Secrets to story success on Wattpad


That happened to me, too. And it was the first time someone had ever commented on one of my stories.


I think it’s fine within reason. I don’t want to spam everyone who votes or comments on my story, but I do try to reply to everyone who leaves a comment, especially if they say my writing style reminds them of a certain series. Someone said my style reminds them of Eragon, and that really made my day so I made sure to reply to them.

I also try to reply to people who leave a polite review, because they took the time to write a full paragraph.


Well that is the Tara Gilesbie way!

evil smirk


Yeah, I thank for everything too :smile: Every time I see them interact with my stories I send thank you :slight_smile:


I just try to reply to comments. I think that’s better than spamming people XD :slight_smile:


I don’t try to spam them :sweat_smile: I usually go and thank them in batch and usually there is a few days in between messages :slight_smile:


I will admit to being a spammer, and I’ll venture to say I’ve been pretty successful with it. Typically, I take time to search for unfinished stories with a similar plot, and I bookmark the final chapter that will typically have about 40 people in the comments saying how much they wish the author would finish the story, and that they loved it. It is especially helpful when the story had atrocious spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will then SLOWLY message all of them (after checking their activity to see if they are still active on wattpad) over the course of 48 hours letting them know that I saw they enjoyed a story with a similar plot, and I’d like to invite them to check out my new book.

I’d say with my first ever story (myself having no followers) getting about 7,000 reads 350 votes and being on the top of the rising list for 20 tags over the course of its first month means its an effective strategy. Until Thursday when there was a glitch to my story chapter (readers didn’t receive a library update) I was even outdoing a featured story in the rising section of the featured tag, and I held that spot for about a week.

I don’t do posts to people’s wall. That certainly feels like an invasion to their space, but it’s just a message. If they don’t want to check it out, they can read it and move on with their lives. But getting just one new fan after 10 different messages is worth it.


Post on their wall or message them I think its the same? Message is more personal and indeed an invasion of privacy too, lol!

Love u CalebTheReaderWriter!


Can I ask how you find stories similar to yours?


Getting featured was my biggest source of readers but that was with the old featured section where they featured books from every genre and you could submit your own. The new featured list is full of wattpader workers’ pet faves, you can’t browse by genre or submit your own work (i’m syre adding the “featured” tag to your story will just get you ignored). The second best way to attract readers is to submit your book to profile pages like Wattvampires, Fright, Once Upon etc, as well as user run profiles like Project Woman Up and Not All Are Heroes. That’s where I find books to read myself too.


Sadly, for me, story success has not been going well for me. The first story I posted on my account was a fanfic (this was in 2015) and seemed to have gotten the most reads (and gave me more followers) because of it.

Since then, I’ve taken down a lot of stories I wrote or came up with overtime. Now, it seems like not a lot of people read my stories on my account. I took a break from WP in 2017 for months, and that’s when I lost the readers and fanbase in general.

I’ve been stuck at 200+ followers and NONE have checked out any of my stories. I did have one though earlier, which I took down because it only had ONE dedicated reader who kept asking me to “Update” in the comments all the time.


Sure. I think it’s important for me to mention that the main reason I am writing my story is because it’s a story that I wanted to read, but nothing like it existed. Age-regression is an amazing genre, but sadly there are almost no well-written books out there (even including the ones you can buy on amazon). Most have short plots and end in about 60 pages, and that’s not what I was interested in reading.

So, prior to writing Jacob’s Regression (see shameless plugs are in everything I do), I took time to read almost every single age-regression story on wattpad, and I was disappointed for the most part. If the lack of spelling and punctuation didn’t immediately turn me away, the plot was non-existent. In the sense that it would be something like “I’ve been kidnapped” then two pages later “OMG, I love this. My kidnappers are the best.”

Most of the time, I just search for stories with the main tropes. “kidnapped and forced to be a baby” “age-regression” “Stockholm,” that sort of thing. Right now, I’m focused on stories within the age-regression genre, but maybe eventually I might branch out to basic hypnosis and kidnapping stories. Time will tell, I guess.

It takes a lot of time as wattpad doesn’t allow you to send more than 2 messages an hour without hitting your daily limit. But, like I said it’s worth it. Just yesterday, 8 different people checked out my story and loved it after I sent them a message.


Thanks so much!


I have to agree with this - most of my story’s success was purely down to the official profiles/ contests :slightly_smiling_face: it’s probably the easiest way to be noticed/ promoted as an undiscovered author


I’ve never been featured and I’ve seen a pretty decent amount of success. A lot of people are surprised I’ve never been featured due to my numbers. Do you think being featured is what gets a lot of people their high numbers?


I’ve noticed this as well - I have more followers however this doesn’t translate at all to reads/ readers. The best thing I’ve found to do is just to check out others’ works, genuinely read them and comment honestly and sometime’s they’ll check out yours in return ^-^ (probably helps I like reading a lot anyway) :joy:


Usually, my followers come from the people voting and commenting on my stories, so I don’t see this problem that often.

I have a question, though. I follow people because I like their work or they’re my friend, so why do you think people follow you if they don’t check out your work? Maybe they’re just silent readers! :blush:


I really have no clue (in general) where my followers come from :joy:

I know quite a few used to come from when I designed graphics back in the old clubs and there’s some friends/ readers mixed in. Some are spam accounts (like I had 30 accounts follow me for no apparent reason with very similar usernames that were just created that week). I’d guess that most are spam-following accounts, silent readers and people who just stumble across my profile and think ‘that’s cool’ or something? :joy:


Lol, I think it’d drive me CRAZY not to know where my followers are coming from! I applaud you :joy:


need help writing a description
‘‘lood at me’’ her face broke into pain.
‘‘No amount of change will make them accept me’’
Thats as far as i have gotten. sounds really teen angsty but how I’ve written it in the story makes sense