version of your manuscript (pre-orders are prone to this), or without correct formatting in the blurb. Amazon’s errors can totally tank your book forever, and there’s no coming back from it.
  • Pay professional editors and proofreaders. There are a lot of people out there who call themselves editors but who really just proofread. Conversely there are a lot of people out there who call themselves editors, take a fortune off you, then subcontract you out to someone cheaper. Your task is to find that cheaper yet excellent person and cut out the scammer middleman.


Thank you I appreciate it.


You’re welcome! Oh, also, the big one. I neglected this so you don’t have to:

Take keyboard breaks every 25-30 minutes at most. Move around. Stretch, especially your arms and shoulders.

Don’t give yourself an injury.


thanks I learned that the hard way yesterday I typed for hours and forgot to eat. BTW how many rough drafts do you write before you decide that its ready to be edited?


One, but I think it’s necessary to point out that I’ve edited fiction magazines, I’ve been practicing writing for thirty years, and I’ve internalised story structure to the point where I know where I’m going without much in the way of notes.


oh lol well then i guess I’m going to need a serious editor and proof reader.