Secrets to story success on Wattpad


That was great. Thank you for letting me get that out lol. Now, I can work on my chapter. Haha.


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I will say that after I mark a book ‘complete’ my reader count spikes up for a while. I think there are a lot of people out there who just don’t want to deal with cliffhanger chapters and unfinished stories (particularly from authors with no ‘completed’ stories because it’s hard tot ell when someone is the type to finish the book or give up on it)

I’m thankful for the readers I got (slowly, oh so slowly) as I created my first book, but yeah, I think a real spike in readers happens after you finish a story.


I update every three days or so, I’m active on Wattpad, in the groups and clubs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I’m still struggling to have my book found by readers on wattpad. I’ve even won competitions but still my books seems hidden beneath hundreds of other stories


Does your book has a half nude male model on the cover?
Is it about werewolves that just love to bite a teen and say “MINE”
Is it about rouges?
Are there any super rich vampire kings who need a toy to play with. But really someone that can heal them.


I am so sorry.


No to all…I should give up then


Of course you can get some readers, never the 100k readers, but some readers and those might like the book. And then you might end up editing it and putting it on Amazon. It is possible.

It is just that this website has a specific target audience.


In addition to all these great tips here, I would like to note something that all writers should have: a mentality that is important to remember.

I would like to quote @KatherineArlene in one of her books (I think) where she mentioned this, as it seems like (or I don’t think) anyone has mentioned this yet.

I took some time to re-read one of my favourite guide-type books from her, which you should definitely read. Click here to read How To Get Reads, Votes and Comments - A Guide. Below I have quoted an important excerpt in Chapter 1, where she mentions about the difference between reads and readers.

She also notes that although at first, you’re trying to get more reads, just comments of ‘Loved it!’ or ‘Great start!’, continue to write: readers will come by, and those readers are what will motivate you. The people who read to await the next chapter, who wonder about what happens next.

Best of luck - and do check out @KatherineArlene’s book - there are plenty of tips on how that has helped me become a better writer.




Good idea. Thank you!


True. I notice it, like a lot. Almost featured authors are wattpad stars and one or several of their work were being featured in a row. My thoughts in this is, I hope wattpad give a chance to everyone. Not just few hand pick authors who are also a INKITT stars.




the underlying problem in katherine’s sentiment is that a reader comes from reads, and these readers are in much shorter supply than the average joe bloggs who clicks and reads. in order to find those people, in high demand and short supply, you’ve first got to appeal to joe - but even reaching out to joe is difficult for a newbie, especially on wattpad.

there is a logical explanation for this challenge, and i believe it is attributed to the overwhelming supply of writers on wattpad, and the short supply of readers (not just the readers katherine mentions, but anybody who’ll find your book and read it, joe bloggs for instance).

personally i believe the only way to escape this problem is by reaching outside of wattpad to promote your work to readers, in doing so draw them to wattpad as a result, and balance out the writer:reader ratio. a common belief that all writers are readers too, but if that were really true, there wouldn’t be as much of a marketing problem for the newbie to tackle, as the writer:reader ratio would be somewhat even, and reads would come almost naturally.

katherine does have some sound advice, but it’s not to be taken as god’s honest truth, imo.


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You can read this article for more info-


thanks, but i’ve already read that article several times over.


What was true back then, is no longer true. Social media is an outlet of humanity’s creativity and we are close to the point when the ‘why should I read when I can write’ is basically the order of the day.

I am curious what will happen next, the full devolution of the professional entertainment market in the low capital investment artwork, or the fatigue will drive everyone back to published-by-big-names-only-please.

The one good thing going for the free sharing crowd is that it is getting just as difficult to find the books that speak to you among the ocean of printed work as it is on the net.


to which truth are you referring?


That there are readers out there eager to read.


i see. so you are referring to katherine’s guide, then? as i am suggesting that there are less of those readers eager to read.


Yes, I am agreeing with you, as well as adding that overall, there is far less enthusiasm to read anything anywhere on the net, so just spreading out farther into social media does not bring the audience in. Becoming ‘popular’ is a hard work that takes more than normal full time job investment, and that time investment does not guarantee success. You have to have something that appeals to the masses, and as years go by, it is harder and harder to be appealing.