Secrets to story success on Wattpad

ah, alright, thanks for the clarification. your addendum seemed more like a disagreement at first, lmao

A quick question?

Since Wattpad is a mobile story device.

Do you think short chapters is better?
Or how many word counts fits best for reading when it comes to your story to publish on live?

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Usually, the 1.5 to 2.5 K per instalment is considered a webnovel’s sweet spot (preferably ending in a cliffhanger) with short paragraphs and text that is less dense.

So…1,500 or 2,500 is a better word count?

I usually thought that 500-1,000 is better? Is that acceptable?

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There is no specific answer to it. I’ve been on Wattpad for more than four years and all I know is you’ve to use Wattpad almost everyday. Post a chapter once a week. Respond to all the comments. Post on your wall for any announcement. Wattpad will automatically pick your story as per your involvement. The more time you invest, the better the results are. It takes time and lots of patience but bear with it. There are 500 million stories. Being picked by Wattpad is like needle in a haystack. Just a little more luck and patience and hard work, you’ll get more readers.
Plus there are groups on Facebook of Wattpad. Post about your story there. There are conversations here on this forum, all genre based. Post about your story there as well. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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This makes sense.

I just stick with conventional wisdom and try to be around 1.5-2K. I guess for some stories 500 words might work, maybe like teens trading flush fictions? Who knows, digital media evolves.

Oh, I see.

I find this very tricky at times.
But from what I think that shorter chapters are best since this is from the mobile device and most people are teens and young adults who uses it more than adults does. (I am not sure if I am 100% correct from what I have predicted).

I guess we just go with whatever we are comfortable with then. There is true answer to it after all like what @SamreenAhsan have said from the post. If I am correct.

Agree with the view that short chapters work best on Wattpad. Like many aspects of writing, it’s about knowing your readers. Intuitively, one would guess that the younger your target audience age range, the shorter the chapters should be.

Also, what is your target reader’s lifestyle likely to be? Are they the kind who’ll curl up by the fire with a hot drink and happily plow through 50 pages without a bathroom break? Okay, adult reader, likely mature. If that’s your target audience, you’re probably fine with chunky 6k chapters. Multitasking YA reader? Probably less patient, needs more natural opportunities to bookmark the story and set it aside.

Here’s a Reedsy article that lists chapter lengths of 30 or 40 well-known books in a table (about the middle of the article):

Notice: mostly older, literary books for mature readers at the ‘big chapter’ end of the scale, books for YA and MG readers at the ‘small chapter’ end. But there are standout exceptions: e.g. J.K. Rowling with 4500 word chapters in her first MG, and Twilight.


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Asking people to read your story is considered advertising even if no links are provided and only allowed in the official pinned #share-your-story threads. If you need feedback for your story, you can find people who offer those in #story-services:critiques-and-feedback club :blush: I am going to remove your post.

Thank you for understanding!


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This is fantastic. Thank you!

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For me its too short.

500-1000 words is only one scene minus the showing of the surrounding

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Thank you! Really helpful. I have a question: how would you recommend marketing my story without using my social media? I don’t want to promote what I write to my friends because I am just starting and they don’t like this genre…

Hi, can ask me too, how to use the community for sharing my story. I’m also a beginner. Much love

There is a share your story area right as top forum, with subforums for each mayor genre. It has topics that are cleaned out every one or two weeks. So you can advertise yourself there.

Another thing is to find readers and writers that like the same things and make a group together. Read your other writer friends materials and help each other out.

As @masticina stated earlier, you can share your story in the #share-your-story category. You can browse this thread for more info on the forums- A guide to the new threads

Here are the Club Guidelines

You can browse this thread for on how to get more reads- The Big Thread On How To Get Reads

You can ask for any help here- Ask the Ambassadors Anything

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I guess I would advice you be patient, like for my book To New York’s Attorney, it took a while to get to a thousand views and I’m still not at the point I would like, but I have to be patient, not everyday is christmas it’s not every day I get a hundred reads a day

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Thank you so much! I want to learn everything about Wattpad and i’m happy that i found nice friend like you. I still have to figure out how to share my story in the clubs. Should i copy the link then post it or is there a better way? Thanks a lot

I’m super excited I found someone like you too :grin: