Secrets to story success on Wattpad


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Although my success is probably mostly due to luck and I haven’t been on that long, I do have a few tips I think could help!

  1. Write what YOU want to write. If you’re only writing for reads it will show through your writing anf turn readers off!

  2. Thank the readers you DO have and always try to interact with them/reply to their comments! This will probably get you more followers/dedicated readers and that means more reads!

  3. Your story has to be original! Now, I’m not saying you can’t use tropes or something, but you have to be original! Maybe it’s your fresh writing style? Or your new take on a classic? People like reading what they already know, but put a twist on it and you’re sure to hook them!

  4. Be wary of spelling mistakes, plot holes, grammar, etc, and LISTEN TO THE ADVICE YOUR READERS GIVE YOU! Everyone makes mistakes, it’s natural! But, try to be vigilant and not let too many slip through before you publish and please be aware of huge plot holes since that will certainly turn readers off!

  5. JUST BE ACTIVE! Just posting on your wall every once in a while and interacting with your readers and followers will get you more reads for sure! Publish often and maybe even have a schedule so that your readers will know when to expect a new chapter from you!

I hope this helps you!


I agree! That’s definitely ways of doing so, staying active and promoting is quite a way for getting it out there. And completing the story works too!


I was going to say that another way is success from another site. For example, there’s this one girl whose Wattpad book was originally an Episode story. She deleted the story off episode and posted it onto Wattpad, and it got big within MONTHS. Heck, the story even won a Watty in 2017.

Having previous success on a well known platform such as Episode or any other website definitely helps readers notice your book a lot more.


Update regularly and be active in the community. This is pretty much a social media site, keep that in mind! Read, like and comment on other people’s stories! It helps improve your own writing too.


Hello, I’m sort of new (new to community but for quite some time on Wattpad, although relatively unactive) and I’ve been wondering, how can you see if someone has read your story without them voting or commenting?


You can’t. The only site that sees who’s read your story is Quotev (as far as I know(


Because I see everyone saying that they send a message when someone reads their story, so I was surprised


It’s what they do, usually to support and stuff. Putting reminders at the top (such as asking readers to vote/comment) help too


You must have seen someone thanking users for voting and commenting on their story. You are notified when someone votes or comments on your story. Reads are not notified :slight_smile:


I’ve never really found readers (or had readers) so I’m going to have to have a read through this thread, and then update you if the whole “finding readers” thing happens.


That’s a great idea!


Do you think genre has a lot to do with it?


Thanks for this advice! I do believe that joining the community is a great way to support each other and find writing friends.


This is great advice. Contests help a lot.


That is a great perspective. I’ve had to tell myself this plenty of times. Even if I just get one reader now, that feels like success to me because my passion is to inspire. Numbers don’t always mean what you want them to mean.



Those goals shit are, I think, only for those who already established a fans. How cn u set a goal if you don’t have to begin with.


I fear I don’t understand…


It think @AbsolutelyShe000 was trying to say:

I think those goals are shit. Setting goals is only for authors who already have a fanbase. How can you set a goal if you don’t have any fans to begin with.


Setting goals for yourself is always good! I started off with 20 followers and set a goal for myself and, hey, I reached it! How else are you supposed to grow a fanbase?