Secrets to story success on Wattpad


Setting goals for yourself is good :slight_smile:

I do think it’s a turn off when an author does something like this:

I won’t post the next chapter until I get 20 votes on this one.

I mean, that’s blackmail. Plus it’s not like readers who DO read their story have any control over that.


This is HORRID. I would never do that! You have to be thankful and set a mental goal for yourself, not put it all on your readers! I honestly will put down a book and walk away if I see one of those


I know right!!!

I immediatley stop reading when I see an author do something like that


It just shows they’re not grateful for the readers they DO have. At least, that’s how I see it!


I’m already over the top happy when I see I have an audience, so at that point the voting thing doesn’t even matter anymore. :slight_smile:

I get that authors want votes but there is another way to go about it.


Yeah, same. I’ll stop reading because it feels like blackmail and the author has a sense of entitlement. Votes are an added bonus and show me the reader actually enjoys my story when they leave them. I just leave a friendly remember on chapter 1 and leave it at that. I figure if they want to vote, they’ll remember to.


Although I do disagree with the 100 votes in 24 hour limit Wattpad has in place.


There’s a limit? Lol, I’m pretty sure a few of my chapters have reached over 100 in 24 hours though…


Wow, I didn’t even know that existed. :sweat_smile:

And I’m one of those people that votes on every chapter.


Yeah, it’s buried on the support page somewhere.



Oh, wow! I never knew! Guess my votes were just some glitch or something…?


Oh! I get it now! It doesn’t let a USER vote more than 100 times in 24 hours, not a chapter being voted ON! Got it, haha :joy:


That makes more sense.


I understand why it’s in place, but I swear there are so many times votes have stopped at a particular chapter and I keep wondering if they left the story, or got hit by the voting limit from other stories they’ve voted on for during the day.


That really sucks!


Secret to success:
Thanking people who vote, comment, follow and add your book to their reading list.

One time, I thanked a girl for all the voting she did on my book. Apparently, she didn’t vote chapter X, so she actually took the time to go back and vote on that chapter as well.
I was like: awww that’s so sweet <3


Right! I thanked someone who commented on a few of my chapters and then they went back and VOTED on ALL OF IT.

One act of kindness, man


Thanks for help lol


Me i don’t. I don’t want to disappoint myself if I didn’t reach it. I guess for me, i just let things happen on their own. :wink: