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My biggest bugbear is that we encourage practice for literally every other art-form. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Artists will sketch every single day for practice. Musicians will practice every single day. Sculptors, photographers, composers, every single artist out there is encouraged to practice their art day in, day out…

Except writers.

Writers tell each other to sit back on their butts and wait for the muse to strike. We’re told that we just need to tell the stories in our hearts and magically readers will find them. Time and again we see the frankly terrible advice to just keep polishing the same novel for ten years until it’s perfect.

I don’t buy it. Writing is a form of art, and if you want to get good at art, you must practice. So practice writing. Every day. Write 500-word descriptions of random items on your desk (and don’t cop out at 300 - the exercise is to reach 500, or, conversely, to constrain yourself to only 500). Write love letters to imaginary distant lovers. Write sales pitches for made-up products. Write a science fiction story in 100 words. Write a historical in 1,000 words. Push yourself. Write outside your favoured genres. Read non-fiction extensively.

Practice, and refuse to listen to anyone who tells you to just wait for the muse to strike. The muse will verbally assault you once you’ve filled your brain with knowledge and skills. You won’t be able to shut your muse up :smiley:


Thank you I will have start doing that, i find that i struggled to describe things


I’ve never had this problem. Any errors have always been mine. Is this a recent thing?


No, it’s been ongoing for years, and it’s completely random. They’ll update one thing and promptly break another. Their current issue is that ebooks are disappearing from non-US storefronts.


Perhaps I just got lucky so far!!


It’s not impossible :smiley: You’ve got all my luck! They tend to break the moment I hit publish.

Go forth, use this power to spread stories! :joy:


done :wink:

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 7

Loving and kind also helpful and sometime bold with positive attitude. I love reading and I like every writer on wattpad:)


I would like to thank you. You have been a great inspiration and helped me make some life choices that I have been one the fence about.


You’re more than welcome. If you ever get stuck on something, feel free to @ me.


Wow, this is all really good advice!


Thank God I’m an English major.


I feel sorry for the poor soul who has to endure your critique. XD

Joking! It’s awesome you have something like that and that you can use it on here.


Hahaha! :joy: Thanks!

I have to remind myself not to comment whenever I see a misspelling or grammar mistake. :sweat_smile:


that’s what my mom says when she reads my stories.


I wish people WOULD point out my spelling mistakes - I make some real clangers.
Like: Oscar the couch instead of Oscar the Grouch. It took me a while to notice that one :blush:


Hey, I like to point out spelling mistakes! I’m actually considering adding your story to my library just so I can have free reign to do that!


ha-ha, maybe I should go edit a few back in just for fun. If you like pointing out grammatical errors also, you might feel as though Christmas has arrived earlier.


Oh the markup has already begun!


now I’m terrified.